For 4 years, Trump spent trillions, not billions, setting up a NAZI network…in his daddy’s footsteps…in partnership with his Zionist Ukrainian partners…not just Europe but the US as well…a NAZI-driven civil war that is intended to sweep the entire planet.

Someone just stopped them.

It is almost as though Hitler had won World War II.  Israel saw the writing on the wall after buying their way into the US with Newt Gingrich and arch-Zionist Rupert Murdoch (Greenberg).

9/11 was the last stage in this operation against the US which Israel brought Saudi Arabia and Turkey into.  There is, of course, no such thing as “Israel.”  There is only a fake country put in place by the Freemasons (long story there…long and real) under the guise of the Kosher Nostra.

Prior to that, during the Cold War, funds poured into Gladio created the mechanism for terror organizations under a coerced and blackmailed NATO  to eliminate any nation not under Freemason/Muslim Brotherhood/Al Qaeda/ISIS/Gladio control like the Western intelligence agencies.

Then two clever guys sold Israel on a love affair with the Nazis…Bannon and Stone.

All you had to do is set al Qaeda, ISIS, Turkey, and the US…all controlled Kosher Nostra clients on Iraq and Syria…and pour refugees into Europe.  The GWOT had built a network of secret prisons…and had set up a framework on neo-Nazi organizations in Poland, Latvia, Germany, Hungary, Britain, France, Norway, and Slovakia.

To this, Turkey offered their surrogates in Macedonia, Albania, and Kosovo.

Terror attacks like the Paris ‘Charlie Hebdo’ false flag are part of this.

Then the American base…” American al Qaeda”  was empowered…to be built on the wreckage of the Reagan era Nazi extremist groups out of Michigan and Ohio, historically a new generation of KKK…

While MEGA, Adelson, Murdoch, and the Ukrainian oligarchs poured cash into the American political system…first getting Citizens United to clear the way for bribery…

…then working with the cartels out of Mexico with Cuban banking and Cayman accounts…eating the Republican Party alive…lock stock and barrel.

Some say this came from the mind of Roy Cohn…

Roy Cohn and a very “trans” looking, Donald Trump. Check the right bicep of supposed “athlete Trump….”…looks like a 12-year-old girl.  Check the nose as well.  Courtesy of Vanity Fair

Only a few days ago Zelinsky said he was going to activate some of the nuclear weapons the Soviets abandoned in Ukraine.  Some are U235 weapons that have usable warheads although most of the 2 dozen or so weapons, maybe more, have plutonium pits and are overage.

Back during Operation Desert Storm, Ukraine sold 3 fission-based nukes taken off a missile, 550kt each, and sold them to Iran to use as a possible defense against a NATO invasion.  When that failed to materialize, Iran “removed them from inventory” but they still exist…unusable…somewhere.

Let’s also discuss Turkey and Israel and their role in killing Russian civilians in Ukraine for years.  They treat Ukraine and in particular, Donbass like it was Syria and that Russians are Palestinians.

The big “slam” today was a message for them…

Here is what I take from Putin’s point.  It is one thing for the US to stage color revolutions and even terror/bio-terror attacks on Russia’s border.  VT wasn’t making up its stories about Tbilisi and the Lugar Center there.

Nor was VT making up the role Ukraine played in staging chemical attacks inside Syria, working with Turkey’s MIT (their CIA) and Israel.

Turkey and Israel have been working together with Georgia and Azerbaijan against Iran since 2009.  The recent war on Armenia by Turkey, Israel and Azerbaijan was fallout from this effort.

Behind it, all is Israel’s effort to bait Russia into what Israel wants, a war between the US and Russia that will leave them in virtual control of Western Europe through their Nazi partners.

One could write so much. This is a start…



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  1. Thank you Gordon,
    thank you sooo much for the good job you are doing
    informing peaple so clear thats why i am a fan of yours…

  2. “Behind it, all is Israel’s effort to bait Russia into what Israel wants, a war between the US and Russia that will leave them in virtual control of Western Europe through their Nazi partners.”
    (with their useful idiot Evangelical End Times cults selling the plot to traumatised Western Christians)

    I’m speechless Gordon. You can’t spell it out in such plain, simple terms…. but then again, of course you can, because the truth is so extreme that it’s obviously misinfo and there easily dismissed as conspiratorial rantings. Nice work

  3. The best chance to stop our own madness , is to stay out of it. We have been chasing our own tail for so long, we may not recognize the dog in the mirror.

  4. This is a very good article. It just told you the real players, their hidden hand in past terrorism and their intentions. We know where everybody stands, including the NAZIs inside the US as well as the Mormon kingdom of deseret drug traffickers. Wonderful to compare notes on gladio, freemasons, likud, mega, nazis like trump and bannon with a quick run down of who was behind what. Man … at least we know what
    is really going on!! lol… thats a loaded statement if i ever heard one. Reality is wild!

  5. Lets hope it doesnt go nuclear.
    Could of been already using low yeild ones.
    Putin probably targeted the Ukraine “”dirty nuke storage sites” no1 priority besides airfields already so Ukraine cannot retaliate with nukes.
    They will have to get them from the west, hopefully the west will not supply them and just let E Ukraine be part of Russia again and call it good or bad however you look at it.
    Probably Ukraine has NATO nukes already to go.
    Best solution is divide Ukraine into East and West stop the killing.
    Wasnt expecting this! Feign diplomacy then surprise attack.
    Wish it could of been diplomacy and sanctions my wife from Belarus her 21 yr old son in Minsk, I dont think they are going to let americans into Belarus for awhile.
    Fortunate Belarus army has not joined Russian but they might anyday
    I might have some work in Sweden, might go there try to get her son out somehow before he gets drafted into army.
    War sucks.

    • US population being led to believe Putin goes into Ukraine because he likes to blow stuff up and slaughter civilians. I guess they associate him with our great Conquistador Baby Bush. In reality, Putin probably has short and long term plans with variables based on reaction of US and jokers in NATO. He didn’t spend all this time feeding the US intelligence community if he didn’t have some real surprises. We will see. Biden just needs to be kept on a dog leash until this is resolved.

    • This is not an invasion or an attack. The armed forces of the Russian Army are carrying out a massive operation to force the Ukrainian regime to peace and liberate this fraternal country from supporters of Nazism.

  6. There has ALWAYS existed the importance of occupying the “moral high-ground.”

    It’s mighty tough business fighting out of a swamp.

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