Disclosure Exclusive: Hiving of the Masses (Warning)


Author’s Name Withheld for VT by Gordon Duff, Senior Editor

Ever heard the phrase: “Most of the biggest USG and DOD secrets seem so bizarre and incredulous that they do not need to be protected by national security 50-year secrecy agreements?”

With what I will share with you now this is certainly true. You are unlikely to think it is even possible. Yes, typically very few would ever believe new advanced high-tech remote inductive mass psychotronic weapons even exist.

My special area of research interest is mind control of all varieties, individual MK-Ultra style and its varieties and mass, especially remote inductive mass psychotronics, which involves remotely inducing certain brain frequencies in the human brain which can mesmerize, create attitudes (potential actions later), and the certain desired group shared mindsets in a specific target.

There are many different forms of mass-mind control such as control of major mass media, use of education, use of Hollywood to generate desired attitudes and mindsets, and creation of popular culture to set and control mindsets like the inner city Black Rap movement.

But the most dangerous and powerful type of mass mind control (now deployed against the American populace) is the deployment of orbital EMF transmitter satellites that interact with the Chemtrail nano-particles of Barium and Aluminum and the particles that have been inhaled by the populace, and now the nano self-replicating circuitry that has been injected into the populace via the CV-19 jabs.

The result of this is the mass-generating of a group mindset that is a belief system contrary to actual facts or reality. But it goes further than that, the process results in what is best described as “hiving” where the masses begin to share this same mindset and obey the central command which can be a special high-powered orbital scalar transmitter system.

This process of hiving the masses involves quantum physics and the phenomena known as particle entanglement where two particles can be at different places at the same time or when electrons can have a figure-eight orbit around two different neutrons which can be many miles apart. The induced group mindset or hiving occurs when these entangled particles are present in the minds of the targets and the transmitter too.  Scientists discovered this process in honey bee brains and have developed a similar model that has already been deployed.

If you do some basic research on particle entanglement you will soon learn that this information is correct as far as the new particle physics goes. Youtube has a lot of videos explaining this without explaining how it has been developed and deployed in defense applications.

It was first tested in the Iraq war when the Republican Guard heard the Voice of God inside their heads and marched into pits and were bulldozed over, one of the strangest battlefield surrenders in history. This weapon was put on the shelf out of fear it would become known to enemies. Insiders called it the Voice of God.

Later in the second Gulf war small round, EMF pulsed beam transmitters like those used in Smart-Meters were deployed on the tops of buildings and tanks to mesmerize and pacify the populace, but all they did was cause GIs to have headaches and they failed to mesmerize anyone. Likely they were just another defense contractor money grab. These were called poppers.

Now here is the interesting thing about this subject. Strong will, stubborn individuals, truth addicts (“truthers”), or very strong Christian believers seem to somehow be immune to these advanced mind-control technologies are any mind control.

Complex, highly advanced Technologies have been already deployed and are still being improved to chemically and biologically alter the human brain and CNS systems to “hive” them, that is to join the mass into one group mindset.

In an earlier email, I explained the most advanced systems using entangled particles. What I didn’t mention is that these particles share electrons and perhaps other entities through what is called the D Wave. In this dimension time and distance are not what they are as we know them. Scientists can communicate long distances using this D wave dimension as long as they enter it through Josephson Junctions.

Right now one of the effective means that has been deployed to mesmerize and pacify the masses in America is what insiders call the “Space Fence System”. The Space Fence is a very advanced system where the atmosphere has been loaded with nano-barium and nano-aluminum such that this particle stay in suspension, and is actually “plasticized” and ionized. The energy is provided by powerful orbital scalar satellites powered by Helium 3 and other advanced means. On certain cloudy or overcast days, you will notice a sort of glowing in the sky. Some will see it as glare requiring sunglasses.

The Space Fence System is also an advanced radar used to track and destroy high speed, missiles, aircraft, and even high-speed UFOs.

You have now been briefed on the most advanced mind-control systems. There is one other system not covered here, and that is certain groups using evil occult ceremonies to access the Darkside powers. This has been done in secret for many years and is not allegedly being done at CERN and the other seven much smaller particle accelerators.

Yes, the hiving of the human race to one very large quantum master computer is the goal of the Globalist NWO order Kingpins.

