Germany: The End of the American Empire, an Intel Drop

The US government pushes the conflict to new heights and the Polish government does what it always did


By Detlef Reimers for VT Deutschland

Diplomatics de facto halts now between:

USA and Russia
Poland and Russia
more to come…

Diplomatics are on their way to be halted between:

US and China
more to come (India?, Saudi-Arabia?, UAE?)…

With regards to China, Blinken already spoke about added economic sanctions.

Polarisation & confrontation instead of any form of rational behavior and diplomacy.

We in the West are all forced into polarisation and confrontation to support this total lunacy of a “policy”. Of course, they always forget to mention the third way!

This is the end of an Empire, the end of a World police state under the law of pirates. Elisabeth, I was finally followed by Elisabeth II and that was – after some hundreds of years of maritime rule and robbery – the end end of it all.

They are still unable or unwilling to accept the new reality. Now they want to take their lost imperium and vassals into their own coming abyss. We know the forces behind all of this madness, but this time they cannot succeed in their devilish plans.

There can and will not be any “kinetic” WWIII – they lost this one. There can and will not be any permanent subjugation of their vassals and especially their growing number of self-made enemies – they lost this big one.

There can and will not be any further possibility to perpetuate their games. This was their last chance – and they already lost miserably in their hubris. This was their biggest fault!

People all over the world will have time in the future, after recovering from this mayhem, who and why this all happened, we all will look back in new ways to our forefathers and hear some of their forecasts which some of them already made back then.

History must and will be restored, so many lies have to be detected for the first time and an unending bulk of hidden documents will see the light of day for the first time.

For me, this time is a really exciting time, it’s the time of revelation. It is needed – just like the fever – before the patient gets well again.


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  1. The American Century ended on 9/11 (1945-2001). What we have now is a battle to see who controls globalization. Will it be the Chinese and Centralized government? A one-man dictatorship with Putin being the first Global King of many to come? Or will it be a Republic run from Washington DC? WE DON’T KNOW!

  2. The only country that has ever attacked us on our own soil is Britain. They are the fifth column in the US.

  3. A kinetic WW III ? Whast’s about a biologic WW III already lasting for 2 years with some drills before called bird’s flew, swine flew, SarsCov 1, Eola & Zika ? The fever and . . . . ?

  4. Please don’t forget the dancing Isrealis, of course the cabal morphs into any different names in different nations much like shapeshifting reptiles.

  5. This is indeed the end of the Anglo-Zionist Empire. The rest of the world is sick and tired of our domination and exploitation. They know full well that we are 30 trillion dollars in debt and that our wars have killed close to a million people, all for Israel. Just as Saudi Arabia has finally figured out that they can sell oil to China for PetroYuan rather than Petrodollars, the rest of the world will eventually join together in cooperation and mutual respect, like in the new Belt and Road Initiative.

    Only problem is, the Empire is actually an apocalyptic death cult. It will take the rest of humanity with it when it goes down, just like US Christian Zionists pray for each and every day.

  6. Good question. But, to be honest, I do not even know what should happen in the minds of a Western citizen (EU and USA) for their governments to hear and realize the full perniciousness of the situation. When will the US government start hearing its people? If Jim Dean and Gordon Duff could convince the likes of Nancy Pelosi and the Bush family in half an hour of conversation, would something change in the hawks’ foreign policy? Most likely the answer is no! And why not? Yes, because, as it was correctly written in one of the articles on VT – the problem is – what ancient evil is behind all the hawks of Washington. Are they able to change their minds? I’m sure not. This ancient evil can only be destroyed. How George the Victorious pierced the ancient serpent with a spear.

  7. I can only hope that the truth will win out. If the truth will set you free? Then what is the opposite. Therein is the answer. So the lies will imprison you. And the CIA/MI6 “wurlitzer” continues to spin. I can only hope it will finally stop!

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