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[ Editor’s Note: This is all rolling out like a planned schedule, a strong hint that it has all been theater all along. Someone wants a war, and the Biden regime seems fully onboard.

Notice how little mention there has been in the Western news coverage on the massive evidence that came out about the last US/NATO coup in Ukraine. VT’s archives are full of it, including the phone calls that the Russians intercepted and publicly released.

Mass media is not reviewing any of that material, which is a measure of what game could be in play now. What we are seeing is what we are accustomed to… the speeding up of historical revisionism.

Material that could easily find its way into a murder trial as certified legitimate is treated like it never happened, yet all these law enforcement people crow over how hard they are working to protect us, and the big journalism platforms, the same.

These are the same government entities and media that ignored VT’s repeated publishing of the simple fact that fertilizer does not burn or explode. Our deep and hugely expensive investigation turned up that the label on ammonium nitrate fertilizer bags clearly states this, and always has.

Yet no taxpayer funded government entities report these disinformation scams, not the Justice Department, FBI, CIA, or the Pentagon, with all their billions of resources, and yet they expect to be honored for their work without question.

Not a soul in Congress challenges them on any of this. It begs the question that maybe we need to scrap what we have and just start over, as what we have is a mirage. Thus ends my cheery missive for todayJim W. Dean ]

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SE Ukraine got a nasty dose of the West’s new Cold War last time

First published … February 12, 2022

Overnight, the State Department began evacuating the U.S. embassy in Kyiv amid fears that a Russian invasion of Ukraine is imminent. Here’s the latest:

— A small “core” of U.S. diplomats will remain in Kyiv so the U.S. can maintain a diplomatic presence in the country, writes Myah Ward.

— Meanwhile, the State Department has told Americans in Ukraine to leave immediately: the “U.S. government will not be able to evacuate U.S. citizens in the event of Russian military action,” it said in a travel advisory.

This morning:

— Already spoke: Secretary of State ANTONY BLINKEN and Russian Foreign Minister SERGEY LAVROV. Per the White House, Blinken emphasized that “a diplomatic path to resolving the crisis remained open, but it would require Moscow to deescalate. … He reiterated that should Moscow pursue the path of aggression and further invade Ukraine, it would result in a resolute, massive, and united Transatlantic response.”

— Scheduled to speak: President JOE BIDEN and Russian President VLADIMIR PUTIN. “Before talking to Biden, Putin is to have a call with French President EMMANUEL MACRON,” reports AP’s Jim Heintz.

— Putin reportedly wanted to have the call with Biden this coming Monday, “but Biden wanted to conduct it sooner as Washington detailed increasingly vivid accounts of a possible attack on Ukraine,” per Reuters.

You can read the full Politico review here.


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  1. Negotiations, phone calls – bullshit. No clear and constructive conversation. The West does not want to discuss important topics, hides its eyes and evades direct questions. The Minsk agreements are simple and clear. The conflict in the Donbas can be stopped very easily and quickly. But Zelensky is stuck between two evils: on the one hand, Russia will blow him to smithereens if provocations begin. On the other hand, if he signs the Minsk agreements, his own Ukronazis will devour him. The situation Zelensky found himself in is an unbearable burden for his tender artistic soul.

    • Zelenski’s country already lost itself to the devil in 2014 when it began ethnic cleansing of “Russian Speakers” and the “Glory to Ukraine” super-bullshit that killed at least 3000 ethnic russian Ukrainian civilians and one million refugees fled into Russia.

      Zelenski is not in charge his USA paymasters directing the NAZI pornographic snuff-film he is a character in are.

      Russia will not destroy Ukraine, its the USA who will do it.

      Ironic that Putin is trying to save Ukraine,
      And the USA wants to destroy it in a nuclear war.

      The real threats and counter threats in negotiations between USA and Russia go on behind the scenes that the public will never know about.

  2. Wash DC will not talk, will just ignore, “we dont care because we dont have to” uppity shmuppity attitude.
    UNLESS Russia masses troops tanks missles on border with Ukraine and forces them to talk.
    Dangerous but Its working.

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