Russia Lost 1000 KIA During the First 30 Days Because ‘They Felt Sorry for Ukraine’ – Expert


DISCLOSURE: Sourced from Russian government funded media

Military expert, director of the Museum of Air Defense Forces Yuri Knutov explained why a thousand Russian servicemen died in the first month of a special operation in Ukraine. According to him, this happened because of pity for the Armed Forces of Ukraine, writes Pravda.Ru.

“We attacked the Nazis, believing that the Armed Forces of Ukraine would treat us more loyally, we would find a common language and they would come over to our side,” Knutov said in an interview with

However, it became clear that the Armed Forces of Ukraine would not lay down their arms and the tactics of the Russian troops had changed, the expert said. According to the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation, 1,351 servicemen of the Russian Federation were killed in Ukraine during a special operation.

Earlier, “SP,” wrote that military investigators found dozens of bodies of civilians in the hospital of Mariupol, who died during shelling by the Armed Forces of Ukraine.


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  1. It seems to me that RUSSIA was/is quite STUPID …. even after alowing the US to train & arm the terrorists that THEY transfered to the countries where “Regime Change “set ups” were planned the Russians were caught in a trap & shamed into defeat by an enemy that was waiting & PREPARED .

  2. Name me any army in the world who could do all this better in these conditions and with respect for the safety of civilian lives. One of the most important tasks of this operation is to protect and preserve the lives of civilians. This is not two armies in a field 2000 years ago. Why is Ukrainian television, Internet, electricity, water supply still working? Why didn’t even the most notorious scoundrels from the Nazi battalions dare to blow up a gas pipeline to Europe or compressor stations?
    The Russian army is clearing cities and fields from explosive objects so that farmers can sow fields for crops. Russians are collecting hundreds of thousands of tons of humanitarian aid to people in the liberated territories. They bring bread, flour, sweets and school textbooks to children. They begin to clean the streets of destroyed cities and establish a peaceful life. Can you imagine this from Americans or Europeans in Afghanistan, Iraq or Syria? And in Vietnam?
    The Russian soldier has always had a reputation and experience as a liberator and peacemaker.

    • Andrew, everything that you have written is absolutely correct. Except one sentence about ‘notorious scoundrels’ which I deem irrelevant.
      Please name me army where 4 big generals haven’t served in the army single day. One of them – deputy minister responsible for battle training/combat instruction.

  3. Russia went into Ukraine thinking the local population would run up and give them hugs and would sprinkle rose petals in front of and behind them as they began their glorious crusade of liberation.

    The Russians thought the very fog would lift from the eyes of all the Ukrainians, that joyous tears would be shed, and the Ukrainians would bring the tired Russian soldiers refreshments and sweets.

    What they got instead was ten-year-olds throwing Molotov cocktails at them, Ukrainians breaking the legs of Russians that surrendered and stepping on them for sport, a well-supplied armed force with star streak, stinger, and javelin systems, and a local Ukie population hell-bent on constant sabotage.

    They were delusional from the start, overextended, and managed to basically do everything wrong. For the most part, they still are, but losing the Moskva was a bit of a gut check.

    They still have not been using the Shtora systems. What about Sarab systems? Am I the only person in America who actually appreciated the Sarab systems the SAA was using to deflect javelins and TOWS?

    The Russians still have a hard lesson to learn, because they think they have friends among the Ukies. They have none, zero.

    • Yes, of course..
      They could have done as the U.S./western powers did in Iraq.
      Bombed the place into dirt for 100 days, destroyed the government and turned off the lights.
      Before launching the ground assault.
      The fact that Kiev is still standing and the lights are still on, should tell you everything you need to know.

  4. 1st Rule of War, never under estimate your enemy! Kill the first and then ask the dead how they feel about the war!

    • The other thing is that they (the Russians) know that capture is certainly a death sentence give the Nazi infestation of the Ukrainian military.

    • Clearly, no one underestimated anything..
      The Russians could have flattened the Ukraine by now.
      They chose not to do so.

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