Russia warns of provocations by ‘autonomous actors’



RT: Moscow does not rule out provocations against the self-proclaimed republics in Donbass, “especially on the part of autonomous actors” in Ukraine, Russia’s Foreign Ministry told journalists on Monday amid rumors about a Russian invasion in the upcoming days.

When asked whether Moscow was considering evacuating its citizens from the neighboring country, Yuri Gorlach, the director of the Foreign Ministry’s crisis center, responded with a rhetorical question: “Do you understand how many Russian citizens there are in Ukraine?

The official added that speculations abound over Ukraine, with the West ratcheting up tensions.

On Saturday, Russia’s Foreign Ministry spokeswoman, Maria Zakharova, announced that Russia had decided to “optimize” its diplomatic presence in Ukraine “in light of possible provocations by the Kiev regime or third countries.” She noted, however, that all the consulates and the embassy would continue operating. Zakharova also dismissed as rumors the reports in the Western media that Moscow was evacuating its diplomats from Ukraine.

Russia suggests way to resolve Ukraine crisis

The “optimization” followed decisions by multiple Western governments to dramatically scale down their diplomatic staff in Ukraine. Commenting on the evacuations, Zakharova surmised that the US and UK, which have “considerable sway” over Kiev, are “apparently aware of some military action being prepared in Ukraine that could dramatically complicate the situation in terms of security.

Western governments have been claiming for months that Russia is going to invade its neighbor – something that Russia has vehemently denied all along. While multiple media outlets have even alleged concrete dates on which Russia will presumably strike, officials in Washington acknowledged they could not give a timeframe, claiming, though, that the alleged invasion could begin “any day.

Washington insists the ball is in Moscow’s court in terms of de-escalation, as it is the Kremlin sending out aggressive signals.

Last week, The Washington Post ran an article which claimed that the US intelligence services had gotten wind of a “false flag” operation Russia was allegedly preparing to justify a military incursion. The outlet cited unnamed US and European officials.

Moscow says that all these allegations are being used as a pretext to deploy more NATO hardware and troops along Russian borders. Addressing its own troop movements cited by the West as proof of an imminent invasion, the Kremlin insists that they are confined to Russia’s territory, and, hence, are not something Moscow has to account for.

Following talks with US Secretary of State Antony Blinken in late January, Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov said the whole hysteria spurred by the West could be intended to serve as a smokescreen to cover Ukraine’s line on sabotaging the Minsk agreements.



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  1. Governments are not Living Entities. There is no living man or woman who is the government itself. There are only men and women acting as agents of the government.
    To function in the real world, governments need a conduit or a liaison  to connect it to the world of living and breathing people made of flesh and blood, groups of Natural Persons acting as Artificial Persons.
    The Artificial Persons of our modern world are the national authorities, local authorities, education systems, businesses, affiliations and on. They can be composed of a few, or thousands, or even millions, of people at the same time.
    A Corporation is an Artificial Person.
    America is a Corporation.
    In England the Crown is a Corporation.
    Washington D.C. is controlled by Agents working for the British Crown.

    These Artificial Persons have become adept at exploiting multiple forms of intelligence, by successfully inhabiting the minds of other beings for their own intelligent, self-serving, purposes.
    They have their own reasons for existing, have relations with Natural and Artificial Persons, they offer services and have codes of conduct with which their members must conform.

    These Persons operate a functional, Artificial Intelligence within our societies.

  2. We are well aware that provocations can be expected from the Ukrainian regime. And they know perfectly well that we will have to launch a peace enforcement operation. As it was in the Ossetian-Georgian conflict 08.08.08.
    And we will have to project military force and influence on the troops of Ukraine to protect the unfortunate people of Donbass from genocide.
    Up to the loss of Ukraine’s statehood. Personally, I don’t see any other options.

    • The four dimensional Chess Putin will win – But to the west (USA) the victory/checkmate they will “proclaim” is the shutting down of Nordstream pipeline.
      If this happens then the nazi clowns in US government will declare victory, the victory thanks to the fear of Russia of the mighty US military will be the stupid narrative.
      But you know what Russia could care less if pipeline connects to Germany or not. Plenty of gas to go around in Russia, it was Germany (Merkel) who ASKED Russia to build the pipeline. Germany got rid of all their nuclear power plants, they had to do something to make up for it so pipeline from Russia with the cheap gas was the plan. It is Germany who will lose the chessgame if US wins the chessgame, even though there is no victory for the USA in the global chessgame in any dimension, the US cheats makes its own rules impossible to win in any game, just lie cheat bribe and steal like Pompeo bragged and laughed about.
      I think people of E Ukraine will all be invited to join Russian Federation and that will be end of it hopefully.

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