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Author, Predrag Djokovic for VT Belgrade
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The events related to the Crown of Infodemia have taken on dramatic forms on a global scale. But this time we will deal with Serbia!

We will deal with Aleksandar Soros, the son of George Soros and the Government of the Republic of Serbia, in the beginning, in order to make the article more interesting, and later we will get serious and move on to technical details.

As we published a translated article by a Croatian journalist a few days ago about how Aleksandar Vučić is leading Serbia to ruin, now we have come to a very dramatic knowledge about the construction of two laboratories built by the Chinese in Serbia, on behalf of George Soros, a world terrorist! Data from Wuhan has also been observed over the past two days and lies have been found about the outbreak of the Corona virus epidemic in China. Here’s what it’s all about:

On October 18, 2019, China opened the World War Games , which lasted until October 27, 2019. The first person infected with the Corona virus appeared in Wuhan on December 6, 2019. If we know that the incubation period of the virus is a maximum of 15 days, then it could not be infected before November 20. And then chaos begins to prepare in Wuhan.
I watched Hollywood precision forms recorded and posted on the Internet, which show the appearance of disinfection teams and the arrest of those whose temperature is measured on the street or in stopped cars with their Chinese device for remote temperature measurement, which I see for the first time in my life. Knowing the inaccuracy of the data on measuring dimensions for length used in construction made by well-known companies from the West, it can be said with certainty that Chinese devices are inaccurate as well as tests returned to China by several European countries.

So, American soldiers and judges at the military competition have been at home for a long time, when someone deliberately released the virus in Wuhan and thus started the infection.

During the events in the middle of the pandemic, China indirectly, through the spokesperson of the Minister of Foreign Affairs, deliberately asked America to show a zero patient in order to suggest to the world that America is still an evil state, in general, capable of starting a biological world war!

So, China was obviously lying that America had organized the contagion in Wuhan. Also, it is now completely clear to us that Bill Gates developed a vaccine against the Corona Virus, which was used in Wuhan to cure those infected with the virus. how do we know this?

The laboratory owned by George Soros is located in Wuhan, the data on it are as follows:

Bill Gates, together with George Soros, is in the globalist organization Committee 300. Chinese President Xi Jin Ping thanked Bill Gates for his help in defeating the corona virus! The Melinda and Bill Gates Foundation reportedly invested $ 100 million to early determine the presence of the coronavirus in countries that want it.

The news that China is spreading is such that the pandemic has ended there and the process of establishing normal human life is underway!

While the development of epidemics is monitored from the World Measurements website , we have the opportunity to see how the numbers are constantly growing. it was especially dramatic in Italy, now in America and Spain. However, we have also seen statements from Italian doctors who say that those who died of all diseases are among those who died of the Corona virus. That was around March 25, when such a video was released on social networks.
There are no patients in Belarus
Today, the President of Belarus, Alexander Lukashenko, stated that there is not a single person infected with the Korn virus in Belarus. So, the larger the number of patients, the smaller the sovereignty of the state, such a mathematical formula was obtained on the occasion of this statement.
Serbia is in the clutches of globalists and Satanists
In order to reach Serbia at all, we had to have fun with the very sources of the Korn virus as well as its spread in the world.
First of all, we will intentionally state the total anti-state policy pursued by the Ministry of Health. It spends a lot of money from the budget.
In the trends launched in Serbia by the Serbian Progressive Party, which is only a copy of the political organization it replaced, the Democratic Party, it introduced a robbery of salaries and pensions by the ruling majority, a complete deficit with business operations and anti-economy.

