Patrick Lancaster: In and Out of Mariupol, March 23rd

Mariupol people are now doing burials of family members and neighbors in their yards


Shelling Intensified In Mariupol (GRAPHIC 18+) (Special Report)

First published March 23, 2022

[ Editor’s Note: At VT we thought Lancaster had gone to ground, as it is open hunting season on journalists who are showing what is going on in Donbas. A wise man gets in and gets out, with no predictable itinerary.

Lancaster’s style has been to go in after an area has been cleared to get the interviews with the civilians who endured it, but you will notice that he does not interview soldiers, as most don’t want their faces on YouTube.

When he is being driven in, there is a stream of people leaving, using anything they can to get away from Mariupol, in cars if they are lucky, then bicycles, then pushing a baby carriage or anything they can bring a few personal belongs in, and then those walking with nothing.

These people, along with the dead and the dying and all those who are going to die, on both sides, are all victims of the US-EU-NATO coup by you know who. Biden made a big goof in bringing up the war crimes issue, as he and Obama could easily find themselves on the list.

Eric Zuesse, nailed this key part of the Ukraine story in his June 04, 2018 article for Modern Diplomacy. Here is just one excerpt:

Eric Zuesse

If America’s successful February 2014 overthrow and replacement of Ukraine’s democratically elected neutralist Government doesn’t soon produce a world-ending nuclear war (World War III), then there will be historical accounts of that overthrow, and the accounts are already increasingly trending and consolidating toward a historical consensus that it was a coup — that it was imposed by “somebody from the new coalition” — i.e., that the termination of the then-existing democratic (though like all its predecessors, corrupt) Ukrainian Government, wasn’t authentically a ‘revolution’ such as the U.S. Government has contended, and certainly wasn’t at all democratic, but was instead a coup (and a very bloody one, at that), and totally illegal (though backed by The West).

That was quite a wordy one sentence explanation, but all are welcome on the ramparts fighting back against the endless stream of grifters we constantly face, with megalomaniac world leaders and corrupt to the bone fake public institutions.

Mariupol people are doing burials of family members and neighbors in their yards now. Strangers get a similar treatment, usually in the yard of an abandoned place, with a marker for when they are all dug up and probably brought to a fitting place of rest so they are not totally anonymous, and a ‘never forget’ monument for them.

The lesson for all of us here, which of course VT readers understand, is that the war against the criminals in Kiev has to be won not only to save innocent Ukrainians on both sides but also won against their grifter enablers so they are stained with their sins forever, which will make their victims a bit happierJim W. Dean ]

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  1. 30 biolabs, 16 thousand bioassays: details of US military biological activities in Ukraine.
    The Russian Defense Ministry, as promised, demonstrated a diagram of how the United States controls biological laboratories in Ukraine.
    The published materials allow us to trace the scheme of interaction of US government agencies with Ukrainian biological objects.
    Attention is drawn to the involvement in the financing of these activities of structures close to the US leadership, in particular the Rosemont Seneca investment fund, which is headed by the son of the US President Hunter Biden.
    30 Ukrainian laboratories located in 14 localities were involved in full-scale military biological activities.
    The foundation has a close relationship with the main contractors of the Pentagon, including Metabiota, which, along with Black and Veach, is the main supplier of equipment for Pentagon biolabs around the world.
    In addition to the Pentagon, the US Agency for International Development, the Soros Foundation and the Center for Disease Control and Prevention are directly involved in the implementation of the program, and the scientific supervision is conducted, among others, by the Los Alamos National Laboratory, which develops nuclear weapons as part of the Manhattan Project.
    All activities take place under the full control of the Pentagon, the Defense Ministry stressed.
    The financing of military biological activities allowed the United States and its allies to export at least 16 thousand biological samples outside Ukraine.
    In accordance with the American UP-8 project in Lviv, Kharkiv, Odessa and Kiev, blood samples were taken from 4,000 Ukrainian servicemen for antibodies to hantaviruses, and another 400 for the presence of antibodies to the Congo—Crimean fever virus, said Igor Kirillov, head of the radiation, chemical and biological protection troops of the Russian Federation.

    • Stop milking your Biden stories. I just watched Peter Lavelle on RT’s latest Crosstalk and Anya Parampil just said that Washington is unhappy with Biden because he’s not doing enough to fight Russia and he’s resisting. So they, the deep state the shallow state whatever, the military, might even contemplate to remove him.
      Not everyone lacks cojones to resist Washington’s warmongerings. Trump killed Soleimani because he never had a set.

      Years and years I’ve been telling you people that Clinton was forced to attack Serbia, forced by warmongers who happen to be mostly conservative and regressive.

    • Anya Parampil also said that it was Biden that pushed Obama to not enforce the no fly zone in Syria.
      These are people on RT and not the western mainstream media.
      I’m glad that Biden is in the WH instead of your islamophobe homophobe pedophile Saudi lover charlatan bone spur coward hero.

