By Ron Paul

Late last year, a Gallup poll showed that Americans’ trust in the mainstream media has fallen to its second-lowest level on record. Only seven percent of Americans responded that they have a “great deal” of trust in the media.

That loss of trust has been well-earned by the mainstream media, and it explains the massive growth of independent media and alternative voices on social media. The response to the rise of independent media voices has been a rush to “cancel” any voice outside the accepted mainstream narrative.

Citizens of the Soviet Union would read manipulated media like Pravda not because the regime reported facts, but because the truth was hidden between the lines of what was reported and what was not reported. That seems to be where we are in the US today.

Last week an extraordinary article appeared in, of all places, NBC News, reporting that the US intelligence community is knowingly feeding information it does not believe accurate to the US mainstream media for the American audience to consume.

In other words, the article reports that the US “deep state” admits to being actively engaged in lying to the American people in the hopes that it can manipulate public opinion

According to the NBC News article, “multiple US officials acknowledged that the US has used information as a weapon even when confidence in the accuracy of the information wasn’t high. Sometimes it has used low-confidence intelligence for deterrent effect…”

Readers will recall the shocking headlines that Russia was prepared to use chemical weapons in Ukraine, that China would be providing military equipment to Russia, that Russian President Putin was being fed misinformation by his advisors and more.

All of these were churned out by the CIA to be repeated in the American media even though they were known to be false. It was all about, as one intelligence officer said in the article, “trying to get inside Putin’s head.”

That may have been the goal, but what the CIA actually did was get inside America’s head with false information meant to shape public perception of the conflict. They lied to propagandize us in favor of the Biden Administration’s narrative.

Those pushing the “Russiagate” hoax through the Trump years claimed that the goal of “Russian disinformation” was to undermine Americans’ trust in our government, media, and other institutions. Isn’t it ironic that the CIA itself has done more than the Russians to undermine Americans’ faith in the media by feeding false stories to establish a particular narrative among the American people?

After the Bay of Pigs disaster, President Kennedy has been quoted as wanting “to splinter the CIA in a thousand pieces and scatter it to the winds.” That didn’t work out too well for him. As Senate Majority Chuck Schumer famously told Rachel Maddow in 2020, responding to the-President Trump’s criticism of the CIA, “let me tell you: You take on the intelligence community – they have six ways from Sunday at getting back at you.”

As more information about the activities of the US Intelligence Community in trying to bring down Trump comes out, it appears that, for once, Schumer was right.

It’s time to revisit President Kennedy’s post-Bay of Pigs wish. The CIA using lies to propagandize the American people toward war with Russia is just one of the thousands of reasons to scatter a million pieces of that agency to the wind.



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  1. “responding to the-President Trump’s criticism of the CIA” What a joke. Who owns the CIA? Who owns Trump? ‘Nuff said. Scams within scams…the trademark of who? Shumer is a POS as well, hell they all are.

  2. It would be very interesting to know the links between the power of subversion of the Khazar mafia, very established everywhere in the USA, and this CIA, which too often sacrifices the interests (and the lives of its soldiers) to those of this racist conspiracy. If America easily married the racist concepts resulting from the 3rd Reich, it does not seem to print that two racist systems can ONLY destroy each other! Two supremacist systems mutually deny each others by the very meaning of their common dogma (see Havaara August 7, 1933. Hiter / Jewish Nazis..) They are fatally absolute enemies…
    <…We Jews are the superior race! God said so, so it's you that are unter-mensch! A funny thing that we discover then, it is that a superlative cannot share its doctrine! And so, even if the US collaborates in Jewish racism, they deeply despise each others and will destroy themselves first! before their enemies in the window!, Because their dogma is: we = superior race, which implies that all the others are inferiors… and must disappear or crawl..Funny anyway !

  3. We can thank Obama for the expansion of the Mockingbird media’s propaganda efforts thanks to his signing of the 2012 NDAA.

  4. Very poetic, Ron, but not likely. The intelligence stooges are the last bastion protecting the Big Club that is running the US and most of the world. My vote was wasted on Ron Paul, but he is still one of the few truthful public voices.

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