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Feature Image: Her Name was Kristina – Mother and baby killed in a Donbas park by random shelling from the US backed Maidan Coup Ukraine forces that killed many innocent civilans with few tears shed here. This photo became famous for its savagery, and the family did not object to its distribution. They wanted people to see it, and I have honored their wishes…JD

War in Eastern Europe: From Hypothesis to Reality

…from Southfront, which some US entities consider to be a Russian tainted platform, possibly similar to some US or Israeli tainted sources

Editor’s Note: This is the best wrapup for the week I have seen on the Ukraine ‘situation’. I don’t really know what else to call it. I can’t remember a more hyped up war since Saddam and Gaddafi.

I have not seen a word mentioned in the press as to how many Russian military exercises have been held on the Ukraine border in the last ten years. I suspect some Russians fought in Donbas against the Kiev Coup Ukies, but they might have been from Donbas and had family there.

Cutting to the nitty gritty, if the Minsk Agreement had been followed through, we would not have had the Donbas perimeter being shelled for many years now, with no public admonition from even the Normandy process countries as to Ukraine’s failure to complete the agreement.

That said, why should they? The West kept Ukraine as a convenient scab to scratch to generate some Russia bad press.

US money poured in, feeding the graft there. Weapons, ammo and training prompted killing people in Donbas, not including the steady assassinations of its war heroes.

No “Don’t Cry for Me Donbas” play ever made it to Broadway. The West, Germany and France abandoned their effort to forge a peace. I suspect that did not happen because they preferred to keep Moscow in the doghouse as a scapegoat.

It’s been obvious to anyone who wants to see it that NATO wants to do a slow waltz up to the Russian border at a pace that won’t trigger a full scale war so it can be portrayed as Putin’s fault.

Western media has ignored the obviously true position below that only a Ukrainian attack on Donbas would trigger the Russians going in to protect the ethnic Russian people there. The US might do the same for Americans, but US media will not utter a word about that.

So the Western grandstanding will go on, as the main players love seeing their names in the news all the time. They will be sad when it is over; and if a big mistake is made, Kiev could be the most sad when it is over, and very possibly a victim of its own alleged protectors and poor judgement… Jim W. Dean ]

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Shelling was timed to catch Donbas people dashing out to get some supplies during the US-Ukraine coup – these two killed by grad rockets, the ‘go to’ weapon for Ukie indiscriminate shelling. Their clothes are scorched from the explosion.

First published February 13, 2022

The weekend February 12-13 marked another escalation in Russian-Western relations amid the Ukrainian crisis. In fact, the U.S. supported by their allies in Europe and worldwide inflamed new wave of hysteria in the media through the same old means. The Anglo-Saxons are doing their best to increase tensions.

The US State Department ordered almost all employees of the U.S. embassy in Kiev to leave Ukraine amid the threat of Russian invasion, urging US citizens to leave the country immediately. On February 12, some media reported that the employees of the U.S. embassy proceeded to destroy the secret documentation and part of the embassy’s equipment.

The Pentagon also decided to withdraw military instructors who were engaged in the training of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

The UK resorted to the same appeals, clarifying that no evacuation of citizens who will remain in Ukraine will be organized. Meanwhile, KLM Airline suspended flights to Ukraine.

Dozens of other countries followed the example, including Japan, Israel, Germany, Kuwait, Latvia, Belgium, Finland etc. British military instructors should leave Ukraine on February 12 and 13, the UK Ministry of Defense reported. The Israeli military is on high alert in case it is necessary to evacuate Israelis from Ukraine.

Serbia ordered 10 thousand tons of salt, 1 thousand tons of beans and peas, as well as 30 thousand tons of milk powder, preparing to the Russian invasion of Ukraine, said the President of the republic Alexander Vucic. According to him, the country plans to stock up on petroleum products, but it is necessary to find funds for this.

The diplomatic mission of the “aggressor” Russia continues its work in Ukraine and the Kremlin is in no hurry to evacuate Russian citizens. To enhance the effect, the exact dates of the Russian invasion were distributed by the media.

According to Politico, Biden considers the date of possible Russian aggression to be February 16, he reportedly said it at online talks with European leaders and NATO chief Jens Stoltenberg.

Blinken previously admitted that Russia could invade Ukraine at any time — including before the end of the Olympics in China, which will end on February 20. At the beginning of the year, the invasion was allegedly scheduled for January 20. On February 13, a new date began to appear, February 22, which was announced by some Ukrainian officials.

It turned out that only anonymous sources of Politico know the dates of the alleged invasion, but not the leaders of the countries that will be reportedly involved in war in the coming days.

Vladimir Zelensky claimed: “If you have additional information about the 100% invasion of the Russian Federation into Ukraine starting from the 16th, please share such information with us.”

