Ending Christianity: Soros and the Occult Nazification of Europe Through Ukraine


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Christianity ended in Ukraine in 2014 when CIA/Khazarian Mafia trained occultists from Poland’s Freemason community, part of decades-old Gladio, helped stage a coup.

One might note that when Lara Logan speaks of the holocaust and its “hundreds of thousands of dead Jews” she credits a significant portion to Banderite Ukrainians that now rule Ukraine with what can only be termed witchcraft.

To understand better, consider reading Jerzy Kosinski’s The Painted Bird.

Unless you have traveled through the region, you can’t understand how backward and twisted such places can be, particularly when evil is backed with NATO/Soros cash and all those Nobel Prize-winning chaos theory geniuses from that tiny country in the Middle East.

Their goal is to build a new Europe based on the tenets of the Nazi occultists who sought the Spear of Destiny (the Roman spear that pierced Christ)…the ultimate Luciferian symbol to lead them to war as it did with Constantine, Alaric and Charlemagne.

Today that war is led by gangsters training street thug scum at “Gladiator Schools” funded by CIA cash from heroin operations in Afghanistan.

VT finds Lara Logan’s show enlightening. You can listen to all of it or take the Ukraine portion below from the tweet. Listen to all of it. It is time we began calling a spade a spade. Zelensky is a warlock and the Ukrainian allies, along with our Polish and Lithuanian friends are running countries based on Nazi occultism. This is simply true…and the result of what Dr. Preston James brought to us so many years ago…that the Khazarians now running the West are tasked with bringing down Christianity….through occultism disguised as Christian Evangelism/Christian Zionism…

Who do you think Victoria Nuland is?  Are we clear?  The new “Talmudism” brought to Ukraine from Israel in 2014 strongly parallels the darker aspects of these Nazi/Evangelical/Occultist beliefs as well.  Don’t think Israel isn’t targeted too.

Now, do you understand why the biowarfare labs?  Why the US is breeding birds and mosquitos to carry anthrax embedded with ebola but engineered to kill certain people?

Where do you think the CIA’s love affair with ISIS began?  Now, do you see what 9/11 was really about?

Time to stop crying for Ukraine and cry for the real victims…us…and start fighting back against the real enemy…who has been among us for so long.

As a historical reminder, let’s not go overboard tying Naziism to Germany.  Hitler was foisted on the German people by the same cabal that brought the US Bush in 2000 and brought Naziism back to Ukraine in 2014.

The modern origin goes to the 1880s when the US began restructuring into a powerful militarized homeland for the KM, to augment and replace Britain and bullyboy policeman for global slaughter.  Hitler was simply a failed experiment.

VT’s war has been on many levels…now recognize how US propaganda is really a war on our souls.g

MOSCOW, 3 April 2022, RUSSTRAT Institute.

A long-term experiment on the manipulation of public consciousness in the largest country in Europe has yielded results. To the amazing achievements of the “new and independent” Ukraine, having pushed the world records in the form of the largest trident laid out in the field with brooms and the longest sandwich with bacon, a witch’s sabbath was added, aimed at the “collapse of the Kremlin”, sanctioned by the authorities.

Listen to Lara Logan…her entire talk here…it is powerful and totally true

Aleksey Arestovich, the adviser to the head of the Office of the President of Ukraine, spoke about the “patriotic event” in all seriousness. Ukraine has slipped into the Middle Ages.

Representatives of the International Fund “Vidrodzhennya”, which is part of the network of funds of the “Open Society” of George Soros (banned in Russia as a threat to state security), worked hard to destroy science and education inherited from the USSR.

In an interview with the Guardian, the elderly sponsor of the color revolutions did not hesitate to call the process of degradation of Ukraine his “best project”.

The reform of the “New School” was carried out with Soros’ money: all references to the Great Patriotic War and works by Russian authors were excluded from the Ukrainian school curriculum. They were replaced by photos of Banderists, Maidan, militaristic slogans and aggressive anti-Russian propaganda. The history interpreted by the Kiev “scientists” is completely distorted, and teachers who disagree with innovations are massively dismissed.

An “unloading” of the educational process has been carried out — the number of subjects studied has been reduced, the remaining ones have been “stuck together” into ridiculous conglomerates, the requirements for the level of knowledge, including the ability to read and count, have been reduced in educational institutions, homework has been practically canceled. The main goal of the “New Ukrainian School” was initially not the quality of education, but the “formation of a new personality” with a “Ukrainian-centrist” point of view.

As a result, the entire post-Maidan period of the training program in schools and universities of Ukraine has become aimed at cultivating Russophobia in the younger generation and the formation of neo-Nazi views in children.

It should be noted that the ideology of Nazism, since the Third Reich, is closely connected with occultism and neo-pagan rituals, contrary to civilized society. That is why the chevrons of “Right Sector” militants depict magical signs — runes that were popular in Nazi Germany.