They are doing this by placing entangled particles into their victim humans via injection, through GMO foods, and via chem-trailing as well as contamination of the environment.

The question remains, how can they create entanglement in the particles that are separated by up to hundreds and even thousands of miles. We now know that entangled particles have an invisible bond that in across another dimension where time and distance are not a factor. They communicate in a strange instant symbiosis that previously has only been well understood deep inside the Secret Space War Program. This technology has now been turned against humanity and deployed as a Mindwar weapon designed to hive all humans together in a group mind, no matter where they live on this planet.

This is why former top CIA scientist Robert Duncan Ph.D. stated on a Jesse Ventura segment of his Conspiracy Theory show that he thought that humans had already lost this battle because their brains had already been successfully hacked. Robert Duncan was referring to the remote inductive stimulation of desired frequencies in the brain not the entanglement of particles to a large master quantum computer (aka the Borg as some insiders call it). This technology dates back to the Russian Duma or Woodpecker system and this technology is now obsolete despite being still widely deployed to help mesmerize and control the mindsets of the masses. Some believe that this Borg is a very large (at least a mile per side cube in space that may be in a different dimension and not easily seen from the ground. Some also believe it is a living mass, part electronic and part biological, a merger between the two.

How then are these particles which are actually entangled, created so that they act as if they are part of the same entity (the Borg or Black Cube) even though separated by distance? These entangled particles are manufactured from a large mother quantum computer (the Borg) which is a merger between biological material and electronic. This type of A.I. controlled master computer (factory) was first portrayed in the Stanley Kubrick film, 2001 Space Odyssey as the Monolith that contained a powerful evil spirit.

Note that the black cube (small one) is worn by some Rabbis on their heads, and the Mecca Islamic Shrine is a large black Cube building. Some Darkside Luciferians believe that evil entities (fallen angels) inhabit the Borg and set its programming to do evil, human sacrifice, and pedophilia in order to gain increased power from the Darkside.

The answer to how these entangled particles are manufactured to work as a part of the Black Cube is quite strange and involves the latest nano-technology which is the creation of nano-circuits of graphene that are in a sense alive and continue to grow and expand until they are able to act on command from the distant large central quantum computer which they are functioning as if they were part of its original circuits, thus entangled as acting as one.

So then these nano-CPUs that are allegedly injected into humans via the CV Jabs are actually part of a self-expanding large Quantum computer (the Borg) and this nano-CPUs continue to grow as part of the same entity. Their operating assumption of the perps doing this to attack and take complete control over all humans is that once these entangled CPUs are inside everyone’s cells as well as their Central nervous Systems, they will create one group consciousness because they are all entangled as par of the Borg.

So far we know that these nano-CPUs do not work in strong-willed, stubborn Alt-Media Truthers. The truth appears to be a neutralizing force as do very strong religious beliefs. And it may be that the human body has various self-healing systems that over time will neutralize these Nano-CPU self-expanding circuits. As some researchers have claimed as in the Bible, the attempted merging of Iron and Clay will never work.

Some pastors have pointed out that there is also another Bible verse that suggests that in the end days before the return of Jesus Christ, some will want to die but cannot. If the Globalist NWO plan to destroy conventional humans and replace them with transhumans (part machine and part biological), then this could make sense. It is known that on the inside of the mouth, human cheek cells heal very fast because they have the third strand of DNA. There have been rumors for years that secret programs develop Super-Soldiers by altering their genes (for some, adding the third helix is apparently what is being done to give them superhuman rapid healing of wounds and other powers).

Here’s the fact the Mainstream mockingbird (CIA controlled) mass media run by 6 Int’l news corps (technically an illegal monopoly) will never cover. They are the main weapons that has been deployed in a very secret 100+ war waged against Americans by the RKM through their fractional debt-based central banking system.

This secret war is also a war of infiltration and hijacking of all major political parties, politicians, top corporations, and every major institution at their top control structures.  These top leaders are “attacked through various types of very sophisticated human compromise with some having the very lives of their families and children threatened. It’s the old “silver or leads” choice given them.

The RKM top leaders who are doing this are Globalists who have a one-world Government agenda that involves the destruction of all nations and all governments except them.

Once they bend, the silver pours into their pockets as does fame, privileges, and many wonders. If they step out of line from their allowed parameters, then they face immediate loss of everything, serious life ruing sanctions, etc.

