Lancaster rides ambulance with wounded son and mother in Mariupol

During the mopping up of Mariupol, diehard Nazi nationalists are wanting to take as many ethnic Russians as possible down with them


Russia – Ukraine War: Soldiers Collect Civilians after Shelling Attack on Mariupol Frontline

…by war correspondent Partick Lancaster

[ Editor’s Note: This is a sad story, but a historical one in wartime, when a battle or campaign is winding down where some people have to be its last victims. The situation is playing out during the mopping up of Mariupol where diehard nationalists are wanting to take as many ethnic Russians as possible down with them.

The liberators of Mariupol, including the Chechens, have written an opposite story yesterday when their commander released a surrendered Ukraine Marine group to walk out of Mariupol.

This was done despite Zelensky’s Bucha staged theatrical event of a faked Russian slaughter of civilians, a sadly comical one in that he posed no motivation as to why the Russians would do something like this when retreating to be redeployed, as the Russian troops had a large perimeter to maintain while probing Kiev defenses.

When I first saw Lancaster in an ambulance with a mother and what seemed to be a dying son, I first thought that Lancaster was a ghoul to be grilling her at such a time. But the interview on the way to the hospital seemed a relief to her, to be able to unload her feelings.

The son had been shot in the groin and had a shrapnel wound and was groaning during the interview and the bumpy ambulance ride. To my surprise Lancaster filmed his going into emergency and being treated, to give the rest of us a short peek of what has been going on countless times not only during the current fighting.

This has been happening all along the Donbass contact line for eight years, with 14,000 killed during a time when France and Germany had guaranteed Kiev’s agreement at Minsk, which is looking back upon, we see Kiev had no intention of being constrained by the agreement.

It seems that NATO and the US stepped in to fuel another ‘forever war’, which brings us to the current killing fields with the culprits’ psyops divisions getting lots of practice.

But the Ukrainians are not the only victims. The hapless EU citizens are watching the senseless sanctions boomerang back on them when they have done nothing to deserve it, other than having elected leaders who are subjecting them to an economic war of suffering.

Here in the US, the war fever is almost at the drunken orgy stage, with the MSM all in, with no staged provocation that will not make front-page news, no matter how illogical it is. Their demon god seems to be increased readership, and the truth is damned. This will always be on their scorecard, like Trump’s fakery is on his.

I expected more from American media. Color me disappointed, as the propaganda we have seen is so cheap, I would have thought they would not have embarrassed themselves to jump in as they did… Jim W. Dean ]

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