If an Ahnenerbe unit was formed in the mid-1930s for “contact with the otherworldly” SS command, then in modern, but fairly wild Ukraine, the adviser to the head of the office of the President of Ukraine Aleksey Arestovich is apparently responsible for communication with sorcerers and support for obscurantism.

On his Facebook page, Aleksey Arestovich thanked Ukrainian witches for “magical services” in the fight against the Russian Armed Forces. A Ukrainian politician told his subscribers a story about a Russian missile enchanted with “witches”, which allegedly turned around and crashed into Russian positions.

Representatives of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation explained that there were no technical failures of launched missiles, and, moreover, there were no “reversals” of shells in the direction of units of the Armed Forces of Russia, and there could not be. The message of the Ukrainian official is an outright lie, framed by mystical nonsense.

“I have an appeal to the Ukrainian combat witches. Girls, keep it up,” the Ukrainian politician praised his audience and added that “a new place for witch festivals has appeared.” Surrealism in what is happening has been added by numerous assurances of Ukrainian psychics about their readiness to work.

“Enlightened” shamans and witches promised to hold a sabbath on March 31 with sacrifices and bringing “damage” to Russia and its President Vladimir Putin. Russia has resisted. Its president is still unaware that someone was riding under the moon on Lysaya Gora, shouting his name – he is busy with more important things.

“Those who are the chain dog of the star-striped demon, apparently, have run out of all human possibilities, so they decided to use demon means,” Archpriest Andrey Tkachev, a cleric of the Russian Orthodox Church, commented on the event on the Russian TV channel Spas.

It is quite obvious that large-scale work is to be done in the denazified territories to return common sense to the sphere of science and education.


Ukrainian witches will hold a ritual on March 31 to remove Putin from power

Ukrainian magicians and witches heard the call of the adviser to the head of the Office of President Oleksiy Arestovich and are going to conduct a series of rituals to remove Russian President Vladimir Putin from power, to lose him, and also to support the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

After Arestovich reached out to Ukrainian witches on Facebook on March 22, the Witch’s Cauldron magic shop revealed the plans of the occult community to support this initiative.

“On March 31, on the 29th lunar day, the day of corruption and curses, we, the witches of Ukraine, in collaboration with foreign colleagues, will perform a ritual of punishing the enemy of the Ukrainian people – Vladimir Putin,” the message says.

The ritual will consist of 3 parts. The first will take place on one of the mountains in Ukraine.

“A circle of 13 witches has already been assembled, altar knives are already being spoken to make sacrifices to the Higher Powers,” the message says.

The second part of the ritual is scheduled for April, in a Slavic country with the involvement of foreign colleagues. While the former is expected to have relatively little impact on Putin, the latter is expected to have a significant impact. Also among the goals of the ceremony is to support the Ukrainian army.

“For the victory of our great people, for good luck, success and opening of roads! And may all the gods of war – Odin, Thor, Perun – accompany us!”, the organizers say.

The third part is a stone bag for the enemy – isolation, removal from power, loss of support from the inner circle. Redemption with black icons from mass deaths and the punishment of those who are guilty of them.

Ukrainian magicians called on their foreign colleagues to support the initiative and join the events.

A representative of the Ukrainian occult community, on condition of anonymity, explained that the exact places of the rites are hidden. The organizers fear not only the opposition of enemies but also the intervention of curious citizens. Details will be communicated only personally, only between personally known people. He urged Ukrainians not involved in worship not to interfere.

“The event should not be treated as hostile or harmful to Ukraine. Our goal is to defeat the enemy of Ukraine, Putin, and support the Armed Forces,” he said.

In addition, he warned against a mocking or frivolous attitude to the action.

“Now there are a lot of “kitchen magicians” divorced, as well as “couch warriors”, but this does not negate the fact that officially recognized world religions persecuted sorcerers and witches, thereby recognizing the effectiveness of these rituals, “said a community representative.

He recalled that the practice of using magic for combat purposes is widely known in history from China to America.

“We will not delve into ancient stories. Indeed, a lot of superfluous things have been inflicted over the centuries. Let’s remember Tecumseh’s curse, which is also the curse of US presidents. According to him, every American president elected in a certain year will die or be killed before the end of the presidential term “The curse worked for 7 tribes. The first to escape it was Reagan, he was the eighth. But he also had an assassination attempt. The ninth was Bush Jr., who also escaped the assassination by a lucky chance for him. Even after the end of the curse, his echo hurts followers in 200 years,” the source said.

Ukrainian witches will hold a ritual on March 31 to remove Putin from power


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  1. By the standard you seem to set for yourself I would not be considered a ‘normal man’

  2. Mr. Duff you should read Jack Heart on this subject as you are miss informed about what evil actually is but just an opinion.

