The One Way History Shows Trump’s Personality Cult Will End

…from Politico

[ Editor’s Note: Americans have certainly had enough time to figure out Donald Trump. Even the brain dead that can at least read now from the Jan6 committee revelations what The Donald and his gang tried to do, and why.

It was no shock for anyone in the VT family that Trump knew that losing his presidential immunity would tip his house of cards and would lose it all with his pending prosecutions.

And we were not surprised that the grifters, which I identify as those who are there to serve themselves and not the public, would try to ride the Trump horse to permanent Republican rule via permanently rigged elections, and reduce the rest of us to being ‘subjects’ of their mandarin class.

That so many of the Trump staff people would remain on the bandwagon was the real wild card, when Americans Gordon and my age clearly remember John Dean testifying on TV against Nixon sending him down in flames.

The Trump WH staff people were smart enough to know who and what he was. And we had key people in the administration lead the way in refusing to go along with the silly stolen election con, AG Barr, the cyber security czar, DoJ, and other top officials that told Trump uneqivically there was no major fraud.

Trump amazingly admitted to the Presidential historian group Zoom interview that he knew he had lost the election, a virtual bullet in the head for his eventual prosecution.

To cauterize the political wound Trump has left on American history, his staff aiders and abettors should be cauterized, also, to send a message to future staffs that yes you serve the president administratively but theoretically the American people first.

If the ‘people’ do not scream for their heads to roll, too, then they do not deserve to be served, due to their own stupidty, laziness, or both. I hate to say that the issue is still in doubt, with Clarence Thomas now one of their main symbols of how high up the rot goesJim W. Dean ]

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What a difference between then and now, in the calibre of the people

…by Ruth Ben-Ghiat

In the summer of 2020, Ruth Ben-Ghiat was putting the final touches on her history of modern autocracy. She had to do it, though, without the benefit of knowing whether one of her most important subjects would remain in power come November.

But she wasn’t exactly in the dark either.

She had seen enough of Donald Trump’s behavior over the preceding five years to know how neatly he lined up with other strongmen she had studied and how his autocratic tendencies would influence his behavior whether he won or lost.

“I just predicted that he wouldn’t leave in a quiet manner,” Ben-Ghiat, a professor of history and Italian studies at New York University told me recently. “He’s an authoritarian, and they can’t leave office. They don’t have good endings and they don’t leave properly.”


Ruth Ben-Ghiat is an American historian and cultural critic. She is a scholar on fascism and authoritarian leaders.[1] Ben-Ghiat is Professor of History and Italian Studies at New York University.

Born in the United States to an Israeli-born Sephardi father and a Scottish mother, she grew up in Pacific Palisades, California.[2][3][4] She graduated in History at UCLA and obtained a PhD in comparative history at Brandeis University.

A member of the American Historical Association since 1990,[5] she is Professor of History and Italian Studies at New York University.[6] She regularly writes for CNNThe Atlantic and The Huffington Post.[7]


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  1. “”Americans have certainly had enough time to figure out Donald Trump. Even the brain-dead that can at least read now from the Jan6 committee revelations what The Donald and his gang tried to do, and why.””

    On the contrary, only some have had enough of him.
    But the state of U.S. politics, and the media mind-warping machine, continue to sustain Trump’s hardcore base.
    Sadly, they are left with nothing but to continue rallying around the traction his name gets.

  2. “She regularly writes for CNN, The Atlantic and The Huffington Post.” Oh such an impressive CV. I’m surprised she hasn’t written anything for the Demented Beast.

  3. “….And we had key people in the administration lead the way in refusing to go along with the silly stolen election con, AG Barr…”

    This AG Barr is the same William Barr who told to USA Today in December 1992… “People in the Iran-Contra affair have been treated very unfairly,”….blasting the charges as illegitimate ??? and the same Barr of who James Brosnahan that was lead prosecutor handled the criminal trial against former Defense Secretary Caspar Weinberger said few years ago… “If you want a presidential cover-up, Barr is your guy,”

    • With political people we have yet to find a reset button to press on any of them. So you do what is possible with them on issues it is possible to do something, and hope that someone with a magic wand comes along to turn them in to fine, upstanding people. So until the good fairy comes we have to live in the real world and try to improve a bit at a time. Right now we are dealing with processing getting rid of a Republican sociopath, and having a Democrat one in exchange, who has no problem backing Neo-Nazis in Ukraine versus strong arming Zelensky into negotiating a deal with Russia. Doing the later would kill all of the huge debt funded defense contracting orgy going on now. And of course no one, Rep or Dem seems concerned about that anymore.

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