VT Editor Kevin Barrett delivers a khutbah (Islamic sermon)

Matthias Desmet’s new book The Psychology of Totalitarianism describes the sickness. But what is the cure? Watch the video and find out.


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  1. Mr. Barrett,
    You wrote to me:
    Kevin Barrett April 24, 2022 at 3:04 pm
    Off your meds? Paranoid delusional Islamophobia can be treated. Please seek help.

    My initial post must have been directly over the target for you to immediately respond with an ad hominem attack against me…a typical Islamic modus operandi against critics.

    We both know that the term “Islamophobia” was conceived by the International Institute for Islamic Thought (IIIT) back in the 1990s as a thought-terminating cliche for the purpose of beating down critics. In short, “Islamophobia” was a term designed by this Islamic think tank as a weapon to advance the totalitarian Islamic cause by stigmatizing critics and silencing them.

    Contrary to your proselytizing, Islam is not and never has been the “cure’ for spiritual solidarity with the kuffar because as the last 1,400 years of Islamic history clearly shows political Islam was spread primarily by the sword…with over 270 million kuffar killed in the name of Islam…and still counting.

    And you have the audacity to claim that “Islam is under assault today by the Western secular paradigm and that the Islamic world has been on the defensive for a century or two.” Playing the role of the victim is a typical Islamic modus operandi.

    I will not be stigmatized or silenced!

    • I have always been laughing at the people who think they know everything about an issue, but actually don’t know jack sh-it about that, I have a question for you, however I doubt if you see my comment.
      Question: What is the biggest and most important war ever happened in the history of Islam? I’m talking about 1000 years ago, you claimed that history of Islam shows its beliefs, if you “think” that you know about the history of Islam, you have to know the answer, only give me a name, what war, what event, what political movement changed “everything” in Islam and is the most important political event in Islam? What is that?
      You must know the answer if you really know Islam but I’m certain that you hadn’t even hear its name and the spy service of google would not help you to find that…….. I’ll answer the question if you want, and prove to you that you’re wrong about Islam, and every single thing you think about Islam is a big lie not the truth.

  2. The Muslims who run the two Holy Muslim Mosques in the Jerusalem Israel Temple Mount area, could help reduce the psychosis lie that the Temple Mount is the location of the former Holy Jewish Temple, by placing signs in the Temple Mount area that lists all of the evidence sources about the facts regarding this psychosis lie about the Temple Mount and the Holy Jewish Temple.

  3. An example of a real mass psychosis is evidenced by the Jews praying at the Jerusalem Holy Ketol Wailing Wall. The Jews lie, the Ketol is the location of the former Roman Fort Antonio, and not the location of their former Holy Temple. The Jews do not want to admit that they do not even know where the Temple was located. Josephus writes that the Romans did everything that they could do to hide the Temple’s location, such as by digging the whole thing up from the foundation, destroying all the pieces, scattering all of the remains of the Temple everywhere, and destroying all written records about the Temple.


  4. Mr. Barrett,
    Your talk of solidarity as outreach is deceitful, as you know very well the only bridge of solidarity that Islam ever builds is a one way bridge that leads directly to and benefits only Islam.
    When dealing with the kuffar Islam allows only three courses of action… become a muslim by converting to Islam, become a second class slave under the brutal yoke of Islamic oppression as a dhimmi, or be killed. Not a lot of solidarity there is there?

    • Islam never says that, you’re fed lies.
      That myth about kuffar is not true, that might be Islam in CNN’s eyes, but the reality is that Quran says quote “لَا إِكْرَاهَ فِي الدِّينِ قَد تَّبَيَّنَ الرُّشْدُ مِنَ الْغَيِّ” [2:256] (brought the original text that no one can deny) means: There’s no obligation in accepting the religion (Islam), because right from wrong has already been shown, and everyone have to choose on their own, not by force.
      And it means not only muslims have no right to obligate others to become Muslim, but actually you can’t even obligate your own kid to accept that, because everyone has to choose by their own wisdom. That’s what “real” Muslims believe in, besides, the meaning of kuffar is not what you think…. and Islam never says what you said.

      Interesting, America is the one who always attacks and kills and lies but others get blamed. WTH

  5. Mass Formation Psychosis sounds a lot like what Eric Hoffer called True Believer Syndrome…

    “The fanatic is perpetually incomplete and insecure. He cannot generate self-assurance out of his individual resources — out of his rejected self — but finds it only by clinging passionately to whatever support he happens to embrace. This passionate attachment is the essence of his blind devotion and religiosity, and he sees in it the source of all virtue and strength…. He easily sees himself as the supporter and defender of the holy cause to which he clings. And he is ready to sacrifice his life.”

    • This can become a mass psychosis when people are fed misinformation by a trusted source, like our illustrious MSM. The classic example of this is the official 9/11 narrative which came into being within hours of the event, way before any evidence-based investigation could possible have been done. In August of 2001 hardly anyone saw the need to invade Afghanistan. By the end of September, 80% of Americans were all for it.

    • So, by rejecting the self of each individual in a group, this whole group then becomes moldable by (if not dependant on) the effective administration and maintenance of support. Starting this procedure early on in life, the targeted will have little chance to escape the “support net” woven around them, even more so if the group lives among themselves. Rendering the targeted as strangers inside their own minds; which absoutely equals incompleteness and insecurity.
      What works in small cult settings, does also work on the grand scale of religions, states and cultures; you showcase that by the example of the US/Afghanistan war, which would only be one of a myriad of examples.
      Color me surprised, but what exactly was the purpose of the Human Rights Council, then, if not preventing this to happen, especially on a large scale? Do humans not have the right to have their self unharmed and open their own minds?

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