Spokesperson for the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs Zakharova commented on the reports:

“For 2 months, the United States has been claiming Ukraine on a daily basis that Russia is about to attack. The President of Ukraine and representatives of the power bloc of this country have been saying for 2 months that they do not have such information, and now they are also asking those who are not indifferent to share data.

Apart from Bloomberg, Der Spiegel and unnamed American sources, no one has such information. But, apparently, until the ideological inspirers of the Maidan bring Ukraine to a complete collapse, they will not calm down. For 2 months they have been mocking common sense and the Ukrainian people, implementing another global provocative campaign.”

Russia concludes that the U.S. and the U.K. are aware of some military actions being prepared in Ukraine, the Russian Foreign Ministry said, implying possible provocations aimed to draw Russia into the war.

Even the MSM are already lost in their own claims and are reporting quite compromising messages.

On February 11, traditionally citing anonymous U.S. officials, CNN confirmed that “the Biden administration has fueled alarming headlines and surprised Washington with a remarkable drumbeat of official disclosures of previously classified intelligence revealing Russian moves as Moscow masses troops on the Ukrainian border”.

Administration officials told CNN the disclosures have been carefully coordinated among the National Security Council, the intelligence community and other national security agencies.

Amid the ongoing hysteria, which is inflated by his own administration, Biden assume the role of “world savior” and calls the “terrible” Putin for talks.

The talks between the two presidents continued for about an hour.

Biden warned Putin that the “continuation of the invasion” (which has not even begun) will result in serious costs for Moscow and a weakening of Russia’s position, the White House said. The US President also called on his Russian counterpart for de-escalation and further diplomatic efforts.

The Kremlin said that very the same request was sent to Washington earlier. Active diplomatic cooperation continues at various levels.

A phone conversation on the Ukrainian crisis between Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov and his American counterpart, US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken also took place on February 12. Lavrov accused the United States of provoking the Ukrainian authorities to turn to the military solution of the “Donbass problem.” Blinken threatened his counterpart that Russia’s aggression would cause a “transatlantic” response.

Russia is also holding negotiations with other countries besides the United States.

There is no unanimity among the NATO member states. The current crisis widens the gap between the Anglo-Saxon axis and the leading continental powers of the EU

On February 12, Russian President Vladimir Putin and French leader Emmanuel Macron held phone talks. They discussed Russia’s security guarantees, speculation over the alleged invasion of Ukraine and the West’s unwillingness to bring Kiev to the implementation of the Minsk agreements.

The media, quoting French sources in the Champs-Elysees, reported that Paris saw no signs that President Putin was going to offence. Macron made the same statements after his recent visit to Moscow and 6-hour talks with Putin.

Russia disagrees with the claims of the United States and its allies, rejecting any plans of any unmotivated aggression against Ukraine. The Russian Foreign Ministry assured that they do consider a full-scale war between Russia and Ukraine unacceptable. The Secretary of the Security Council, Nikolai Patrushev, called the judgments about the threat to Ukraine “complete nonsense.”

“Russia has never been the first to attack anyone”- he said.

The Kremlin’s position in the negotiation process and its official rhetoric, which is constantly repeated in response to the all the provocations of the West, reveals that Russia is ready for any developments, including a military response to Ukraine and its Anglo-Saxon patrons.

Thus, despite the fact that the preliminary scheduled maneuvers of Russian warships in the Black Sea and joint military exercises in Belorussia became yet another topic in loud headlines in the MSM and yet another reason for accusations against Moscow, Russia demonstrated that no exercises on its territory as well as in its waters are not a sign of the upcoming attack on another state. However, they demonstrate the full combat readiness of the Russian military forces.

Russia may cross the Ukrainian border only in the case of massive aggression against the DPR or LPR, which could lead to numerous victims and the occupation of the republics’ territories in violation of the Minsk agreements.

The beginning of a full-scale war in Eastern Ukraine may benefit only overseas actors. Even in the neo-Ukrainian elite itself, there are few supporters of such a scenario.

At the same time, the influence of the Anglo-Saxon elites on European affairs is very significant. We must pay tribute to them, over the past decades they have managed to provide destructive influence over local political elites through bribery and blackmail.

In the afternoon of February 13, there were already signs of the UAF preparations for the upcoming ground operation in Eastern Ukraine. Ukrainian forces began to clear minefields on the frontlines in the Sakhanka-Kominternovo area, using the UR-77 Meteorit minesweeper systems.

Risks are growing as Zelensky seems to be psychologically unstable, who finds himself in a quite complicated political situation today. While the Anglo-Saxon allies put pressure on him from abroad, there is also pressure that he faces from his political rivals inside the country. For example, from the former President of Ukraine and famous oligarch Mr. Poroshenko, who returned to Kiev a month ago, when tensions began to speed up.

