The American War for Global Hegemony


DISCLOSURE: Sourced from Russian government funded media

by Victor Malyshev – – April 15, 2022

Let’s start with quotes, finish too

Vladimir Ulyanov, known to everyone as Lenin, delivered his program these more than a hundred years ago, also in April. The theses of academician Sergei Glazyev saw the light of day last weekend. I won’t count which of them has more theses, the main thing is that they are completely different.

Vladimir Ilyich has a revolutionary, who focused on the Bolshevik coup in Russia. Sergei Yuryevich, with whom the author was fortunate enough to communicate more than once, has a much broader plan, although they also primarily affect our native land. Which today burns for many literally under their feet.

Nevertheless, Glazyev is talking about the development of the current local, as they try to present, the crisis as a large-scale one that will cover all spheres of modern politics and economics. In this not the shortest, but a cursory review of quotes, there will be almost more than the author’s text, although no one bothers to find the source material on his telegram channel “Eyes for thinking people”.

However, very few people still go to the “cart”, and comments on the very emotional speech of Sergei Yuryevich seem completely out of place. The author actually decided to start from the end, so that even those who never read to the end read it for sure:

“The Western world today is on the verge of a catastrophe, which has come close to due to anti-Russian sanctions that are suicidal for Europe and the war unleashed by British and American intelligence services in Ukraine. We just need to persevere.”

  1. We will stand!

Do not even think that the academician has not written how to stand.

“Do not sag under the sanctions, because they will not be stopped. Do not leave the liberated territories of the Russian world in Ukraine, because Russian people live there, whose support we really need. Do not negotiate with the American puppets, because they will surely deceive you again. Don’t be fooled by offers to step back in exchange for an asset unfreeze because it’s against the law and these decisions need to be challenged. Do not return dollars, euros, and pounds to our economy, because this will lead to the resumption of the export of capital.”

Agree, this does not need comments. And then let’s go almost from the first lines of Sergei Glazyev’s program text:

“I grew up in Zaporozhye, wherein 17 years of my life … I have never met a single Banderite. It was considered an offensive word and for its use in someone’s address, one could get in the face. In a nightmare, it could not have been a dream that we would live to see the current state of fierce fighting between the armed forces of Russia and Ukraine.”

However, many of us, including myself, unlike the academician, who is almost the same age as me, has managed to accumulate, in addition to anecdotes, many examples of Ukrainian Russophobia. And sometimes not just frank, but also quite aggressive.

Almost forty years ago, in Kyiv, at Askold’s grave, the author, and together with his young wife, barely escaped a skirmish with Ukrainians only because of his Muscovite akania. In the early 2000s, already in Sevastopol, on a par with comrades in the Moscow-Crimea motor rally, standing with Russian flags at the Victory Parade, they came under a real psychic attack by a Ukrainian captain-lieutenant.

He literally demanded not to obscure the “yellow-black” banners with the Russian tricolor, however, to no avail. Then there were demonstrative transitions to MOV, it was only necessary to speak Russian in the presence of “Svidomo” somewhere outside of Russia.

There were raids in the press and high-profile scandals at the Russian Embassy in the presence of Viktor Chernomyrdin himself. There were also regular tough fights with Kiev and Lvov colleagues in the pen at press conferences about the Minsk agreements. Some even got into fights, more than once.

  1. Reunite!

However, let us return to the text of the esteemed Sergei Yurievich. He is not just reminded that “our President has said many times that Russians and Ukrainians are one people.” Today, from Kyiv, such words will certainly be called an “aggressive tirade.” But that doesn’t stop them from being true.

Read from Sergey Glazyev:

“From point of view historical, linguistic, archaeological, ethnographic, genetic science this is a proven fact. But alas, “pathological processes have developed in the public consciousness of the Russian people of Ukraine, which led them to severe deadly disease – Russophobia. How could this happen?”

The academician, as one might expect from a real scientist, refers to his works, rightly noting that “there is nothing more practical than a good theory.” Based on the postulates of his theory of long-term economic development, Glazyev managed to “anticipate many unexpected dramatic events: the rise and fall of oil prices in the 2000s; the global financial crisis of 2008”.

Moreover, he predicted, “Washington’s unleashing a world hybrid war against China and Russia… and escalating financial sanctions against Russia, up to the nurturing of a Russophobic-Nazi regime in Ukraine and the current armed conflict.”

