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SVPressa: Russia has the right to strike at trains with weapons from Europe as soon as they enter the territory of Ukraine, said Vladimir Dzhabarov, First Deputy Head of the Federation Council Committee on International Affairs. He spoke about this in an interview with Parliamentary Newspaper.

And the senator formulated this proposal quite harshly: “These deliveries can be interrupted in one way – to strike at the echelons with weapons as soon as they enter the territory of Ukraine. From now on, they become the legitimate prey of our armed forces. Because this technique does not come to equip museums, not to plow fields on it. They want to kill our servicemen from it. And we have every right to destroy such weapons.” At the same time, the high-ranking politician is convinced that the alliance is not ready to risk its soldiers for the sake of Ukraine.

Indeed, as shown by the emergency NATO summit held at the end of March in Brussels, this bloc categorically does not want to enter into a military conflict with Russia. Moral support, money, weapons, instructors, and at worst, Kiev will be provided. But the sky over Ukraine was not closed, the Poles, who proposed to send a peacekeeping contingent to the western regions of Ukraine, were not supported. And Secretary-General Stoltenberg, whose powers were extended until September 2023, bluntly stated that the alliance would not stand up for Kiev.

“We have a responsibility to ensure that this conflict in Ukraine does not escalate into a war between NATO and Russia. That is why I made it clear that we will not deploy our troops in Ukraine because the only way to do this is to be ready to participate in a full-scale conflict with Russia, ” RIA Novosti quotes the head of the alliance.

That is, for now, our “sworn friends” prefer to stay above the fray and at the same time generously pump weapons into Ukraine. Here, by the way, they kill two birds with one stone: the Europeans supply Kyiv, mainly with obsolete weapons, which the Germans, Poles, and Czechs inherited from the Warsaw Pact. That is, warehouses are being emptied, and oil is being poured into the conflict. But will the mood of the NATO countries change if Russia really takes up arms trains?

– NATO’s attitude towards Russia will become even worse, but no decisive measures will be taken, military expert Alexander Artamonov believes.


– For the simple reason that the sanctions have already been exhausted, and the alliance is not ready for a direct confrontation. In addition, within this bloc, there is a divergence of opinion on how to deal with Russia, and most of the countries included in the alliance prefer not to interfere in the course of the special operation. We know that France, Germany and Turkey insist on maintaining relations with Russia, while Poland and the Baltic states, on the contrary, want to escalate. This confuses decision-making. In addition, it is not Stoltenberg who decides such issues, this is already clear to everyone. Behind him are the Americans, who are interested in the growth of tension and the expansion of the conflict.
Their political doctrine is a constant smoldering, or even better, a flared-up conflict in Europe and a shift in the political center of the world towards the Pacific Ocean. But since NATO still has the instinct of self-preservation, the bloc will not take any active actions, even if Russia starts to strike at the arms trains after they cross the Polish-Ukrainian border, without affecting the territory of Poland.

As a response, according to the military expert, it is possible, of course, to break off diplomatic relations on the part of Germany, Poland, and the Baltic states. But Latvia, Lithuania, and Estonia are already on the way to this, and they are going about head to head.

“NATO’s resolve to engage in hostilities does not depend on what we do, but on whether they are ready to fight with us. In my opinion, they are not ready for this, – says military-political expert Mikhail Alexandrov.

— One such fearless wishing to exist in Poland. She’s really into the fight. But if she climbs alone, then she will not find it a little. And the alliance will not fight collectively with us. As for the destruction of trains with military equipment supplied to Ukraine, this idea is long overdue. I would also suggest not stopping there, but striking at railway and road bridges in western Ukraine. There aren’t many of them. And it turns out that they are increasing military supplies, and we are not taking any measures. Here it is necessary to undermine the logistics. And to do this in Western Ukraine, which will not come to that for a long time. I understand why ours do not touch the bridges across the Dnieper, we still need them ourselves. And there – no need to regret.

However, according to the expert, this will not stop the flow of weapons. But the Armed Forces of Ukraine will have to make a lot of efforts to deliver it to the line of fire. We’ll have to build pontoon bridges, let the equipment run on its own, in general – there will be more hemorrhoids.
But the question arises: one of the key principles of the special operation is not to touch civilians. And strikes on railways and bridges will make it difficult not only to move military cargo but also to transport civilian purposes – the same humanitarian aid.

Yes, these are costs that need to be taken into account. During hostilities, civilians always suffer. But the Ukrainian authorities themselves created such a situation. Look what is being done in Mariupol now! How hard it is for the inhabitants of the city. And the people of Donetsk have been under shelling every day for eight years now. Kiev should have worried about the citizens of Ukraine before, – Mikhail Alexandrov believes.

Source:  SVPressa.ru


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  1. What when the victims rebel against any tyranny, be in the village, metropolis, or in the families of nations? Who is to decide whom is the victim and who is victimizer? Certainly not the top enforcer of a group who organize most or the war’s and strife the world has knows for the preceeding seven decades.

  2. Wellameena, I believe the current alliance of the gay Jewish actor President Zelensky with Notzies (Azoz) in Ukraine is severely undercutting the victim industry. Yet the sheep still run over the cliff for their wolf “friend” as satan provides “rapture” like cocane to an addict (Hunter).

  3. Finally ! Zionism shows its telson and its venom, and we know who the NWO is.
    Always having to be admitted as a “friend”… then kill everyone, change your name, and run away with the money from the safe!= it’s the constant of Zionism. History & religion are only screens !

  4. About four thousand years ago Abraham, the first Hebrew patriarch, was born in Ur of Chaldea. His ancestors originally came to Iraq from Kuwait, that north-eastern part of the Arabian peninsula which was the cradle of the Semitic family which emigrated into the Fertile Crescent, the people who subsequently became the Hebrews, Phoenicians, Babylonians and Assyrians of history.

    When the Assyrians conquered a nation they would deport huge numbers of the natives.

    In April of 2003, archeologists digging in Iraq claimed to have found the Tomb of Gilgamesh. A month later, the U.S. invasion ended and the military occupation phase began.
    The first thing the troops did when they entered Iraq was plunder the museum of Baghdad. It was meticulously planned. They came prepared with equipment to lift the heaviest objects, and had keys to the vaults where the most valuable items were stored.

    Babylon was where the first “World Order” without God was attempted under Nimrod.

    “My friends, what we need today is Zionism for the nations of Europe,” Geert Wilders, founder and leader of the Party for Freedom in the Netherlands said at the “Europe’s Last Stand?” conference, organized by the American Freedom Alliance on June 10, 2013. In 2011, Marine Le Pen, (the head of the then National Front of France) told Haaretz: “After all, the National Front has always been Zionistic and always defended Israel’s right to exist.”

    Old war, this.

    • “The victim stance is a powerful one. The victim is always morally right, neither responsible nor accountable and forever entitled to sympathy.”

       – Dr Ofer Zur, “The Psychology of Victimhood”

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