    • To me its absolutely laughable that these Ukrainian monsters are anything like the real SS of Adolph Hitler as even my dearest father whom was at the battle of the bulge agreed that Hitler was right after Dresden.
      The real SS fought on the side of right and they attracted even repentant Jews to fight with them as is it not funny that our dearest modern Nazi’s love Jews and take their money? Hmm….

    • I tend to find him derivative like UFO folks or ‘troofers’…always willing to follow the crowd…and, thus…not reliable

    • Its also funny that American specopps trains Nazis along with britt specopps and that grand little country from the middle east. I am paid handsomely to observe by OPM Mr. Duff as I am not pleased at all. However, I am just a nobody with a very fine internet connection. The internet? Why that is the entertainment division of our dear Military industrial complex. Just an observation.

  3. Were not the three great ism’s of the 20th Century – Bolshevism, National Socialism, and Zionism – just ways to fool useful idiots into killing each other by the tens of millions? After all, they were all funded by the same banksters who were happy to see “you and him fight”, as divide and conquer has been shown to be the most effective way for a minority to rule a majority since the dawn of civilization. And of course, if Duff’s hypothesis is correct, someone (or something) above the banksters who thrives on human misery.

  4. Remember John Demjanjuk, the convicted Nazi death camp guard, who was living near Cleveland as a retired auto worker? His bio says he was from Berdychiv, Ukraine, somewhere between Lviv and Kiev. What was amazing is that the Israeli Supreme Court overturned his conviction in Israel as “Ivan the Terrible”, a notoriously brutal guard at Treblinka. So yeah, Ukrainians had nazi sympathies. https://www.npr.org/2012/03/17/148814082/convicted-nazi-guard-john-demjanjuk-dies

  5. The Nazi’s weren’t eliminated from the world after WW2..
    Oh no, Beavis.
    They simply found greener pastures and a safe haven across the ocean in Washington, as far away from the Soviets as they could get compliments of ‘Operation Paperclip’.
    Certainly the Israeli’s are certainly watching this with great interest with their finger firmly on the red button, but like the Europeans they don’t dare bite the hand that feeds them.

  6. I recommend the book Hitler’s Monsters as a good primer on Nazism’s Occult and Satanic roots which are believe or not based on the Khabala and portions of the Talmud. If one wants an even briefer introduction I suggest the documentary Secret Societies and Flying Saucers. Another thing is many people think National Socialism is a political movement when in reality it is an Occult Satanic religion.

  7. Why is Sweden important? Such a small, insignificant country in the northern wastelands of Europe.
    A supposedly neutral State for hundreds of years. The world leader in Soft Power by many magnitudes. For the past 15 years I have known that the time to leave Europe is when Sweden joins NATO. Then you know it is gonna get serious.
    What better way to fool the World when Sweden joins the Alliance, white washing NATO to cover up all the filth and rot built up over the last 3 decades. This has been the plan since forever but only to be used when absolutely necessary. But there is something else lurking in the dark, old and sinister, you can sometimes catch a glimpse of it in the corner of your eye.

    Anyway, for what it is worth, the time is near to get the ‘Hell outta Dodge’.

    • Currently Swedish the population is 50/50, 4 months ago it was 30/70 against. The pysops started picking up tempo in January when all the children’s phones started getting swarmed by TikTok feeds warning that Sweden was gonna get attacked by Russia and wasn’t prepared. It got so intense the teachers had to talk to the kids at school to reassure them Sweden was safe.
      At the beginning of the Russian attack in Ukraine the pressure join started building even more, luckily Socialists in power decided it was too sensitive to join just yet. Finland wants to join but can’t, the 2 Scandinavian countries can only join as a pair due to an alliance agreement. The Swedish news is pushing NATO talking points non-stop, the conservative party came out this week saying if they win the election in the Fall we will join NATO immediately. During Biden’s cheap Hollywood reenactment of JFKs European tour he was all over the Swedish PM like an old creep on a teenager at a frat party. Now a government committee is being formed to decide if Sweden will apply for membership in Madrid in May.

  8. I have no problem that ukies they are using black magic rituals and witches dancing around a bonfire…. as used to say in war and love everything is valid but…. it would look this tactic wouldn’t be working either… 🙂

    • Perhaps…. but also must have them helped a bit, give loans to kings, the vatican and rich traders and that these will let them control and manage in recent few centuries their gold and richness..

