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The unprecedented sanctions that Western nations have imposed on Russia since the start of its military offensive in Ukraine only further erode the existing system of international institutions and the authority of the UN, former Russian President Dmitry Medvedev warned in a Telegram post on Friday.

Initially, the word ‘sanctions’ only applied to measures imposed by the UN Security Council, he argued, adding that everything Western nations call ‘sanctions’ today is nothing but unilateral restrictions that are inadmissible under international law.

“This is nothing but infringement on the Russian Federation’s sovereign rights committed by certain nations and blocs,” he said, calling the penalties illegal. The “unprecedented scale” of the restrictions placed on Moscow will only lead to the “collapse of all international institutions and primarily the UN,” Medvedev, who is currently the deputy head of the Russian Security Council, warned.

Further restrictions could also lead the system of international relations to “a dead end,” since relations between many nations will either be downgraded or broken, he said.

Medvedev also said the sanctions can be viewed as nothing short of aggression, since they are “aimed at disrupting a nation’s economic independence and, thus, its sovereignty.”

“In essence… it is a declaration of economic war,” he added, warning that these actions warrant self-defense measures.

“No one should doubt that Russia will use its right [to self-defense] through any means it deems necessary,” he said. Nevertheless, the sanctions will fail to achieve their stated goal of weakening Russia, according to Medvedev. He added that they are only likely to make the Russian people rally behind the nation’s leaders and to view the countries that imposed the sanctions as enemies.

“The result will be a destroyed world order and extremely heavy consequences for the global economy,” Medvedev warned, adding that by that time, “it will be clear to everyone that the supposed effectiveness of sanctions is an absolute lie.”

The comments were made as the EU announced a new round of sanctions against Russia. Earlier on Friday, the bloc said it would impose penalties against the financial and trade sectors, as well as an embargo on Russian coal. Oil and gas exports remained unaffected. On Thursday, Russia was also suspended from the UN Human Rights Council.



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  1. Seen from a higher level as he speaks, nearly no country is souveraign. Each one of them is a corporation, operating under the Admirals maritime law (look it up yourself on Dun&Bradstreet), which is the canonized law of pirates. These forces made his oh so loved UN and other power manicial so called world organisations. Go to New York to the UN building and look at the true beast, which was recently erected there. This should tell you something.

    Medwedjew used the first opportunity to bow to his masters during the strike on Libya and he will do it again, if he is alowed to. There are many sleepers and turncoats in Russia, also in highest ranks. Putin took him off the rank afterwords. As I follow it, some of the diplomats begin to act strange, sometimes like some kind of counterforce against the military operations. We Germans should know our own inner enemies very wellt from history to now. Russia must also be aware of this, the hydra still has many heads.

  2. Well, for folks like me who are a little slow in figuring things out, Medevev has ripped the lid off all the phony excuses used to explain or justify what’s going on.
    It’s clear to see now, that a full-blown condition of total war has been the objective all alone.
    Economic sanction escalations, as well as armaments support, leave little to no room for diplomacy.
    There is one side which will settle for nothing less than all out war, and it’s not the Russians.
    This is beginning to look a little too real for everyone.

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