Canadian Goose-Steppers (with Mark Bourrie)

With the "Freedom Convoy," Trumpism keeps on truckin'


Greg Olear

Ottawa, the capital of Canada, is a quaint city of about a million people—a little bigger than Jacksonville, Columbus, and Indianapolis, a little smaller than Dallas, San Diego, and Philadelphia, and about the same size as Austin, Texas. It sits on the southern banks of the Ottawa River, 125 miles from Montreal, 275 miles from Toronto, and just an hour’s drive to New York State.

The nature of those demands, like the contents of the packages in the boxes on some of those trucks, have shifted over time. What began as a quixotic call for the government to dissolve mutated into an insistence that Canada lift its mask and vaccine mandates (which are more stringent than ours . . . which explains why Canada’s covid death rate is so much lower).

None of those things was ever going to happen—they might as well have demanded the dissolution of the NHL or the renunciation of Rush—so the provocateurs did what provocateurs do: they provoked.

They blared their horns round the clock. They kept their big diesel engines idling for days and days without relent. They pissed on the national war memorial. They shat on the porches of houses in Ottawa’s nearby Gay Village. They waved Nazi flags and Confederate flags and Don’t Tread On Me flags. They blasted music. They crashed a homeless shelter, demanding food (!). They have behaved, as the Canadian journalist, author, and attorney Mark Bourrie tells me on today’s PREVAIL podcast, “with the arrogance of dumb people with money.” The Freedom Convoy, he says, is “Mouthbreather Woodstock.”

The provocateurs have created noise pollution. They have created air pollution. They have disturbed the peace of the residents who live in that part of the city—women in battered women shelters, students, homeless people in nearby shelters, residents of the Gay Village, low- and middle-income Canadians innocently living their lives. And for almost two full weeks, the police have done fuck-all to stop them.

This is what Donald Trump and Ted Cruz and Mike Flynn and Ben Shapiro and Elon Musk are supporting: angry, selfish white guys (you’re not gonna believe it, but the Freedom Convoy is mostly white guys) being complete dicks. Tucker Carlson, who called the cops when a small group of peaceful protestors spent 20 minutes outside his house with a single tambourine, is totally fine with truck horns blaring 24/7 for two straight weeks in front of somebody else’s home. This horribleness is what American dark money is underwriting.  Read more…


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  1. If every business and every individual had chosen to carry on a usual from the very beginning;
    the government would have been in the predicament of having a pandemic with no participants.

  2. KN95/FFP2 masks: industrial mask for use in dusty environment. Intructions: Do not use for more than 2 1/2 hours at a time with 1 1/2 hour break in betwen. Even if you keep them on very tight, you get dust in your nose and mouth if you use them in a coal or wood dust environment. They filter out sand, but not fine dust or smoke – put one on near a smoker and you will see. Wear them for a while, and they get wet from you exhalations, and wet area is a breeding ground for bacteria. The longer you wear on, the more bugs you breathe in, and the less oxygen you breathe in, so you asphyxiate yourself. That was 2 years ago. Now, they are an invaluable health tool whch will stop a virus…NOT. How does the COVID-19 virus harm people? The spike protein. Wha does the mRNA gene altering therapy do? It reprograms your cells to produce spike protein. How much? Depends on the person. What could possibly go wrong?

  3. Curiously Justin dances to the tune of communitarian WEF leader Klaus Schwab. Klaus’s father ran a company on the border of Switzerland and Nazi Germany during WW2. He did so well the Nazis gave him an award for running a business that supplied equipment used at the heavy water plant at Telemark. Young Klaus post ww2 went to work for the company & did business with Armscor at Pelindaba. Curiously Klaus received an award from Israel. Is Justin a closet Nazi ?

  4. God Bless This Mess! God Bless The Truckers! And the RCMP better hope the soccer moms don’t show up. There will be lots of policemen and gov’t cronies sleeping alone on these cold winter nights!

  5. They are getting one thousand times more press than the protests and movements to protect indigenous lands from the oil savagery.
    Today I see how fast the narrative changed to one of love and peace and prayer, certainly the fastest echo speed I have seen in an occupation. These are bots, connected to a server.
    I do however, maintain, that it would be of great benefit to the US , if Canada declared complete independence from the crown. These truckers , and the money sources, are many of the same ones who wanted laws to be passed allowing them to run over protestors, who actually had legitimate cause. “Mouth Breather Woodstock” – but where did the term Honky come from ?

    • { honky } A racial slur referring to a caucasian or white person. The term actually orginated in the south during the times of slavery. The white slave master would ” honk ” a horn when it was time for the slaves to work in the fields. The slaves would then call the slave master a ” honkey “

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