JEA: The US and NATO have already demonstrated that there is more to the Ukraine crisis than meets the eye. Imagine that Ukraine had become a NATO ally before Russia steps up. Then NATO and indeed the US would have the leverage to easily target Russia. The fact that the US is supporting NATO, and the fact that NATO is actually supporting Ukraine, proves that Vladimir Putin was right all along: he cannot allow NATO forces to circulate around Ukraine.

by Dave DeCamp

The US and its NATO allies are sending weapons into Ukraine from an undisclosed airfield near the Ukrainian border in Eastern Europe, CNN reported on Monday.

An unnamed senior Pentagon official told CNN that Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Gen. Mark Milley visited the airfield last week and examined the shipment activity. It’s not clear where the base is, but last week, Western officials told the Economist that one of the main routes to deliver weapons into Ukraine is via the Polish-Ukrainian border.

Since the weapons being sent into Ukraine are meant to kill Russian troops, there are fears that Russia might target the deliveries. The Pentagon official told CNN that so far, the Russians haven’t targeted the shipments.

Since Russia invaded Ukraine, 14 countries have pledged to send weapons to Ukraine. Another US official told CNN that the US and its allies have sent Ukraine 17,000 anti-tank missiles and 2,000 stinger anti-aircraft missiles.

Demonstrating the speed at which these arms are being shipped, the official said that the “vast majority” of a $350 million US military aid package that was announced on February 26 had already been delivered. As of Friday, $240 million of the package had reached Ukraine.

Despite the risk of provoking Russia, the Biden administration is determined to send even more advanced weaponry into Ukraine and has given the green light to Poland to transfer Russian-made MiG-29 fighter jets to Ukraine. In exchange, the US would replace the planes Poland gives to Ukraine with US-made fighter jets.

The plan to give Ukraine the MiG-29s has support in Congress. On Monday, Senator Bob Menendez (D-NY), the chair of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, sent a letter to Secretary of State Antony Blinken and Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin calling for the US to commit to replacing any Polish planes sent to Ukraine with US-made ones.



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  1. Although it might seem to be an impossible task – but first, populations must withdraw their respect for the perpetrators of these crimes against humanity. Their psychopathic nature reveals itself in the absence of any considerations towards a global nuclear conflagration that could start by “accident”. “Shit happens” is a widely known notion – this shit could be terminating life on earth.

  2. It’s actually a bit more sophisticated. Poland will fly his MIG29 to the Rammstein Airbase in Germany and the US military will then do the rest. The rest would be, to send them to their undisclosed airfield(s) in eastern Europe.

    • Exactly what part(s) of the US Goverment has the authority to pull off this Iran Contra redux? The war fever of the cowards in Congress is running high. Yet, they will be the same ones to hold investigations when Ukraine Gate blows up in their faces. If the Capitol is not a pile of rubble after Putin loses his composure.

    • Effectively, the stupid US tax payers are giving away multi-million dollar weapon systems to a country, Ukraine, with whom we have no treaty obligations. Where’s Ollie North when we need him to “explain” how this is all to protect the US homeland.

  3. Part III
    …. for our media and political classes care not for them – the sole purpose of the granddaughter of the SS Sergeant who led his squad through the slaughter of some 150,000 or more poor souls at Babi Yar being the Greater Glory of Ukraine and the Greater Glory of Germany where she served as the utterly incompetent Minister for Defence before Herr Chancellor Merkel elevated her to the Presidency of the EU Commission and gifted her control over Europe where, ever since 2019, she has slavishly pursued atonement for her granddaddy’s sin of having to flee to Berlin from Stalin’s Red Army Hordes who laid waste to the Nazis Prussian Dream – and, she is joined in her pursuit by the deranged and utterly incompetent neoCons at the State Department who shiver in their erotic pleasure as they sit, spellbound, by one of the most despicably corrupt NeoCons of all time, the neoNaziCon Nuland who will burn in Hell for all Eternity for the time she spent running the US Embassy in Kiev during that Dark Winter of 2013 – 2014.
    To Gordon, Jim and Jonas, I’d love if VT were to write the definitive account of what has happened to Ukraine ever since that crazed neoNaziCon Witch Nuland first fetched up in Kiev. For how long such account would remain available without censor is anyone’s guess but I guess, not long!

