Ukraine False Flag Coming: Bio, Chem, or Cyber?


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By Kevin Barrett, VT Editor

If at first your false flag doesn’t succeed, what do you do? You try another false flag.

The Armageddonite wing of the War Party wants a  NATO no-fly zone over Ukraine. The problem is, the Russians have already imposed their own no-fly zone. So if Russia says “nobody but us can fly over Ukraine,” and NATO then says “nobody but the US can fly over Ukraine,” what happens? Both sides start shooting down each others’ planes and bombing each others’ anti-aircraft positions. As Biden said, that’s World War III.

Nobody wants World War III, right? Wrong! Zelensky wants World War III. Congressmorons including Kinzinger, Scott, Mast, Wicker, and other Republicans want World War III. And you can bet the Ukro-Nazis who are leading the fight against Russia are positively drooling for World War III.

So how are they going to get it? Force Biden’s hand! Create an event so shocking, so horrific, that the whole world will stand up on tip-toe and howl for Putin’s blood.

Unfortunately for the false flaggers, their false flags have flopped. They bombed a maternity hospital in Mariupol and hired an actress to play a victimized expectant mother. The ruse was quickly exposed. Then they packed a few hundred hated Russian-speaking Untermenschen into the basement of a theater and bombed the theater. It’s unclear whether anyone got hurt. But once again, the false flag flopped. The howls for a no-fly zone were underwhelming.

So if you’re a Ukro-Nazi, what do you do? You up your game! You set off a chemical, biological, or nuclear weapon and blame it on Putin.

The media wing of the Armageddonite Wing of the War Party is already preparing us for such an eventuality. Check out the blizzard of stories like this one from Politico:

NATO official says alliance would be forced to take action if Russia uses chemical, nuclear weapons

Obviously the NATO official in question, Deputy-General Secretary Mircea Geoana, is telling the Ukro-Nazis: “Go for it! Set off a nuke! Splash some chemical weapons around! Blame it on Putin! We’ve got your back!”

The New York Times is throwing gasoline on the fire with articles like this:

U.S. Makes Contingency Plans in Case Russia Uses Its Most Powerful Weapons

Unfortunately, the chemical weapons as red-line ruse didn’t work in Syria. Why not? Because the target audience—Americans—doesn’t really care about Syrians. If they did, they wouldn’t have let their government create ISIS and destroy Syria. Likewise, Americans don’t really care about Ukrainians, despite the deluge of mawkish propaganda. If they did, they wouldn’t have let their government create the Ukro-Nazis and wreck the country by overthrowing the legitimate government in 2014.

So a big nuclear or chemical splash in Ukraine probably won’t rile up the American people enough to force Biden to push the red button and murder billions and end civilization.

That means the Ukro-Nazis have to find a way to make it look like “Putin” attacked and badly harmed ordinary Americans here in America. How can they do that? Maybe a big cyber false flag?

Armageddon propagandist Alex Rouhandeh is just one of the army of lemmings preparing us for exactly that:

As Ukraine Invasion Stalls, Putin Look to Cyber for Revenge Attack on the US

So if the whole internet fails, the economy implodes, and virtue-signaling poseurs can no longer tweet Ukrainian flag icons, will Americans be dumb enough to blame Putin…and angry enough to demand World War III?


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  1. MAYBE somewhat off the mark and this topic, but still:
    As a man of God/Allah, — which I take You to be–‘what about this suggetion from me?:
    Dissent is a duty approaching closeness to sainthood. This remark may be a little off the mark, but still: A few gyis like Assange — although of dubious backgraund and provenace — have to some extent broken with the US (though not the Zionist) narratives. He is about to be killed off, either now or after some 173 year US prison term. I Suggest the Orthodox churches ogf Russia, Istanbul, Alexandria/Iskandería, Athens and Ethiopia should put him up on a candidate list for sainthood as soon as he appears close to be expiring, As for his faults — saints too are sinners before their turning to holy sufferance!

  2. As bad as things may seem, I have a positive view on all this. Their TRANSHUMANISM 3.0 is dead in the bucket. Failed pandemic, failed vaccinations (only killed a few million), failed leaders unless you reckon Nazi Pelosi, Joe Senile or Ms Donald Trump Animus superhero are legit, failed NATO invasion, failed sanctions against Russia, failed cyberattack (this has been on the cards for about a year), failed digital currency.

    So where is my digital wallet? Where is my digital ID?

    Watch this space, I assure you it will never happen.

  3. We’re now at the scariest pivot; Russia will cut of oil and gas supplies unless paid up front and in rubles or gold. The west has 3 days to comply. Everything else wrt the military operation is now a side show, Putin has just gone all in to bring the petrodollar down.

  4. Has anyone noticed the continuing decline in Covid figures in Europe, especially, but not only???? Have Putin and the Russians destroyed the Biden crime family’s and other related slime their super lucrative vaxx cash cow? There is a HUGE link here, but most are downplaying and trying to keep mum instead shifting the focus on how to hurt Russia. The Cabal is reeling; it has taken two quick jabs to the jaw and a round-house right square on the temple!!!

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