Iran Destroys Mossad Torture Center in Erbil with Massive Missile Attack


DISCLOSURE: Sourced from Russian government funded media

Israel bought their way into the Kurdish capitol long ago, paying off corrupt local leaders who were long on the payroll of Turkish intelligence according to a VT writer who served there for the UN.  Israel shared the facility with Google Jigsaw/Idea Groups.

From sources in Erbil:

♦️ The building that was targeted by Iranian ballistic missiles is a luxurious villa in which the Zionist cell and Mossad officers reside, and it is within 12 kilometers north-east of the Erbil governorate center, which led to the death and injury of 11 strong. 4 killed and 7 were seriously injured.
♦️ It is worth mentioning that the Kurdish-Zionist relations are distinguished, publicly and without shame, as they made Iraqi Kurdistan and Erbil a Zionist intelligence center active in all of Iraq and from it to all neighboring Arab and non-Arab countries..
♦️ This is in addition to nearly 1,000 Zionist and Turkish companies in the region through which Zionist, Turkish and American intelligence officers move freely, which makes Iraqi Kurdistan and Erbil a land occupied by Kurds, Zionists and Turks, and the Iraqi state and Arabs must strive to liberate it and restore it to the diminished Iraqi sovereignty.


Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) has claimed responsibility for the March 13 ballistic missile strike on Erbil, the capital of the Iraqi Kurdistan Region.

In a statement, the IRGC said that the missile strike targeted a “strategic center of Zionist conspiracy and evil”. The guards confirmed that the strike was a response to the March 7 Israeli airstrikes on the Syrian capital, Damascus.

The Israeli airstrikes killed two officers of the guards, colonels Ehsan Karbalaipour and Morteza Saidnejad. Back then, the IRGC vowed to retaliate.

“Following the recent crimes of the fake Zionist regime and the previous announcement that the crimes and evils of this infamous regime will not go unanswered, the strategic center for conspiracy and evil of the Zionists was targeted by powerful and pinpoint missiles of the Islamic Revolution Guards Corps,” the guards’ statement reads. “Once again, we warn the criminal Zionist regime that the repetition of any evil will face harsh, decisive and destructive responses.”

According to the available information, the IRGC launched at least 12 Fateh-110 tactical short-range ballistic missiles at Erbil.

Iran’s Revolutionary Guards Claim Missile Strike On Erbil, Says Target Was Israeli Intelligence Center

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The Interior Ministry of the Kurdistan Region Government said that the missiles, which targeted the US consulate’s new building in Erbil, caused only some material damage and one civilian was wounded.

A spokesman for the State Department called the Iranian missile strike an “outrageous attack” but said no Americans were hurt and there was no damage to US government facilities in Erbil.

The last time the IRGC fired ballistic missiles at US targets in Iraq was in January 2020. The attack was a retaliation for the US killing earlier that month of its military commander Qassem Soleimani and Abu Mahdi al-Muhandis, deputy-commander of the Iraqi Popular Mobilization Units, at Baghdad airport.

The IRGC missile strike on Erbil came following a surprise halt of the international talks to revive the 2015 Iran nuclear deal. Any response by the US against Iran or its allies in Iraq and Syria could further harm the talks, which are already facing some serious problems.


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  1. IRGUN Terror Organization is acting in Med east since a century , they learnd to buy lifes – some mad men like Barzani , a drug Traffiker party of Belal son of Erdogan , is serving the Jews, to stablish their 1000 yrs Kingdome, yet this Kingdome will never come to be !

  2. nice! it is very clear that power shifting is real and it’s slowly but surely progressing. i hope that they will not stay in half way because it is really right time to castrate axis of evil and let few generations live their lifes in peace and prosperity. also after some breakpoint nations which are too weak or hesitant will hopefully join right side and things will accelerate…

    • I’m in 100% agreement with you.
      The sooner both Israel and US realize and understand that their hey-day is over, finit, kaput, the better for humanity, not least a long-suffering, poverty-stricken populace across large segments of America and Israelis who are native to the Levant and who wish to live in peace with their neighbours. Time for the E-European Khazarian Mafia to up sticks and find a new home for themselves. I strongly suggest they try Antarctica!

    • “The sooner both Israel and US realize and understand that their hey-day is over, finit, kaput,” what do you mean by that ? You forget that war economies are treating the status quo as part of the business ? These setbacks are all included into the buffer of planning and financing.

      General Petraeus about Soleimani in 2015:

      “What I will say is that he is very capable and resourceful individual, a worthy adversary. He has played his hand well,” Petraeus said. “But this is a long game, so let’s see how events transpire.”

      What do you think “long game” means ?

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