    • My president, Vladimir Putin, and I fully support him. If you have nothing to comment on the topic, do not strike sparks in vain, my friend 😎

    • I did comment on the subject. I said you should be glad that Biden is the US president and not Trump. You should also be glad that the JCPOA is being negotiated as we type. Russia will have a lot to gain from it.

    • Lol. I know your reference to JFK is only a knee jerk reaction and an attempt to deflect your eternal love for Trump which brings you nothing but blindness, but if you had any idea as to how liberal JFK was, you would never say that.

      PS: Trump only pretends to be homophobe !

    • Newt don’t you forget keep glad that Biden is the US president when you have to paid 20 bucks per gallon to fill you fuel tank.. 🙂

    • Adrian2MiL18:
      Mr. NewtRallyt –
      He really wants to convince me of something that keeps him awake at night. 😁
      But I stubbornly refuse to accuse him of Russophobia and prejudice against me personally. Apparently this man was often teased by his peers in childhood. He has a very long memory.
      Some kind of Trump…, kneeling…, is a strange narrative for a person. Well, what can I do, he’s such a person… I will perceive him as he is. There is also a valuable grain in this. We need such people, too 😎🇷🇺

    • Lol. You Trump lovers are funny. If he would have been in the WH the question of Ukraine would have taken a gigantic proportion with his love of Israel and the wife of Adelson expecting him to go no fly zone and get into a dirty war with the East. Israel would have expected no less just as they expected him to pull out of JCPOA which he complied like a good servant on his first week in office.

      I said you guys are funny. I didn’t even think that Z is actually a comedian.

      And don’t tell me that Andrew would not enjoy $20 a gallon of gas especially in Rubles !
      You on the other hand in South America you have to pay with no economic gain …

    • Andrew lol. As they say don’t lose your day job. And especially don’t accept a job in profiling people, but do accept a job at writing fiction.
      Me Russophobe … lol. Maybe common sense will rise in you one day and help you get over your phobias. “Biden” the western economies will collapse.

    • And Andrew I’ve always fought racism sexism homophobia xenophobia harshly and directly in Europe and North America from before fifty years ago. Direct hit of the nail on the head.
      Try that in your profile.

    • Newt , here the fuel price always was regulated by the government and today we are paying one dollar/litre, around $4 and half for gallon, at the official exchange rate local currencyUS-dollar. How much you are paying there today 7-8 dollars??
      and about Trump and the little shit country I would not be so sure how to much “gigantic proportion” would have taken with Trump, you just watch what is current wary political Hell-Aviv attitude to conflict.

    • NewtRallyt:
      Biden or Trump is your personal choice. I didn’t vote for them. And if the USA wasn’t one of the strongest countries in the world, I wouldn’t even be interested in their surnames. So you deal with your presidents there yourself. After all, you are not personally to blame for what is happening now. And neither I nor Putin are to blame for the fact that gasoline has become expensive in the United States. In Russia, it costs one dollar and 30 cents per gallon.
      I don’t see the point in continuing this pointless
      (bespontovy) argument here with you.
      Good luck to you.

    • Adrian here in Québec I just paid $1.12 for a liter of 94 super. It’s gone up by .30 since the Russia campaign. But in Tehran it’s a different story. To begin with all their crude oil reserves which was sitting in shipping ports due to sanctions are depleted and they are pumping at maximum right now.

      Why don’t you explain to Andrew that it’s all about money hence the distribution of oil and gas will always win over ideology.

      That illegal outpost owes its livelihood to the military contracts from Pentagon and NATO. So a good war with Iran which for whatever reason they think it will be manageable as is a strong pipeline for their business for decades to come (if they survive lol).

      Trump after he killed Soleimani was taken to the back room when he wanted to engage directly with Iran, and I doubt if there is anyone in Washington with enough influence who would do the same for Ukraine.

    • Adrian it will be equal to USD $6.38 a gallon to be exact. $2.12 CND $ is equal to USD $1.69 so multiply that by 3.78.

      Also I’m talking about jet fuel 94 Ultra Octane which is the most expensive. You don’t even have that in the US. Regular is not more than USD $4.00 on average.

      But don’t worry it will get to your USD $9 a gallon if corporate greed continues.

    • Biden’s dear-in-the-headlights look gives it all away. What would Trump be doing if he was POTUS? Who knows. Maybe nothing. But, right now, Uncle Joe has the con and he’s got me worried. And, if Clinto was coerced into supporting the NATO bombing, he did a good job of covering his tracks. Putin hit the bait and he may have miscalculated. Time will tell.

  2. Their grifter enablers don’t care a shit be stained with their sins, the only thing painful for them is lose his money and be sent to jail, both things almost impossible we will can see to happen.

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