  4. Part II
    All else is window dressing – that is, if destroying the lives of some 8 million people in Donbass over the past 7/8 years while bombing and terrorizing 2.5 – 3 million of them out of their homes, lands and businesses and driving them across the border into Russia as refugees can be regarded as window dressing.
    Even less window-dressing is the fact that of the 14,000 killed during the war launched against Donetsk and Luhansk – Donbass, by Pietro Poroshenko ever since shortly after his election to the Presidency of Ukraine during the Summer of 2014, he being an utterly corrupt chocolate oligarch who was one of the leaders of the Maidan where he swivelled and corkscrewed on stage to the puppeteers in the US Embassy led by the raging neoNaziCon Nuland, of those 14,000, some 10,000 or more were murdered by Poroshenko’s Army “For the Glory of Ukraine” – to quote the Bandera Nazis roar as they goose-stepped the streets and steppe of Ukraine, while half the city of Donetsk – a city of a million people or more in 2012, lies in ruins with far greater proportions of other cities and towns across Donbass suffering even greater damage as bombs and missles fell during every hour of every day over the past (almost) 8 years.
    Ah but ……
    This is not a war we concern ourselves with in “the West” and nor do we concern ourselves with the millions who fled and the 10,000 + Donbass dead
    Part II

  5. Here in the good ole USA we now have Microsoft censoring a video VT posted a few days of Alexander Dugin so I had to watch it on Google Chrome. People who have been friends for thirty years are now enemies because one says Putin was right to strike the Nazis first. People are being fired from their jobs for saying they dont support Ukraine.
    This madness is just starting, the Neo-cons dont have brakes or a reverse gear.

  6. I said it from day one that all the Bidenites would curse the day they voted for this deranged man.
    Biden is determined to enter into military with Russia not matter what. You have a bunch of elected officials who dont know their butt from their elbow calling for nofly zone without having a clue what that entails and what would be the consequences. Biden wants a $10 billion package of “humanitarian” aid on top what we have flushed down the toilet since 2014.I say why not make it $1 or $2 trillion instead; that should last about a year. I paid $4.00 today for the lowest grade gas and Biden we would have to fell more for Ukraine’s democracy, when was Ukraine ever a democracy ?

    • $4? Please bro .. 87 octane is $5.59 in north L.A. county. >$7 in the city. All this over 8 years of neonazis who are actually ANTIFA/BLM? Fuk them .. Soros has to pay the same as we do. Even useful idiots need gas n groceries. U can’t have a first world country with the mental retardation from the 3rd world south of north America.

  7. On a stormy night as I sit here in the dark of night in the far west of Ireland, I really cannot think of how more stupidly deranged can our supposed leaders in Europe and America become and/or what more psychopathically moronic schemes can they cook up in the EU Council and Commission and in the US Congress and Whitehouse in their pursuit of hurting Russia when, in fact, they do nothing less than hurt us, their citizenry.
    And they are proud of themselves as they impoverish their citizenry, destroy the general economy of “the West” and line the pockets of the Military-Industrial Complex – again!
    Meanwhile, the more they rage against Russia, the more people in Ukraine are liberated from 8 years of supposed governance by a corrupt oligarchy who dangle their puppet politicians and lavish money, guns, arms and propaganda on some of the most crazed Nazis the world has seen since the period from 1932 to 1945 with the sole purpose of terrorizing the people of Donbass and the broader NovoRossiya that stretches from Donbass to Odessa on the Black Sea coast and to Kiev via Kharkiv along Russia’s and Belarusia’s borders.
    And all could have been prevented by one simple act on the part of the US : That Biden and Congress furnish a written guarantee to Russia that Ukraine could not and never will join or be allowed to join NATO
    Part I

  8. Fourteen countries assisting US Client state VS Russia is World War. Russia should and will cut its gas and oil off to “Allied States”. So this is the New World Order Pappy Bush was so proud of. A sad state of a world headed for Armageddon..

    • Yes, and it’s getting harder to slam on the brakes of this runaway war train as each day passes. Will the moronic American public still look for answers on Facebook when Russian cruise missiles take flight. Probably.

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