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The Russian military continues to use expendable aerial targets as decoys to test, deceive and deplete Ukrainian air defenses.

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[ Editor’s Note: The answer to that is simple. The West-NATO conglomerate has like a 15 to 1 weapons and economic advantage over Russia in combat. The latter has to make the best use of everything that it has.

Economy and effectiveness of its weaponry is critical not only for initial success, but to avoid defeat in a long drawn out war. The decision for Zelensky is easy. He just accepts all the free weapons and ammo from the hapless Europeans, which they can handily afford.

I bet that when this is done and the final accounting is submitted, the EU respective publics will not be happy with the huge sums wasted, and the numbers they get could be hiding the real numbers that are worse.

Target drone wreckage – Identification is always easy

Modern war gaming is supposed to give focus to this economy of force issue, but so far, all that we can see the West concerned about is how fast can we get weapons to Ukraine.

There has been little time to train Ukies in the current weapons systems, so the more sophisticated ones might have ‘factory representatives’ along for the ride, or NATO troops doing the shooting, which would be live session training for them.

The drone and battlefield missile system duels are one of the key air battlefields, where expendable targets are launched to reveal counterfire locations and use up their missile supplies.

Target Drone wreckage – Losing equipment is much cheaper than losing pilots

Preserving the fighting strength of ground troops and pilots requires eliminating the enemy aircraft attacks of planes and the growing missile threats, using every advantage that can be gained, and the target drones appear to have validated themselves.

The gruesome math will reveal who had the better equipment, tactics and training to win the day.

Even the loser gets an education, albeit a painful one. So let us hope that wisdom also plays a key role to get parties to the negotiation table to work out a less destructive resolution to their dispute.

The wild card here is that the West might have suckered Zelensky into this fight to attrit Russian forces and then launch its own attack when it chooses, upon a much weaker Russian force, one depleted by fighting with its Slavic brothersJim W. Dean ]

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Russian target drones take to the air

First published April 20, 2022

On April 20, Ukrainian sources shared photos showing what they claimed to be the wreckage of a Russian “rotary-wing drone” that was shot down with the British-made Starstreak man-portable air-defense system. However, the wreckage turned out be of a Russian-made VM-V helicopter target.

The VM-V target, which was developed by Russian defense contractor Technodinamika Group, has a flight duration of two hours, an operational range of 150 kilometers and a maximum altitude of 2.5 kilometers. The target was especially designed to simulate low-speed drones and helicopters while testing air defense systems.

The Russian military has been using aerial decoys to deceive Ukrainian air defense since the start of the special operation in Ukraine. This tactic is meant to deplete Ukrainian air defense means as well as to expose their locations in order to destroy them with precision fire from a stand-off distance.

While the VM-V is being used to mimic low-speed aerial objects flying at a low altitude, other targets, like the jet-powered E95M, are being used to mimic high-speed aerial objects that fly at higher altitudes, for example fighter jets.

The Ukrainian air defense forces have already sustained heavy losses. According to the most recent briefing by the Russian Ministry of Defense, the Russian military has destroyed 254 Ukrainian air defense systems since the beginning of the special operation in Ukraine.

Kiev’s Western allies have been working nonstop to bolster the air defense capabilities of Ukrainian forces. However, their efforts have been meaningless, so far.


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  1. Jim, your last paragraph was my very first thought. Should the western idiots begin to believe that he RF forces are being depleted and that they are vulnerable, they would likely begin a sort of stealth attack mode. Slowly entering the fray until they were sure they had a tactical advantage, then going whole-hog and attack weakened RF forces. AIN’T GONNA HAPPEN. If the morons in the west can think of it, the Russians did long ago. The US military reminds me of a troll on a comment board who said, ” the Russians never were good at strategy”. To which I replied, “Yes, we all know this, as they never were very good at chess”. ‘Nuff said. If the Iranians are smart enough to build and store 1,000s of missiles of all types, why would anyone think the less of Russians? Those that decried the RF for not going full tilt boogey, wasting weaponry wildly, will see the reasoning in a few months. Strange how this weapons transferring is leaving the EU nearly defenseless, but not the Russians. Of course, the US only sends useless or overstocked items…leaving US military strategically intact. Seems that was the only strategy the west had, keep sending EU weapons to Ukr in hopes of depleting RF stocks. Of course, that the RF and associates are using those NATO supplied weapons, that little plan went to hell in a spectacular fashion. Soon, if not already, even state-of-the-art western weapons, such as starstreak will be on the examination table to be neutralized. Yes, Kiev will be in Moscow is a week or so. Just gotta love it.

  2. US had already drones at Vietnam, to fake B-52s, but now it’s even better, seconds before you loose the drone, you get the position of the airdefence.

  3. Well if NATO’s strategy is to weaken Russia then it’s gonna fail.Russia’s only using a small faction of their forces in this special operation and they’ve already threatened to go nuclear if NATO directly intervened.


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