The first to ever reveal this process was Detective James Rothstein (NYCPD Gold Shield Detective, Special Intel Unit and NY State Crime Committee “special Squad of 15).

At the peak of his career this great American hero Jim answered one man, Gov. Hugh Cary. “Jimmy Boots” was forced into retirement for arresting Frank Sturgis (aka Fiorini) who admitted he was one of the Shooters in Dealey Plaza (a taped confession). He was given the choice, to retire or be instantly killed after he was to testify in court. The Judge was stopped by a phone call from the Company and the choice was given to Det. Rothstein by the NYPD Chaplain in the Judge’s office. He took retirement and so did his partner who was also involved. His partner was Jewish, and Jim was Catholic but everyone thought he was Jewish from his name. When he and his partner went around investigating, it was thought they were Mossad and many were instantly afraid of them. Many doors opened to them investigating because of that.

This secret war against the American People (We The People) has grown in scope to the current situation where the RKM (the Cabal) has captured the governments of all western nations and is now deploying very sophisticated social, legal, economic weapons in every western nation to mass-murder to decrease the population (their goal is 90%reduction) by 2025.

Because this war involves an enemy that has control of all western governments and the mainstream media cartel/monopoly keeps it secret from us the people, most US citizens are deer in the headlights of the Cabal and have no real idea about this war against them using the resources of their own taxation by their own very govt.

The Alt Media has arisen from hard-core “truthers” and patriots who have figured this all out but the USG is doing all it can to suppress this. They use terror, and disease (e.g. CV-19) to keep the public frightened and distracted while they complete their agenda of destroying America and its Rule of Law, Constitution, Bill of Rights, economy, farming, etc. The underlying motive is a long-term hatred of Christianity, freedom, and the 2nd Amendment.

The Cabal has disarmed the public in most of the western world, except for America but they have staged many false flags on the 2nd in America and tried very hard. The 2nd is the break-point and their backup plan is to destroy the value of the US Dollar and cut off the food and water.

The only way this can be stopped is by powerful patriots at high levels of the USN supported by the US patriots and Truthers.

The Cabal has deployed very sophisticated different types of mind control against the American public to hive their brains to the Cabal’s false narratives that support their sick, evil anti-American Agenda. These methodologies have also been deployed against all politicians and top USG officials, corps leaders. Many targets in high places now believe in the concept of a one-world govt with all their ridiculous and false sub-agenda items like Carbon is bad, diversity is great, all whites are racist toward Blacks, etc., and that this NWO agenda must be instituted because it is necessary for the Planet Earth to survive.

Some believe that the Third Force controlling the masses to do evil and dysfunctional behaviors is the Borg and all the entangled/entrained human subjects in mass. Some who know about this and believe it also believe there is a “Fourth Force” which is subtle but even more powerful, and refer to it as the Creator, God Almighty, First Cause and source of all good, love, and justice that does occur and that this Fourth Force will stop the advance of all this Third Force evil in due time.


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  1. A German scientist who told too much insider things about graphene was recently murdered. They are not shy any more, but they also cannot hinder the truth any more.

    What the author told about the quantum entanglement is scientifically correct. What is totally unproven today is the supposed fact that entangled particles – when applied to the human brain – act the way he described it. This shurely is one of the wed dreams of these crackpipes, but to develop this to a new mind control technology with the desired result will be a massive endevour. Brain scientist are to an extend like fakirs in the wannabe phantasy.

    The so called D – waves are nothing other than longitudinal electromagnetic waves, no other dimensions involved, only pure but trueful physics. This part was conceptually hidden by the bad work of Heavyside. Nowadays, these can produce all kinds of electromagnetic weapons. They also can provide for a totally unbreakable direct communication line between two arbitrary points in the universe in 0 time (true 0 ztime!!!). No one outside can hear anything. This technique is already in use at some higher up places. Hand phones are and will be pure scap.

  2. Interesting Article! And now I know a bit about the “Josephson Junction” (along with a previous awareness of graphene oxide etc.): Diabolical indeed!
    My question is about the innate immunity of “Truthers” and “Christians:”
    Does “Christians” include those who count themselves as “Christians” while accepting the “Apocalypse” and have indulged themselves with “Rapture Suits?” NO OFFENSE INTENDED! Just asking. Thank you.

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