About 650,000 young people had to leave the Republic of Serbia in search of funds so that they and the families who remained in Serbia could survive. Knowing that many jobs in the West in the construction sector, where there were the most workers from Serbia, are held by Croats, Albanians, Macedonians, Serbs had to work for them. Often, in some situations, our people were simply expelled from the construction site through labor inspections, which were in agreement with the employers to obtain a percentage of unpaid wages from our workers, who kept a huge percentage there illegally. It is interesting in Slovakia that some agencies operate there, which are literally services for keeping slaves from Serbia. Those agencies take 3 out of 7 euros as much as the hourly wage is paid to our workers who are there in huge numbers. And when Europe started to close,
At a time when it was fashionable for everyone in Serbia to say the famous RUN AWAY FROM HERE AS SOON AS POSSIBLE, billboards began to appear in front of health centers saying that health workers should report to go abroad to work, even permanent relocation, mainly to Norway and Germany. it is completely unclear why to Norway unless someone foresaw that they were engaged in espionage there in connection with the sale of children who were abducted in Serbian maternity hospitals in huge numbers. And so, during the rule of this business party , more than 15,000 medical workers left the country . In serious states, this would be considered an anti-state intervention because it undermines state security.

So, on his return to Serbia, the President of the Republic Aleksandar Vučić brutally insulted and attacked the Serbian diaspora to such an extent that the ROD – Patriots of the Fatherland and Diaspora movement had to react to the President, led by the President of the Diaspora Assembly, Dragan Stanojević. I will remind you that one of the founders of the ROD movement from Slovakia, Stane Ribič, was decorated only a month earlier by the same president Aleksandar Vučić on the occasion of the Serbian Statehood Day!
At that time, by creating panic, it was completely lost sight of that in order to convince the public and spread the infection, thousands of tourists from China were ordered to flood Italy, Slovenia, Croatia and Serbia from November 2019 to February 2020.

It is forgotten that in the middle of the declared epidemic in Wuhan, Serbia received hundreds of Chinese tourists from the center of the epidemic – Wuhan! It is quite clear here that they were intentionally sent even with a possibly modified virus that has milder symptoms, because information is circulating in many military intelligence circles that this real virus is in fact deadly and incurable. Knowing about 89 models of this SARS virus modified by the bat virus, this is a very possible scenario of bringing a weakened version of Kovid19 to Europe, given that the virus does not exist in Shanghai, which is China’s financial center, or Beijing, which is politically political. at this time when a third of the world’s population is in quarantine, they are functioning quite well and without problems. And which are located a few steps from Vuhan.

An unconstitutional state of emergency has been introduced in Serbia, an illegal curfew has been introduced, the Assembly of the Republic of Serbia has been suspended, which is obliged to function according to the Constitution!

Measures that brutally violate all human rights have been imposed by Soros and Gates doctors, especially Dr. Predrag Kon! A sexualized exchange office of the head of the infectious disease clinic, which announces mandatory vaccination of the population with vaccines that have no composition and for which no one guarantees that they cannot kill or sterilize a child or lead to any other, is already posted on TV Pink, which is a copy of the French Gay Pink television. disturbances which is obligatory under the law on trade and the Constitution.

As the culmination of the war against Serbia, the Prime Minister, who is a non-national person, who did not pass the security check and who is a Satanist, signed on behalf of the Republic of Serbia the construction of all expert laboratories called Fire Eye. However, I wouldn’t be me if I didn’t research in detail, so this term in English Fire Eye is actually a term that characterizes an already known property, and who else but George Soros! And with a stake of 261 million dollars!

So, the obvious operation of destroying the Russian influence in the people of Serbia, which she enjoys with special pleasure, is now being carried out through the politicians of the Republic of China, who bring two Soros laboratories that China allegedly gives to Serbia as a gift ! Simply, even those migrants that the authorities drive around Serbia during curfew are not as interesting as these events surrounding the establishment of these two special institutions for subversion in the middle of Serbia, in Belgrade and Nis!

The article which shows that George Soros is one of the biggest investors in this company, which also signed a cybercrime agreement with Europol in 2015, can be found at the following links:

Tech Stocks: George Soros Picks These 3 Firms

I think that it is necessary to mention the Chinese whose delegation visited the grave of Josip Broz Tito, who destroyed millions of Serbs and was never responsible for that. Not even dead. And he should have.



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