…from US War Correspondent Patrick Lancaster

The cluster bomb confirmation has not been officially made by Donetsk authorities

First published March 14, 2022

[ Editor’s Note: This is the worst combat footage I have seen so far from this war. Dead kids is definitely a bummer, but for the Ukie guys that fired the Tochka missile at the time of day when the old folks are out doing their shopping, a special place in hell awaits them.

This appears to me to be an angry army commander wanting to get some licks in by targeting a “can’t miss” target like downtown Donetsk, and kill the parents and grandparents of those fighting Kiev.

We see now why the two Republics evacuated the women and children earlier so that they would not be in this video. But as you will see, a lot of the old folks stayed.

The good news about the Tochka is it leaves lots of evidence around, as the lower part with the engine and fuel can always be found with its serial number, as this one was.

We have news the incoming missile was hit by anti-aircraft fire, hence the wreckage was spread out due to that. The early story mentioned cluster munitions, possibly due to no big single crater from a large warhead that I could see in Lancaster’s video.

The Donetsk forensic people have a lot of experience after so many years of this, so we will have a full postmortem report from everything they collected today… Jim W. Dean ]

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  1. @konehead Clearly fake, the bus only has its windows smashed “Outwards” the body of the bus completely untouched, then you have injured people not being attended to and well the car – only the window is either down or smashed. Then for some reason the injured man has bandages on his knees in a pet store and not in a ambulance? All the people are saying Ukraine did this and so is the reporter over and over again. This is not the first fake video he has done either.

    • Wrong, the shock wave from the explosion can kill you instantly. The guy with his wife with is right leg blown off in a torniqet, the small pieces of shrapnel on those bomblets did not tear his leg off. The photo and video of their holding hands will be an iconic memory of this conflict, as will the video of old lady telling photographers to please let she and her husband die peacefully. The nice thing about shock is that you don’t feel the pain until the shock wears off. The Tochka warhead has 50 bomblets, designed to use against infantry positions. As always in war, your best friend is a hole in the ground. As Gordon will tell you about a firefight, you need to be flat with your head sideways as 3 to 6 inches higher is where the flying lead zone is, and with you ear so close the sound is burned into your memory. The stores with their front windows blown out had dead and wound laying around, all from the blast. It’s just a factor of how close you are.

    • @Sirfire: take a look at the bus! It has several holes. I got a friend who lives there.
      From this rocket, the rear part of the tail always remains after the explosion. Therefore, it is there that the rocket series number is applied.

    • hey Sirfuckyou
      You the same guy in commments in Patricks video of the 21 killed in Donetsk that wrote “Good news?”
      Did you laugh watching those Russians die?

  2. Has this been reported in any of the western MSM? I haven’t seen it. It is unbelievable how one-sided the reporting has been. I can’t even watch it anymore; Morning Joe, Velshi, Deadline White House, Richard Haas, Anne Applebaum, none of them.

    • Amen on that. I would call it an orgy of yellow jounalism all competing for who can make the best and most denounciations and pull for readership and viewers. As for the censorship, its on the scale of the Stalin days. And for Joe ‘who can’t stop talking because he loves listening to himself, I can only rarely watch him because when he has a guest, or several, he even cuts them off to go on his long diatribes to show how much he thinks he knows. He turns a news show into ‘his opionion show’ and I have to click out as I don’t have time for someone that take several minutes to present a 30 second piece of information. Part of this is due to the long show format which allows them to go on and on…on…and on………and on……..

    • Agreed, Mr. Dean! Scarborough marries into the Brzezinski family, gets a book or two published, and all of sudden thinks he’s on a level with a John Meacham or Michael Beschloss.

  3. YouTube has censored it, but I watched it earlier today, really really sad really horrible all the dead people.

    Not even during the Vietnam war or Iraqi wars have such grisly scenes like this been shown to public….always censored – they have never wanted people to really know what bombs dropped from sky really do to people.

    …the city of Donetsk and people there remind me so much of Minsk Belarus where I lived for about three years total and it just gives me nightmares… so sad that poor guy crying.

    Ukraine “denys” this happened.

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