What Role Does Judaism Play in Ukraine Conflict?


Foreword to the current situation

By Peter Haisenko, Anderweltonline.com

The Minsk Agreement has existed for seven years. It should bring peace. The truth is, however, that Kyiv has not even begun to tackle a single point of this agreement. On the other hand, Kyiv has actually spun off the breakaway eastern provinces from its territory. Kyiv has failed in its obligations towards “its” citizens. Pensions have stopped being paid and thousands of civilians have died in the east from Ukrainian army shelling.

Infrastructure has been destroyed and vital utilities such as the water and power structure have been targeted. The so-called Minsk process was never alive, so it is a farce to say that Putin killed this agreement.

Realistically, Kyiv had long since given up its eastern provinces, so one could say that Kyiv over-fulfilled the Minsk Accords. Namely, the autonomy that was called for in the agreement was transformed into a de facto spin-off. In this sense, there were no longer any inhibitions about waging an almost open war against the population in the east. After Kyiv, with the massive support of the West, was not willing to solve the problem in the spirit of the Minsk Agreement and openly spoke of invading with violence and countless deaths, Russia pulled the ripcord. Russia recognized the breakaway provinces as independent states.

What is the value of an agreement that has been ignored for seven years?

Putin has thus raised the process, which has been going on for eight years, to a new level. He practically recognized what Kyiv has been doing with its eastern provinces for the past eight years. No one who assesses the situation realistically can assume that the Donbas will ever again submit to Kyiv after all the atrocities committed by Kyiv there. These provinces are lost to Kyiv. This has been the reality for eight years.

It is also a reality that several elections took place in these provinces and they were no less democratic than in western Ukraine. The election results correspond to those of the past when up to 80 percent voted for a pro-Russian policy. A separation of the eastern provinces has actually been in the air for a long time.

When the West smashed Yugoslavia and the state broke up into several small states, nobody got upset about these new border regulations. Not even when the Slovaks and the Czechs separated in 1992. There have also been countless deaths in Yugoslavia and NATO has played its part. Nevertheless, peace has finally returned to some extent. The EU has absorbed large parts of Yugoslavia and that is just “okay”. Now Putin has put a stop sign to Kyiv’s attacks and murders in the east. He acknowledged that the Minsk process has brought nothing, absolutely nothing, towards peace for seven years. What point could there be in an agreement that Kyiv has simply ignored for seven years? What possible solution could there have been?

Sanctions against Putin for protecting lives?

If Russia now officially extends its protective hand over the citizens of eastern Ukraine, the price will be high for Kyiv should they continue to destroy their breakaway provinces there. sanctions? One can only laugh. This declaration of war on Russia has long been exhausted. Refusing gas supplies via Nord Stream 2? Excellent! We threaten Russia to cut off the branch on which we are sitting with our insane energy policy. Is Russia dependent on SWIFT? Excellent! How then are we going to pay our gas bill and can we expect to receive gas without being able to pay it?

It was always the West that backed the gamblers in Kyiv and thus prevented a solution to the conflict. In fact, Kyiv has already separated the eastern provinces and waged war against them. The step taken by Russia to recognize this separation, which has in fact already been completed by Kyiv, will end the killing there and give the people there a future again. Putin has drawn the consequences because for eight years there has been nothing but idle chatter instead of honest efforts to find a diplomatic solution. Now the West has to see where it has gotten with its aggressive stance towards Russia. Putin has created facts that will be more conducive to a peace settlement than seven years of fruitless negotiations.

So I can only agree with Putin’s assessment that he will send peacekeeping troops if necessary. And what else but peacekeepers can it be if they ensure that the undeclared war against a region comes to an end? International law? The eastern provinces, which have been effectively independent for eight years, have asked for recognition and the population is united behind them. So anyone who wants peace and not a permanent conflict can only welcome Russia’s step. So now there are two new small states in Europe, but they are no smaller than the Baltic states or those that are leftover from Yugoslavia. Citizens in Donetsk or Lugansk are overjoyed at the prospect of finally being able to live in peace and self-determination.

Addendum: It has just been announced that the USA has actually also recognized the new republics in eastern Ukraine. How else would it be interpreted that they imposed sanctions on them?  Biden unterzeichnet Dekret über Sanktionen, Investitionsverbote und Handel mit DVR und LVR

Now I come to my reflection on the Ukraine crisis, which I wrote before the current events. The current situation has not made them obsolete.

What role does the Jewish component play in the Ukraine conflict?

