Opinion: The Republican Party formally declares that truth is fiction and patriots are traitors

from the Washington Post Editorial Board

[ Editor’s Note: The worm has turned on the Republican Party, and the dirty deed was done by their own hand. The crack in the party has widened into an abyss.

The dividing line seems to be between those who want to jump off a cliff with Trump, and those who would rather not. While the latter has laid low hoping things might cool down, Trump and his Insurrection crew have continued to shoot off their mouths enough to make even a rookie criminal attorney cringe at taking their case without cash in advance.

Numerous criminal attorneys like Glenn Kirschner have reported that the Trump gang’s public utterances are already marked as evidence in their investigative files at the DoJ.

Trump’s feeling he has nothing to lose by not going balls to the wall has actually lit his case on fire, and there is a growing wing of the party that does not want to get toasted.

McConnell has stepped away, with no snide remarks coming from Trump at Mara Largo, which by the way is the most recent crime scene, with the National Archives reporting to the DoJ about classified material being found in the 15 boxes of stolen Presidential archives there.

The previously released Archives have exposed more details, showing a frantic attempt to stop the certification of the election at all cost. The Insurrection conspiracy net has widened into the state legislatures now, as the mountain of evidence against them grows higher by the weekJim W. Dean ]

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Congressional staffers have their hands in the air, but not the rioters

First published February 4, 2022

The Republican Party on Friday took an official stand — against truth and democracy.

At the Republican National Committee’s winter meeting in Salt Lake City, party leaders censured Rep. Liz Cheney (R-Wyo.) and moved to aid her primary opponent, Harriet Hageman, who is former president Donald Trump’s preferred candidate for Wyoming’s lone congressional seat.

The Orwellian censure resolution accuses Ms. Cheney and fellow GOP dissident Rep. Adam Kinzinger (R-Ill.) of engaging in behavior “destructive to the institution of the U.S. House of Representatives, the Republican Party and our republic.”

Her transgression? Co-leading the House committee investigating the Capitol invasion, an act of political violence Mr. Trump inspired when he was a sitting president charged with protecting the nation from enemies foreign and domestic.

The investigation, the censure resolution claimed, is “a Democrat-led persecution of ordinary citizens engaged in legitimate political discourse.”

When in recent memory has the House been more threatened as when members had to barricade the doors to the chamber against a dangerous mob screaming for their blood?

By insisting on a full probe and accountability for one of the country’s lowest moments since the Civil War, Ms. Cheney is waging what, within her party, is an increasingly lonely battle against those seeking to pervert the U.S. system of government for personal gain.

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  1. Who ever the top “deep-state” authorities were who gave the final “all systems go” to the fake insurrection play, they must have known Trump would give them a show for all he’s worth, since he thought it was going to be for real.

    Whether or not Trump’s controllers realized how dementedly he would play it out is beside the point.
    They got the spectacle of a government de-stabilized and ripe for bold changes when the time comes.

  2. We need to do something about mail-in voting or Republicans will never win another national election in the USA – Lindsey Graham, shortly after the 2020 election

    • Mail-in voting lends itself to cheat as same also electronic voting… one physical voter alive in person on election day is one vote, nothing more, that is a close as you could be of a clean election and isn’t 100% efective neither….

    • In Colorado there’s nothing but mail-in voting in and there’s very little cheating or fraud. It enables voters in major cities like Detroit, Atlanta, and Phoenix to get around the standard Republican voter suppression technique of providing pitifully few poling stations resulting in lines that go on for hours on election day. That’s why Lindsey Graham is right about how mail-in voting is such a threat to Republicans.

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