New York ban on homeless, ‘cancer’ tag spark outrage


Press TV: US organizations helping homeless individuals and families have criticized New York City’s mayor for ordering heavy-handed police tactics against people seeking shelter during the cold winter.

Mayor Eric Adamson, a former police captain, Friday announced plans to remove homeless people from the city’s subway system and bar people from sleeping on trains or riding the same lines all night.

Adamson, who likened homelessness to a “cancerous sore,” said he would deploy more teams of police officers and mental health workers to the subway to enforce rules more strictly.

Homeless advocates and others who have criticized police’s heavy-handed tactics said banning homeless people from subways won’t solve the problem.

Shelly Nortz, the deputy executive director for policy at the Coalition for the Homeless, denounced Adamson’s comments as “sickening”. She said criminalizing homelessness is not the solution to the problem of homeless people.

“Repeating the failed outreach-based policing strategies of the past will not end the suffering of homeless people bedding down on the subway. It is sickening to hear Mayor Adams liken unsheltered homeless people to cancer. They are human beings.”

Police Commissioner Keechant Seweell said the police department will start enforcing the new rules in New York City subway this week.

Police teams, she said, will focus on high-traffic areas or areas where there have been reports of crime.

Homeless people who live in the underground tunnels of New York City have been referred to as Mole People or Tunnel People.

British documentary feature film Dark Days (2000) is about a group of homeless people living in the New York City subway.

Teun Voeten’s book Tunnel People, published in 2010 by the Oakland-based PM Press, also describes the underground homeless community in New York City.

Homelessness in the US is increasing in the least affordable rental housing markets and cities with skyrocketing home prices.

Expensive cities include New York City, Los Angeles, San Francisco, and Washington, DC, among others.

Last year in a similar move, Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti signed a sweeping rule making it illegal for homeless people to be in almost all places across the west coast city.

Los Angeles criminalizes being homeless in the city

Los Angeles criminalizes being homeless in the city

Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti has signed a sweeping new rulemaking it illegal for homeless people to be in almost all places across the city, according to a report.

Los Angeles, California’s largest city, has over 66,000 homeless people as of the last citywide count, a 12.7 percent increase over the previous year.

After implementing the new rule, homeless people there would face citations, fines, or misdemeanor charges for being homeless.


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  1. It is a different ball game to be homeless in the NE , then LA. Out of every group of humans, there is a portion who will choose absolute freedom, over compliance and drudgery of civilization. Sleeping on the cement, is nasty, hard, and cold. It is also the apex of freedom.
    Sometimes, it is not the inconvenience and unsightly nature that drives society to attack the homeless, it is jealousy. Why should this person be able to roam around and live out of the garbage ? No responsibility, no commitments, no schedule, no contribution to community, no ID, no job, no place to go. Keep in mind, when we fight for freedom, Nobody symbolizes this more than a homeless vagrant. And those who work hard thinking they are moving toward freedom, get very jealous, of how easy freedom is, even if temporary. We are ok with one guy having a 200 foot yacht to himself, but just can’t stomach a warm hut for the people who choose freedom over obligation. The value system is tilted toward gluttony. Anyone surviving without gluttony, experiencing maximum freedom, is to be despised. Interlopers, and vagrants. Please make it so we do not have to look upon it !!!!!!

  2. So, now that homelessness is on the increase you call them “cancer”!? Who brought the economy to this point, what policies have lead to this? What happened to all the money the “central bank” printed? Where has it gone to?

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