Zelensky, who appeared in public drugged more than once, may succumb to external influence and choose the path of war.

A provocation on the battlefield will cause a direct and large-scale response from Russia. Unfortunately, the armed conflict in Eastern Europe is turning from a hypothetical into a real one.


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  1. You would think this horrible photo of the blasted apart Ukrainian-Russian girl still holding her dead baby once aeen in all the world” news reports could of and would of put a stop to the US financed invasion of Udraiine by Fascist Ukraineians, (“Fascists” defined as those that kill Russians because they are Russians in Russia)
    But of course those responsible; Obama, Biden, Kerry, Hillary Nuland had the pathetic false narrative ready to go should photos like these civilians in Ukraine killed by US supported and funded fascists circulate in the news:
    Its Putins fault..

  2. Mr Dean and US-First

    I was just thinking over a cup of tea…

    Our gardai (police) got more armed response vehicles over the covid period
    At the start of covid there was alot of drone activity that never was before. From the light you could tell it wasn’t a hobby drone. When l goggled the apartment l could see the new flower box l put on the balcony.
    Our military is not called an Army it’s a Defence Force. We are still under siege and the Europeans are nowhere to be seen. The U.K is not part of the E.U.

    Wo sind die Deutschen?
    Où sont les français?
    Waar zijn de Nederlanders?
    Hvor er de norske?

    Only joking lads. Yee can stay where yee are 🙂

  3. Mr. Dean
    I believe we get punished for what we do know also.
    I am grateful for this knowledge,
    thanking you ‘VT’.
    The photo of Kristina and her baby is devastating. I cannot imagine how the families cope.
    It lays bare what we are all responsible for.
    What is most striking is how the families share this image with courage and dignity.

    • The perfect contrast to this photo is the one when our Victoria Nuland witch (Robert Kagan’s wife, he of the far right Project for a New American Century, was handing out cookies to the Maidan protesters, when US operatives were already inside the country supporting the coup, and we have the wonderful intercept of her Fuck the EU call, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MSxaa-67yGM#t=89 . VT even published an intercepted email, a US officer proposing blowing up a Ukrain plane and blaming it on Russia as a false flag. He never contacted us to claim it was untrue.

  4. part 2
    Our military is treated as an afterthought and yet they want us to go and fight European wars. Our navy has turned into some sort of politically correct school camp for PC babies.
    Our politicians are too stupid to be clever so my guess is they have been provided with alot of crypto. They’ve turned the country into a tax haven. Our Taoiseach is threatened by a woman and the other fools who he shares the seat with ‘Leo’ gave himself VIP travel for the rest of his life. At the start of Covid he was sending Kylie Minogue and Miley Cyrus invites to come visit him. And then to add insult to injury we have a green politician who will also get to sit as head of government. Three fools to do one job and all to keep a woman out. Democracy my backside. In the middle of a crisis on top of other crises we have a diluted government. Theft on a grand scale. The banana republic that is Ireland

  5. Re: US-first (part 1)
    Thanking you for the information. I had a broad understanding but not the specifics. A person l spoke to recently assumes that the reason our health service is gone to crap is that our state needs more people to die in order to collect on the insurance. According to him the Irish state insured the newly born in their weight of gold so the people that were born many years ago will offer up a good return on that investment. If not that, it’s just something else to sell off to the lowest bidder.
    Our politicians have been getting the ex gardai (police force) to chauffeur them around and kitting their homes with surveillance and by all accounts most of them do not have the right or authority to do so. It is obvious now that our politicians are a mafia organisation and the transformation has been very sudden. Our gardai are more corrupt than the criminals. They have their own private banking (credit unions). Their interest rates are the best in the country and if you saw the cash prizes and cars they give away every few months, it would anger you. We know they control the drugs and protect the dealers. They have been stealing farmer’s lands for years. They wait outside the pubs for them to come out and then breathalyse them. ‘Give me a piece of land and you can keep your driving licence’. There may be a few good ones, just like there may be a few good priests but if you rock the boat, you will be retired or forced out. Not very hard to find examples of that.

  6. first things first…
    I have lived in the U.S and have traveled in the U.S, but l haven’t returned since about 2007. I have found the Americans to be amongst the most sincerest people I have met in all of my travels.
    In Ireland, we are under attack from U.S multinationals, vulture funds and now American healthcare operators. We can no longer afford to live in our own country due to American exceptionalism. Our media is a joke and our politicians operate like a mafia. Heroin is everywhere and knife crime is on the increase. Our youth think social media influencing is a career and we are now unable to think/ behave/ live independently for ourselves due to banks taking over every aspect of government.
    We have become polarised and rational discourse is almost impossible. We have become a vassal state of the U.S. The most powerful country in the world is presided over by senile old men, rapists, satanists and a murder incorporated machine. For you everything is either Red versus Blue or Black versus White, whilst you shove the political colours of the rainbow down everybody else’s throat. I don’t hate the U.S, l live in fear of the U.S as l’m sure does most of the world
    To my Russia neighbours l can only apologise for my corrupt, cowardly government and our weak media. And in case anybody thinks it’s just the U.S l have issue with… you should hear me go off about the Europeans
    Let’s hope courage and honesty prevail