FEBRUARY 21, 2022

By Peter Haisenko

In Palestine, Jews claim a homeland right that is said to go back 2,000 years. But that can only apply to Sephardim, and they don’t makeup 20 percent of Israelis. The vast majority of Israelis are Khazars and their homeland was south-eastern Ukraine before they were defeated by the Varangians and scattered around the world. That happened about 1,000 years ago. Can a more recent homeland law be constructed from this?

Before we deal with the Jewish component of the Ukraine conflict, I briefly explain the origins of the different Jewish tribes. I quote from my work England, the Germans, the Jews and the 20th Century:

About the origin of the Hebrews and why the heathen Khazars, a people of the Huns, became the actual progenitors of today’s Jews

About 5,000 years ago, a ragtag band of Arab origins led by their leader Habr set out from an area roughly equivalent to present-day Yemen. They crossed the Red Sea into Ethiopia and were soon named Hebrews after their leader. They moved on and settled in what is now Uganda. Circumstances would have it that the Hebrews had a conflict with the Egyptians. War broke out and the victorious Egyptians enslaved the Hebrews, as was the custom of the time. Then came the story of Moses, which is well known. This is the origin of the Arab, i.e. Semitic Jews. They are also referred to as “Sephardic” Jews.

The story of the other branch of Jews, the “Ashkenazi” Jews, I quote directly from The Jewish Encyclopedia:

“The Khazars are a people of Turkic descent whose life and history is intertwined with the formation of Jewish history in Russia. Originating from Turkey, the Khazars were a group of steppe nomads whose lives consisted of plunder and vendettas. In the second half of the 6th In the late 19th century, the Khazars were moving west and settling throughout southern Russia, long before the emergence of the Russian Varangian monarchy (AD 855), by which time the Khazar kingdom was at the height of its history and found itself steady There was virtually no time since the emergence of the Khazars that they were not at war. The Khazar Empire ruled vast areas from the Black to the Caspian Sea and from the Caucasus to the Volga.

At the end of the 8th century the Chagan, the king of the Khazars, his lords, and a large part of his people converted to the Jewish religion. The reason for this was a precarious situation between the Eastern Roman Empire and the victorious followers of Mohammed. Both required the Khazars to join their religion (Christian or Islam), but the Khazars, rejecting either, chose Judaism. In the following two centuries, not only did a large portion of the Khazar people embrace the Jewish religion, but by the mid-ninth century, all Khazars had actually embraced the Jewish religion.

It was an heir to the throne of Bulan named Obadiah who refreshed the kingdom and strengthened the Jewish religion. He invited Jewish scholars to settle in his kingdom and founded synagogues and schools. The people were introduced to the Bible, the Mishnah, and the Talmud, and the Khazars used the Hebrew script. In language, however, the native language of the Khazars prevailed.

Obadiah passed his throne to his son Hezekiah, who in turn passed it to his son Manasseh, and Manasseh to Hanukkah, another son of Obadiah. Hannukah passed his throne to his son Isaac, Isaac to his son Moses (or Manasseh II), who in turn to his son Nisi, and Nisi to his son Aaron II. King Joseph himself was the son of Aaron and ascended the throne after the Khazar right of succession.

The Russian Varangians established themselves in Kyiv until the final battle against the Khazars. After a hard battle, the Russians defeated the Khazars and four years later the Russians conquered the entire Khazar Empire east of the Azov.

Many members of the Khazar royal family emigrated to Spain, some went to Hungary, but the bulk of the people remained in his empire.” (Jewish Encyclopedia, Volume IV, article on Chazars, pages 1-5). – Unquote.

Do the Khazarian Jews want to reclaim their original dominions?

The Khazar Jews never forgave the Varangians, the Russians. They were also always an oppressed minority in the Russian Empire. However, the communist revolution in Russia was dominated by Jews/Khazars. All of the leaders under Lenin were Jews, and their work transformed Russia, as the Soviet Union, into an oppressive state that could no longer freely develop for more than seven decades. By 1990, the majority of Russian Jews had gone to the West and to Israel. In Ukraine, which was newly established as an independent state, the decline was not so great.

In both Ukraine and Russia, all the oligarchs there are Jews. They received massive support from their fellow believers in the West to build their fortunes. While Putin broke the power of the Russian oligarchs when he took office, this did not happen in Ukraine. The last two presidents after the coup are Jews/Khazars. So could one assume that these Khazars want to reconquer their original dominions?

The widespread hatred of Jews for Russians became apparent immediately after Poroshenko came to power.