Almost all of the academician’s negative forecasts were fully confirmed. But he thinks it could still have been avoided. “the tragic course of events that involved our country in a state of armed conflict with Ukraine.” But how?

3.   The real enemy is not there

Sergei Glazyev considers the answer to this question to be the adoption of “scientifically based measures to block American aggression … These measures have become even more urgent today.” Here it is difficult with a scientist and a politician, or rather, one simply cannot but agree.

I quote again:

“If the doctor gave a diagnosis and a prognosis for the development of the disease, which was fully confirmed, then it is logical to listen to the prescriptions and methods of treatment he offers. Especially if the disease has already led to pathologies that are fraught with a fatal outcome.

The change in technological and global patterns that is taking place before our eyes, as before, is accompanied by structural economic crises and wars, even global ones.

According to Glaziev,

“it all starts with multiple increases in energy prices, after which the economy plunges into a state of prolonged depression, the exit from which occurs through a “storm of innovations” after the collapse of financial bubbles resulting from the flow of capital from obsolete industries to the financial market.”

The aggravation of military-political tensions and the arms race, at the same time, are spurring the economy to enter a new long wave of growth based on a new technological order. So much has been said and written about the fact that a war for the United States, and preferably not a global one, is the solution to their own problems at the expense of someone else’s blood, that almost no one paid any attention to it.

And in vain, because it is not for nothing that the leader of the NATO alliance so diligently and openly avoids direct confrontation with Russia. Of course, under the guise of a peacemaker, preventing the third world.

At the same time, the post-COVID surge of China and India from Washington simply cannot turn their gaze. Not enough strength.

In the program article of the academician, it is no coincidence that it was noted that it was during such periods “a window of opportunity is opening for the economic breakthrough of new technological leaders, not burdened by tying up capital in obsolete industries.”

In parallel with the breakthrough of China and India “on the basis of a new technological order, the core of which is a complex of nano-, bioengineering, information, digital, additive and cognitive technologies”, something no less, and perhaps even more important, is happening.

“The transition to a new world economic order is unfolding,” when it is no longer private capital and entrepreneurial initiative, but “the state integrates the interests of various social groups around the common goal of increasing the people’s well-being on the basis of advanced economic development.”

In America, such an approach as the theory of state regulation was the first to be recognized, although it was voiced by the British Lord John Maynard Keynes. But he, according to contemporaries, was an apologist for the dollar, and it was not in vain that he was considered “a greater American than any of the US presidents.”

4.   The direction of the main blow

The ruling elite of the countries of the “old” core, according to the indisputable assessment of S. Glazyev, is quite expected “provokes a war to maintain its global hegemony. In our case, the American elite is deploying a hybrid war with the aim of chaotizing the countries it does not control, including the leaders of the new world economic and technological order.”

And although China and India are objectively the main rivals of the US and the EU, the elites of the US and the EU are striving to crush Russia, as the main geopolitical adversary. Ukraine was chosen as the direction of the main blow, in full accordance with the precepts of Brzezinski, Hitler, Bismarck, as well as the Austrian and English crowns.

The notorious “Project Ukraine”, unambiguously anti-Russian, even anti-Russian, has been implemented for a century and a half. How to avoid breaking the Russian world into antagonistic parts now, the academician does not write. He only reminds us that Russia has already passed similar attempts during the two world wars.

Meanwhile, the US and the EU are now at risk of losing a potential partner in a more global confrontation with the same China and India, traditionally loyal to Russia. On their part, in relation to Russia and its environment, there are also various kinds of expansionary messages, but they are not aimed at eradicating the Russian mentality, self-consciousness, and indeed the Russian world.

It is unlikely that anyone will argue that in the “rest” of the world today there is not even a hint of what is happening now with respect to all Russians and all Russians in that part of the planet that has recorded itself as “civilized”. Glazyev believes that “this catastrophic for Ukraine geopolitical mistake of Western leaders sharply accelerate the change of world economic structures and the rise of Southeast Asia in relation to the North Atlantic Alliance.”

5.   Four components

The academician, referring to his already textbook work “The Last World War”, rather carefully analyzed the first results of the current global confrontation. First of all, on the information and cognitive front, where, alas, we are not winning at all so far, and on the monetary and financial front, where there are big losses. At the same time, Glazyev is convinced that “on the domestic front, Russia has significantly strengthened.”

