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Justice Dept. delay in beginning charges on Trump allows crime spree to continue full speed

Mr. Garland, please file your charges where you have plenty of evidence, to signal that the Justice Train has left the station


Opinion: We don’t know much about the DOJ’s Jan. 6 inquiry. Here are 4 things we do know.

…by Jennifer Rubin, for the Washington Post

[ Editor’s Note: I sense some ‘tail covering’ from WaPo with this article, particularly with its timing, when Garland has already spoken that he would “follow the evidence wherever it led” without mentioning Trump.

Some saw that as a dodge on Garland’s part, but it was just a no brainer in terms of not giving Trump a free shot that the DoJ is on a jihad to get him.

I have suspected that besides the DoJ’s long ‘no comment’ history on big investigations, Garland knew the public was not being kept in the dark. Many Trump people quickly wrote their nonfiction book to pick up a few grand, something handy to be able to put down for a legal retainer.

The steady stream of Jan 6 committee news must have been a form of water torture for the Trump team grifters, even those in denial like the state legislator fake electors, that the prosecution cross hairs are already squarely on them.

Why? It’s because the grifters, including some attorneys, signed their names to the fake elector forms and then submitted them. All I can think of is that one of Trump’s grifter lawyers told them it was legal. I suspect the DoJ will eventually give them the bad news on that front.

In closing, the DoJ is failing the country for not indicting Trump people where it has the grounds to do so. We all have learned from Glenn Kirschner that supplement indictments can always be added to build the starter case into a larger one with a growing list of crimes.

Delaying doing this publicly has left these people free to run around planning new scams, building political support, fostering new lies and attacking our democracy to the fullest of their abilities. Only a handful have gone quiet, like the army vet colonel with the home brewery, wisely preserving his legal fee resources.

All the Trump people who did illegal things should already know they are going to be indicted, and what for. Garland’s DoJ has gone overboard on protecting itself from attacks of a ‘politicized prosecution’.

Still, the Trumpers will scream about Trump’s “witch hunt” claims. So what. Let them scream it to high heaven, as it will change nothing about going forward.

The DoJ’s delay is putting wind in the sails of fundraising for certain people and groups to use in the planning for future attacks on our democracy which is putting us all at continued risk. So Mr. Garland, please file your charges where you have plenty of evidence, to signal that the Justice Train has left the stationJim W. Dean ]

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Lady Justice is not blind, nor a lady

First published April 10, 2022

The criticism that the Justice Department has decided not to go after defeated former president Donald Trump is, from all appearances, false

Prosecutors go after foot soldiers if they have no real proof the kingpin has engaged in criminal activity. But the former president has shouted from the rooftops that he wanted Pence to overturn the election. And there is an audio recording of Trump trying to twist the Georgia secretary of state’s arm to find just enough votes to flip his state’s results.

…Finally, it doesn’t really matter whether the Jan. 6 committee makes a “referral” to the Justice Department suggesting criminal prosecution. A referral, although the media and lawmakers have made much ado about it, would have no real legal significance, especially because the Justice Department is already well along in its investigation.

…That said, public hearings in prime time laying out a powerful case against Trump and a written report summarizing those findings followed by a referral may convey to the public the gravity of the matter. It may also force the Justice Department to explain itself if it decides not to prosecute.

…As publicly available information and daily revelations from Trump’s inner circle accumulates, Americans have every right to expect the former president’s prosecution in a timely fashion.


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  1. If Tramp is ever prosecuted, I will be surprised. He has had protection all his life, why would they stop now? Not to mention that if there were an actual investigation, it might come out that it is all a psyop and they are all in on it, just like 9/11, Boston and how many others? How many think our gov officials don’t know the truth? This all theater to keep the people from looking at current events closely, it’s no more than a diversion. These creeps are all lawyers and they can keep the circus going indefinitely with this loophole and that loophole. This is just more of Trumps’ Kraken, Hillary’s prosecution and Obama’s going after Bushs’ admin. I just don’t see it happening…especially after seeing who is running the ‘investigation’. Garland is a liar and is owned like the rest.

  2. Ferd… Re: Jethro Tull classic: …color me impressed 🙂 Always love a nice surprise in the comments. We have had a lot of depth of field people here over the years, on and off, and life brings them and takes them aways with other things.

  3. “…to signal that the Justice Train has left the station…”
    Maybe you shouldn’t buy a ticket in advance for that trip still, fuel it’s too expensive today, probably train engine will stay off….. 🙂

    • Garland is trying to drive that train from the caboose. If only we could inject Trump into the Jethro Tull classic:

      “In the shuffling madness,
      Of the locomotive breath,
      Runs the all-time loser,
      Headlong to his death.”

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