Ukrainian Soldiers Confirm They Were Ordered To Kill Civilians

"Volunteer battalions" (foreign mercs?) got drunk, the Ukrainian soldiers disarmed them and escaped imprisonment after having been ordered to shoot unarmed Ukie civilians. You just can't make this sh up.


FULL DISCLOSURE: Sourced from Russian State-Controlled Media

In Video: Ukrainian Soldiers Confirm They Were Ordered To Kill Civilians In Rubezhnoe

Testimonies of the Ukrainian National Guard fighters who surrendered near Rubizhne. They confirmed the criminal orders of their commanders.

Southfront: During a special military operation in the town of Rubizhne, six soldiers of the National Guard of Ukraine voluntarily surrendered to the advancing units of the people’s militia. Characteristically, the Ukrainian soldiers were shot in the back by their own fellow soldiers, killing two and wounding one member of the National Guard.

A soldier of the National Guard of Ukraine: “Our commanders forced us, there was an order to shoot to kill at any moving person, regardless of whether he was a civilian or not. Then at some point, they brought people there, there were women and men among them.

Correspondent: “A lot of people? How were they brought in?”

Soldier of the National Guard of Ukraine: “I don’t know, some vehicle, I didn’t look at it. There was full shambles. The people who were brought were with white armbands, they were residents of Rubizhne. They were put in front of us and we were given the order to shoot them all. They wanted to shoot them for what had been done.. allegedly had been done in Bucha! We refused to carry out this terrible order because we didn’t want to shoot civilians… It was a very scary moment! For refusing the execution of the order we were put in a pit in the same garage. We sat there for I don’t know how long… a day, two days. We had guards assigned to us.”

Correspondent: “Guards from whom?”

A member of the National Guard of Ukraine: “From among the same people who brought these people.”

Correspondent: “So not yours, not the National Guard, not the AFU?”

Soldier of the National Guard of Ukraine: “No, not the National Guard, not the AFU! These people had nationalist armbands and some volunteer battalions. At night, they were drunk, we disarmed them and ran to the side of Rubizhne where the Luhansk people’s militia units were and we surrendered. There were eight of us, and we were running under fire because they saw us running. They were shooting from various small arms. Two of us were killed, and one was wounded. We took the wounded one with us…”

Correspondent: “They were shooting from the Ukrainian side?”

Soldier of the National Guard of Ukraine: “Yes, they were shooting from the Ukrainian side.”

Correspondent: “In the back?”

Soldier of the National Guard of Ukraine: “Yes, we were shot in the back. We were without military gear, without anything.”

Wounded soldier of the National Guard of Ukraine, who is given first medical aid: “We were running over, already surrendered and ran through our positions, three people ran, and I was finished off by our guys with automatic weapons.”

A soldier of the National Guard of Ukraine: “Guys, it’s very scary! It’s scary what happens on here. People are buried in the yards here, houses are bombed, and there is not much left of Rubizhne. Don’t come here, stay home!”


Source:  Southfront


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  1. It is sooooo fu–ing sad,
    Russian should not let them go home,
    theNazis will kill them…
    i hope their families will be rescued an will survive…
    God it is sooooo sad.

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