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Europe fears a possible Le Pen presidency in France as a threat from within

“If she wins, Putin wins,” Letta said. “And European integration will lose, as it will stop and backpedal.


…from the Washington Post

[ Editor’s Note: Major power groups hate change. Some think that is driven by financial concerns, but business loves stable government with no surprises, and the same for governments as they can look forward for campaign financing from those businesses whose interests they serve well.

Le Pen’s being mentioned as ‘within striking distance’ could be a hype itself, to focus the Macron backers’ attention that they should take good care of their sponsor.

Ironically, Macron is one of the sponsors of the failed Minsk agreement, a guarantor along with Germany. Both France and Germany bear the blame for the Ukraine war that is now on the table, with bad consequences for the EU.

It would take a miracle or rigging for Le Pen to win. Media will hype an election to generate more online hits, as surely as the sun rises in the morning. But the EU nations have bigger fish to fry, as its collective economic butt is in the frying pan for the Ukraine war economic blowback.

Their economies were already stressed from the pandemic and continuing supply chain delays. They will soon be looking at that problem as ‘the good ole’ days’. Putin will of course be blamed for everything negative that happens in the world. Western press assures that.

The US will have its own blowback financial issues, with Biden’s political problems getting worse, partly due to overplaying his war leader role, hoping for a Biden monument maybe as the great Putin slayer.

But he is not writing the script, as he is polling as low as Trump was at this point, and all of the current economic problems will be peaking in the fall, when the elections could make his next two years a nightmare for his administration’s legacy… Jim W. Dean ]

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First published April 19, 2022

Marine Le Pen, a doyenne of the far right with a history of warm ties with Russian President Vladimir Putin, is staging her strongest of three bids for the French presidency, with polls ahead of Sunday’s final-round election putting her within striking distance of the Élysée Palace.

Should she succeed, observers from Portugal to Latvia fear an illiberal, Russia-friendly leader taking the helm of the E.U.’s sole nuclear power.

Washington, too, would face a new strategic challenge in Le Pen’s France, which, under her leadership, could undermine support for Ukraine and align with Moscow’s interests.

…Now, though she has distanced herself from Putin, she has suggested she would halt French weapons transfers to Ukraine and, as soon as the war ends, seek to broker a “strategic rapprochement” between NATO and Moscow.

…She remains the underdog, and he said he believes she will not win. “But should it happen, it would mark the end of Europe,” he said. “I don’t think the E.U. could survive that.”

…“If she wins, Putin wins,” Letta said. “And European integration will lose, as it will stop and backpedal. And populist, anti-European ideals will take root in other European countries.”


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  1. Just a P.R. stunt. Made for T.V. A rally cry to focus the mind. Rabble, rabble.
    This is a French Presidency election where Putin is either the winner or loser. Good God! Are we ashamed of ourselves yet?

  2. In polling it’s always the undecided voters who make a difference in a close race like this. We’ll see what happens.

  3. Europe is occupied territory by the US. It is called NATO territory. EU dont depend on NATO allthough Letta (whoever that might be) frantically implies that they do. Doesn’t mater who is the president where until US are in the house.

  4. Of course all this discussion implies an accurate count and fair election. Don’t hold your breath!

  5. Few days ago Biden has told Obama he’s running again in 2024 and now Michelle is worried because Obama still he can’t stop laugh since that day… 🙂

    • Unfortunately, the last laugh may be on the US voters who will once again be left with choices not to their benefit. Biden would never survive the debates next time. He is just a place holder. But for who?

    • Don’t worry when the bar is set for Trump’s level even Pelosi can look good during the debates. Don’t you remember the orange buffoon avoiding them claiming they were “the baits” ?

    • Which Biden. This one has an earlobe tight to his skull. The earlier one a loose right earlobe. Conclusion not the same man. Said to have been replaced by several actors already. One of them himself suffering Dementia in a conversation with Boris Johnson. The world is a stage. All theatre with many crisisactors.

    • Adrian as always you sentimental people you miss the boat. Have you looked at where the stock market is ? If there was any chance for the orange buffoon to take credit for the market, which was his only parameter for the economy, that boat has sailed.

      Dow on Jan 20 2021: 30,930.52
      Dow on Jan 04 2022: 36,799.65
      Dow on April 19 2022: 34,911.20

      Furthermore as much as you Trump people would like to see a crushed Iran, Khamenei will dictate the price of oil and the usual oligarchs in Washington and Tel Aviv will not lift one lousy sanction off of Russia.

      Now tell me again why are you so desperately rooting for your Trump ?!

    • Newt, I am not against Iran and I am not rooting or backing Trump, I’m just telling you what I think will happen, forget about current market values, wait the coming quarters, they are the next bubble ready to blow up…

    • Adrian lol .. you have no idea as to how rigged the western financial system is.
      Suffice to say that at every turn at every crash they Teflon the system in order to benefit the few. 35% of the population depend on that rigged system of WS.

      The only thing that will bring it down is a civil war.

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