  9. Yes, indeed, Ukraine is a place of attraction for all sorts of magicians, fortune tellers, coaches, preachers of all stripes. In Russia it was in the 1990s, but then the government and the church began to fight them.Removed them all. And in Ukraine, apparently, this is not regulated at the legislative level in any way. But, okay, simple scammers-fortune-tellers, but look at what kind of mass psychosis and hysteria the strata of the population there are subject to. We in Russia do not understand their behavior at all. In Ukraine, they are used to mass slogans, mottos in crowds, like on the Maidan in 2014. These are not even individual elements, but a system of mass psychosis, reminiscent of gatherings of Hitler’s party, torchlight processions, collective oaths, slogans, rituals. Children are brought up from childhood according to some terrible program. If you open the Ukie school textbook, there will be so much rubbish, including Russophobic… That’s how they deform the consciousness of young generations, from which wolves then grow up. Look at how they teach children 5 years old in families with knives and sticks to say on camera: kill a Russian, death to Muscovites, etc. And there are thousands of such examples. This is some kind of a bad dream of modernity.
    As one philosopher said to the Germans in the 1930s during Hitler’s young rule: “first you will burn thousands of objectionable books in squares, and then you will start burning people.”
    And this is the terrible truth.

  10. “This is simply true…and the result of what Dr. Preston James brought to us so many years ago…that the Khazarians now running the West are tasked with bringing down Christianity….through occultism disguised as Christian Evangelism/Christian Zionism…”

    The 40 million US Christian Zionists who voted for Trump in the last election are Trump’s “brown shirts” who are willing to not only bring down democracy in the USA but push us into a catastrophic war with Russia that will be the end of the USA as we know it and the beginning of God only knows what.

  11. Unfortunately there is a purpose and method to the madness, and the States encouragement of the feeble minded city dwellers to awaken ancient spirits/demons is no coincidence. It serves a purpose in the psychological, metaphysical and supernatural level.

    I suggest reading Alexander Dugin’s lectures at the geopolitical Serbian School ‘Introduction to Noomakhia’. Lectures 8 and 10 in particular dealing with Modernity and the XXI century. The essence of these 2 lectures are that the Modern Nation State is the Leviathan, destroyer of worlds, called forth from the deep to devour or crush all before it.

    In my opinion the modern nationalistic state is a particular cruel and vicious version, being used like demon on a leash. However the dull and soulless Technocratic nation state is the version that is most the profane. Utterly devoid of the sacred. At the moment the head of the beast is a conglomeration of idiots of the most vile and bloated sort congregated in DC but soon the head of the beast will be replaced by AI. Well then there is not much to do but sit back and watch the show.

    Unless of course some real Wizards show up at end of the book, like Gandalf, to send it back to the Abyss.

    What is real anymore anyway, it is getting more difficult after every passing day to know for sure. We have seen too much craziness, the rift is too large to ignore and the insanity multiplying exponentially.

  12. The historical path of this is very long. Two main spots over the time neeed to be mentioned:
    1. Prague – the birth of the golem, the place of the most powerful rabbi at that time. This was the first forcast of transhumanism in earlier times (see: Egon Erwin Kisch)
    2. Lithuania – the real centre of all polish aristrocrats in history, the place were the jewish infiltration into aristocracy took place and spread all over Europe and the place where all occult happenings originated and are coordinated. You can say, this is the mostly hidden centre of occultism with a long history in these black arts.
    One could say that Poland is ruled by Germany to a large extend and the public opinion is shaped mostly be dependances of large press conglomerates from Germany. This is only half of the truth because the even more powerful shapers and rulers are not seen (sometimes you can see the political handlers even in the press, always closely behind) but they are very active all the time and they are closely related to the heads of the Zionist movement and in parts also the Chabat Lubawitch (look at the history of these guys!).

    • Just remember that most of those you call jews were duped themselves. An article in a dutch newspaper wrote how research into DNA has proven beyond a doubt that most jews descend from local people. That is why they look like Europeans, Indians, Africans etc. etc. Their DNA not Semitic. Only through conversion do they get a direct descension from Abraham. Which is of course genetically, DNA wise impossible. The Palestinians the stay behind jews. the real Semites, who converted to Islam, liberated from Roman oppression. And then there is this descending from a jewish woman to qualify according to the Sanhedrin to be a real jew. Mitochondrial DNA not passed on normally. That is unless they kept certain women in seclusion, creating a tribe descending onlly through her. Either way most likely most calling themselves jews, believing they are a race, will become utterly disappointed when truths will finally be revealed. They will find that those in power have no place in their hearts or world for them. Just like all those supporters, heellickers will be disappointed when finding they are not inclusive later on to participate in sharing the spoils. All been said in historic speeches. Written in books and documents. Gagorders and not paying attention.

    • If you spend some time looking seriously into the illegal organ transfer business you will find that whoever is buying wants to confirm they have the best DNA match. Ukraine is a huge market because of their Kahzarian legacy and the Palestinians are ‘farmed’ for their semite DNA for the pretend-a-Jews that are really Palestinians semites but would not admit that under torture. And lastly, organ sales is another driver for the forever wars as the market for the organs is never ending.

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