DISCLOSURE: Sourced from Iranian government funded media

First published 24 April 2022, via PressTV – an Al Jazeera article

[ Editor’s Note: When this piece was found, my first question was ‘why now’? It seems to indicate to me that after years of Israel’s assassination of Iranian scientists and strikes on Iranian nuclear facilities, Iran decided to send a message that ‘two can play this game’.

It is a conservative message in that it poses an Israeli attack on Iran, which of course, the assassinations and nuclear facility bombings were. If these threats were carried out, it would be a huge political blow to the current Israeli regime and its military.

The Iranian missile attack on the Mossad base in the Kurdish city of Erbil was a demonstration. Not surprisingly, we don’t have damage photos or video to judge the results, but the Iran attack was front page news.

The Israelis have been based in Kurdistan for a long time, running all kinds of operations, which could include starting sabotage attacks inside Iran, quite a number of them. Iran can certainly make the case that it has not been the aggressor.

Under international law, a county once attacked has the right of retaliation on the forces involved in the attack, under the self defense provisions.

For proof, you can search all the times that Israel has bombed Gaza in retaliation for rocket attacks, despite the Gazans having been, for decades now, a shooting gallery for the IDF to get international press on how tough the Israelis are.

If Jews ever find themselves with the situation reversed and whine about it, I suspect we would have a lot of international calls of “Remember Gaza”Jim W. Dean ]

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First published April 4, 2022

Iran has warned Israel that it is in possession of intelligence on the locations of all its nuclear weapons sites, and that the country’s Armed Forces will strike the sensitive targets in the occupied territories in the event of any aggression against the Islamic Republic, a report claims.

“Tehran had sent to Israel, through a European country, photos and maps of the Israeli nuclear weapons stores,” Qatar’s Al Jazeera television news network quoted an unnamed Iranian source as saying on Thursday.

“Most of the pictures are terrestrial and not satellite,” the report said, suggesting that other forms of intelligence gathering rather than surveillance drones had been involved.

The source said Tehran confirmed that it would target the regime’s stores and facilities if Israel decided to ignite a war with Iran. Israel has previously changed the locations of its strategic warehouses, but the file sent by Tehran included the locations of the new stores, it added.

IRGC warns Israel after missile strike on Mossad bases in Erbil

“Tehran red flagged all chemical, biological and nuclear weapons storages and facilities of Israel and that they will be the first targets, in case Israel decides to start a war with Iran,” the source added.

Iranian officials have not reacted to the report.

Iran’s Islamic Revolution Guards Corps (IRGC) caught the Israeli regime by surprise in March with a barrage of ballistic missile strikes on secret bases of the Mossad spy agency operating in Iraq’s semi-autonomous Kurdistan region.

That operation was conducted in response to an Israeli airstrike on the Syrian capital of Damascus, which claimed the lives of two IRGC members.

Iranian President Ebrahim Raisi said on Monday that the country’s Armed Forces were monitoring Israel, warning that they would target the regime’s “center” if it made the slightest move against the Iranian nation.

“You should know that your slightest move is not hidden from the eyes of our Armed Forces and our intelligence and security forces,” Raisi said.


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  1. Israel has cranked up another whole new round of conflict again. Their request for more US military aid will be coming to Biden soon, which he will OK immediately. Israel has this game down to a science.

    • IRI is not negotiating with Likud. Likud doesn’t negotiate, neither is IRI. JCPOA is a fine example.

      The still remaining J community of Iran around 20,000 with their 60 synagogues, hospitals, parliamentary seat etc are not Likudniks.

      The only way to stop the spread of that cancer in the world is for you liberals to stop going to Israel. In essence boycott Aliyah.

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