He banned the Russian language in Ukraine, triggering the conflict with the predominantly Russian-speaking East Ukrainians. The Jew Igor Kolomoiski and his mercenaries, the so-called “Azov Brigades”, raged in eastern Ukraine, destroying infrastructure including the newly built airport in Donetsk. The point is that the Donbas and Crimea were the very centers of the Khazarian dominion, and it is there that the Russians are more inclined. So could this be a reason why the rulers in Kyiv are so adamant in thwarting all efforts of the Minsk agreement for peace?

The fact is that Ukraine is ruled by Khazarian Jews, politicians, and oligarchs. Could their goal be to set up a “Kazarian Israel” on the territory of Ukraine that can only act in constant enmity with the descendants of the Varangians, today’s Russians? Let us briefly recall the lines from The Jewish Encyclopedia: “…was constantly at war. There was virtually no time since the emergence of the Khazars that they were not at war.” What The Jewish Encyclopedia tells us here is anything but gratifying. Assuming the Khazars of Kyiv are committed to the traditions of their ancestors, their dealings with the breakaway parts of eastern Ukraine are given a basis. Kyiv shows no signs of ending the war against its own people.

The dominance of the oligarchs has not led to anything good

Let’s take a look at Putin. While I don’t necessarily see this as the sole cause, what is striking is that the hate campaigns against Putin began after he ousted the Khazarian oligarchs in Russia. The situation under Yeltsin was that the young Russian federation was almost completely under the control of these oligarchs and they were in the process of peddling the rest of the Russian national economy to their friends in the West. So you could also say that these oligarchs took revenge on Russia for the shame 1,000 years ago and the evil Putin thwarted them. So they mobilized their friends all over the world to revise it.

This was all the easier as their goals coincided with US geopolitical goals.

Anyone who wants to denigrate me as an anti-Semite should read my work “England, the Germans, the Jews and the 20th Century” before delving into something that is untenable. I also state unequivocally here that it is only a very small part of the Khazars who engage in evil machinations.

It is the same with Jews/Khazars as with any ethnic group: a few percent are abysmal bad characters, power-hungry psychopaths. The problem is, these ruthless scoundrels have managed to carve out positions everywhere that allow them to impose their warlike agenda on the 95 percent decent.

In general, I have to say that the entire West, including Ukraine, is dominated by oligarchs. Russia no longer. We see that the dominance of these capital giants has not led to anything good. In Ukraine, however, this situation has been taken to the extreme. Oligarchs rule the country and they are Khazars with a history of perpetual wars.

So if peace is to be found in this conflict region, these oligarchs would have to be removed from the government first, according to the model that Putin demonstrated and thus saved his country. With Merkel, no oligarch has resigned, but it is the biggest sponsor. Not to forget that Merkel, too, has Khazarian roots, like all those who call themselves Jews but are not Semites.

Ukraine in its current borders is a work of art

The mess in Ukraine is of course also shaped by US geopolitical interests. But who are the minds behind it? After all, one consequence of the Maidan coup is that Khazar Poroshenko became president, and he could never have become an oligarch and president without the support of Western friends. Helping the hatred that eastern Ukraine must endure is the equally age-old hatred of western Ukrainians for Moscow Russians, whom they called “Moskali” during World War II and killed whenever they could. Even Poles were not safe from their lust for murder. After all, West Ukrainians quickly seized the opportunity in 1945 and killed about 60,000 Poles.

I can only laugh when Ukrainians in Kyiv call Poland their friends today.

Ukraine in its current borders is a work of art that should never have come into existence. Let’s not forget that it was set up by the German Reich as early as 1917 as a means of conflict against the Tsarist Empire. After Russia, Ukraine is the largest country in Europe in terms of area with relatively few inhabitants. I assume that lasting peace in this region can only be achieved if the territory of Ukraine is divided into at least two parts.

Roughly along the Dnieper River. All the election results of the last 30 years clearly show that in the east and west of the country the elections were always contrary, up to a ratio of 80 to 20 percent. So it would be reasonable to divide the country along this “electoral border”. The catch, however, is that then exactly the eastern part will be pro-Russian and that is the former “heartland” of the Khazars. Will they ever show the size to do without it? It doesn’t look like it at the moment.

Read my analysis from 2014. In it, you can see in detail how elections have “always” been held in Ukraine. Using the Czechoslovakia model, I show how similar conflicts in this artificial product could be resolved through peaceful division. But who remembers that?


Here you can order the work “England, the Germans, the Jews and the 20th Century” directly from the publisher or you can purchase it in your bookshop.


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