“Firstly, the influence of the fifth column of American agents of influence has sharply weakened, which, under the fear of confiscation of foreign assets, could not influence the President of Russia. Although the comprador oligarchy, in an effort to keep the savings exported from Russia, jumps out of their pants to prove their loyalty to Washington and London, they are seen there as a played card. Many foreign agents of influence, who daily poisoned the public consciousness in the media, simply fled.

Secondly, as a result of the imposed sanctions, the budget rule was automatically canceled, according to which the oil and gas revenues of the budget were invested in the obligations of the NATO countries. Now, these hundreds of billions of rubles are placed at the disposal of the government and can be spent on constructive purposes.

Thirdly, with its sanctions, the enemy actually stopped the export of capital from Russia, which creates financial opportunities for doubling investments in the development of its own economy.

Fourth, freed from manipulation by American speculators, the ruble has strengthened significantly even without foreign exchange reserves. And due to the ban on transactions in dollars and euros, it becomes a regional reserve currency.

Fifth, the voluntary withdrawal of Western companies from the Russian market opens up previously unthinkable opportunities for import substitution.” It’s time to start the counteroffensive

Russia from Washington and London predict a drop in GDP by more than 10%. But Glazyev noted that “if you correctly use all these positive results for Russia of American aggression” when instead we can get 10% of its growth.

It is only necessary to rebuild “the entire system of managing the development of the Russian economy on the basis of the principles of the new world economic order. Monetary policy should become part of strategic planning, and the banking system should work to invest in achieving the goals of social and economic development planned by the state.”

The Ukrainian crisis has been going on for the second month now, the battles are becoming more meaningful and even more fierce because of this, although the losses of the parties are currently on the wane. It is difficult to say how everything will turn out with the start of the big battle for the Donbass. There is less and less doubt that it will take place no one is going to concede.

However, when starting the special operation, in Russia, at least according to external signs, they did not take into account how powerful the hybrid rebuff would be – and above all, in terms of information. The West turned in its favor both the situation with refugees and the unprecedented atrocities of their Ukrainian wards.

However, in the end, everything results in the fact that, according to the definition of the academician, “in the heat of the anti-Russian sanctions, the United States was strongly substituted.” Discrediting the dollar and undermining confidence in the “world monetary and financial system based on it” can not only cost too much but lead to their complete destruction. And a simple transition from the dollar and the euro to the yuan, for example, will not be enough.

The whole structure of informational pressure on Russia is now on the verge of collapse, especially after the failure of the dramatizations about Bucha and Kramatorsk, and even with the prospect of an international scandal over the development of chemical and biological weapons on the territory of Ukraine. The whole world, although in fact we are talking only about its “Western” and pro-Western part, cannot be deceived indefinitely.

Sergei Glazyev has no doubt that

“Soon the US leadership will be exposed in violations of the fundamental norms of international security, the total lies of their statements and international position, and, ultimately, in crimes against humanity.” And that is what our foreign policy should be aimed at. The seeming solidity of the NATO bloc can be undermined by our active consistent policy in this direction.”

The conditions for a counteroffensive in the global hybrid war are ripe, and we are about to begin forming a broad anti-war coalition around the above areas: international conventions on biological and cyber security.

In other words, there are good opportunities for our counteroffensive. The enemy has used up his main forces and is no longer able to inflict significant damage on us. After the arrest of all Russian assets under its jurisdiction, we have no other choice but to create our own sovereign monetary and financial system capable of multiplying investment and innovation activity in our economy.

In the sensitive area of ​fake news, the limit has clearly been reached, after which the public consciousness begins to clear up and gradually understand by whom and how these crimes were committed.

After the blocking of Russia’s foreign economic relations with the EU, economic crisis processes are intensifying in the latter, which will soon be supplemented by social problems due to the inevitable new wave of hungry refugees from Africa.

In conclusion, what does Glazyev offer in global terms? So, we have to; “quickly build a modern economic development management system based on the new world economic order, which has proven itself brilliantly in China, India, and other countries. Create coalitions with them for the speedy formation of a new global monetary, financial, trade and economic system independent of the United States and its satellites.”


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