    • Ireland is just like the rest of Europe – drawn in by Brussels to be flayed of any and all aspects of nationalism and national independence.
      World War One saw the sacrifice of thousands of Irish soldiers who believed Britain was about to give you independence and typical of ‘perfidious Albion’ reneged. Michael Collins – the General Suleimani of his day, sorted them out, yet like the great Suleimani was killed in an ambush.
      Post World War Two we had German generals retire to ireland in mansions across the country – including the thorn is the side of the Allied oyster – Otto Skorzeny who set himself up in Martinstown House in Kildare until outed in the late 50’s by a retired British general of the local horsey set. However, Skorzeny’s wife, Ilse Skorzeny stayed on and ran the Odessa from Kildare and left for Germany with Ms. Brown of Naas her housekeeper of longstanding. (She was niece of Halmar Schacht, Hitler’s chief banker who helped Germany fund its rearmament and World War II.) Skorzeny flew in from Spain and gave a certain Irish politician an amount of gold bullion that more than likely went into his buying Inisvickillane Island off the Kerry coast. Well the likeable rogue Haughey was the only politician to go out of his way to help Skorzeny. Vincent Brown then raised hell on Kildare Street and Otto was gone back to Madrid. (End of Pt 1)

    • (Part 2)

      Also, post WW2 Simon Wiesenthal wrote of Nazi gold redirected to Ireland after hostilities among other countries from Argentina. Yet, to get back to your point and the useless goons and sleeveens packing the Dail Irish gold reserves are the lowest of any European country. Like hopes for your future, virtually non-existent. What is this I hear of Irish TD’s or politicians getting police protection on a personal basis while their homes are being fitted with up to date surveillance? What could they possibly be hiding?

    • Thanks for this input Kieran. Americans are taught almost nothing about the political histories of other countries, and absolutely nothing about the US ruling class using the US government as a tool to rob and pillage the planet. It of course has not been alone in this kind of work, as the other colonialist joined in. And before them we had the Mongol invasion and Attlia the Hun. Not much has changed other than the tools used to gain advantage to exploit others. It just gets more sophisticated, with the most recent example of social media, as a tool to make people think they are more empowered, when of course it was a profiling and monitoring tool. The ‘Who’ band, sparsely educated, somehow knew all this despite minimal educations, enshrined in their line “Meet the new boss, Same as the old boss”. Many of us were to stupid at the time to get it, and many never did. We get punished in life for not knowing what we should…maybe the one word description of it would be devolution. Kristina and her baby were fed the bitter fruit, and her family wanted to share the photo with us all, as a warning, and for that we should all be grateful. But now, we have to figure out how to avoid a smiliar fate, all the different levels of it.

  7. 1. We are not going to attack anyone ourselves. But we will fight so hard for peace that it may not leave a stone unturned. Grandpa Joe has also been informed about this, and he is looking forward with horror to the start of our large-scale exercises, in which the entire nuclear triad of the Russian Strategic Nuclear Forces, air, sea and land-based, will be involved at the same time. This has never happened before in the entire history of the Russian Federation. Seeing Biden’s preparations for war, Putin postponed the start of the exercises scheduled for autumn to February. Something will happen!
    Putin’s task is as simple as day. Since Biden’s plans are already clear – grandpa wants to organize a massacre in Ukraine and drag the Russian Federation into it by hanging all the dogs on it, he has already announced the date, so we need to kill his card with our own. We cannot not come to the war, if Donbass is touched, then we will intervene in any way and we will not stop there, we will go to the end (the experience of Tbilisi in 2008 taught us a lot). But again, this is not part of our plans at all. How to escape from this trap? What can Putin oppose to Biden’s plan “C”? Oddly enough, his plan “B”, which I have already written about. If Biden is waiting for us in Ukraine and has already prepared everything for this, then do not give him such pleasure.

    • 2. Grandpa Joe from across the ocean can watch how his non-brothers burn for a long time and with great pleasure, it’s not like he burns. So, we need to make sure that it burns him. Not to play his party fatally according to the notes, but to impose your own on him. And Putin has everything ready for this, too. Otherwise, he would not have come out at the end of last year with his ultimatum, making demands that cannot be fulfilled, and it also does not work to refuse to fulfill them without a clear answer.

    • “If someone has what you need, declare him an enemy and calmly rob”
      The movie “Avatar”.

      In my opinion, this is from M. Twain about the Anglo-Saxons.

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