Shadow of Nemesis 5: “Weird Scenes Inside the Goldmine” by Jack Heart & Orage


by Jack Heart and Orage

First published 21 September 2015, in The Human, and VT

Phil Schneider, who looked and talked more like a bus driver, claimed he was a geological engineer charged with building Deep Underground Military Bases (DUMB’s) for the New World Order.

He had a few missing fingers that he said he lost in a 1979 subterranean firefight between aliens and Special Forces at Dulce.

According to Schneider, they had just descended down a freshly drilled shaft with the intention of reconnoitering it for the planting of explosives when they found “themselves amidst a large cavern that was full of outer-space aliens, otherwise known as large Grays. I shot two of them.

At that time, there were 30 people down there. About 40 more came down after this started, and all of them got killed. We had surprised a whole underground base of existing aliens. Later, we found out that they had been living on our planet for a long time, perhaps a million years. This could explain a lot of what is behind the theory of ancient astronauts.” [101]

Schneider’s tale came replete with allegations from the peanut gallery that the American military had been jointly sharing the Deep Underground Military Base (DUMB) with the Grays under a treaty where Grays were allowed to snatch cattle and occasionally abduct humans for genetic experiments. Some speculated that elements in the military did not appreciate this treaty. But all parties agreed, presumably even the Grays, somebody started shooting and it got messy.

Tunnel boring machine

There was absolutely nothing believable about either Schneider or his story, but it was promoted so relentlessly it attained the status of UFOlogical gospel. Schneider would be found dead with a piano wire wrapped around his neck in ninety-six and unfortunately, for would-be writers, the identity of his publicist died with him.

Dulce, New Mexico, USA

Schneider’s tale was backed up by Paul Bennewitz, a known mental patient who seems to have had the same publicist as Schneider. Bennewitz ended up ranting about aliens coming through the walls of his home to get him but while he was still coherent, he, along with a Dr. Leo Sprinkle, publicized the case of Myrna Hansen. Under hypnosis Hansen claimed she and her son had been abducted by aliens and taken to a secret underground base where they witnessed cattle being mutilated and the blood drained into vats of human body parts.

Before his plug was pulled in the late Eighties, Bennewitz had been telling UFOlogists that the American government was complacent, if not in collusion with the aliens. By the time Bennewitz was carted off to be rewired, ‘everyone knew’ that the evil cattle mutilating and human abducting Grays, not to be confused with the friendly Disneyesque Grays Whitley Strieber was promoting at the same time, had a DUMB beneath Archuleta Peak on the Jicarilla Indian Reservation near Dulce, New Mexico.

Thomas Edwin Castello, a whistleblower who worked security at Dulce for the Rand Corporation, would fill in the rest of the details. Evil Draco’s, sinister Reptoids, eighteen thousand Grays cloned to do their bidding and a multi-tiered installation extending untold miles into the earth.

Dulce schematic

On the upper tiers, assisted and sanctioned by an American government and its corporate sponsors presumably playing the part of Igor, research into human-aura, telepathy, hypnosis, dreams and experiments in separating the bioplasmic body from the physical body and substituting alien entities for human souls. On the lower levels, genetic experiments featuring multi-armed and multi-legged humans and seven-foot-tall bat-like humanoids.

Castello provided intricate details of the Dulce base, but one has to question the credibility of those details, when no one has ever proved there was any such person as Castello.

The alien genetic experiment circus had just started building to a crescendo when in eighty-six the Department of Energy’s (DOE), morphed from the original AEC, Office of Health and Environmental Research, launched the Santa Fe Workshop.

By 1990 under the careful guidance of the DOE, this would itself morph into the federally funded multi-billion-dollar Human Genome Project. By 2003 the project had sequenced all the DNA found in the “euchromatic” regions of the human genome, about 90% of the total genome.

The human genome has approximately 3.3 billion base pairs. Mapping the chemical units in the genetic instruction set for each of them was a monumental effort and a global achievement. But there is always the presence of the usual suspects.

David Shirley was the Director of Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory from eighty to eighty-nine. Under the oversight of the DOE much of the early critical work for the project took place there. Shirley is on record as saying, “The Human Genome Project may well have the greatest direct impact on humanity of any scientific initiative before us today.” [102]

Jo Ann Richards and Captain Mark Richards in the prison at Vacaville

World Wrestling Federation traditions cultivated during the Eighties by the alternative media continue to this day, as do precedents laid out in the Seventies in Hurtak’s book. Kerry Cassidy is a journalist, “psychic,” and de facto head of Project Camelot, a massively popular internet site dedicated to saving earth from the aliens. Cassidy claims to have interviewed a Captain Mark Richards three times, once at the end of 2013 and twice in 2014.

Richards, we are told by Cassidy, led the seventy-nine assault on the aliens at Dulce. The assault was ordered by his father “the legendary ‘Dutchman,’ Ellis Loyd Richards, Jr”. According to Cassidy, the Dutchman was the intelligence officer who originally met with the aliens at Holloman Air Force Base in sixty-four.

Because the government feared he would become a whistleblower and reveal their secret space program, Mark Richards has been imprisoned for murder for the last thirty something years. He has been sentenced to life without parole.

Richards is currently serving his time at Vacaville Prison in California. Cassidy visits him there for the interviews accompanied by Jo Anne Richards, whom he met and married while he was in prison.

Cassidy is not allowed to record or videotape inside the prison, so after she and Jo Anne have left the grounds, she must recount what Richards told her by memory. Although Richards has been incarcerated for over thirty years and is never being released, he is regularly briefed on the secret space program; for which of course, he is now the highest profile whistleblower.

In the first interview, which took place at Vacaville Prison on November 2, 2013, Richards, speaking through Cassidy who is recalling what he said, paints a picture of a human race that is secretly dominated by Draco. Some are malevolent, some beneficent, but all are ruthless and warlike. The Reptilians are using methane and radiation to terraform the Earth’s atmosphere.

Their objectives are to both make the planet more amenable to themselves and create “positive mutations” among humans moving them towards “humanity 2.0;” a new man that is immune to radiation and “able to travel through space more easily.”[103-18:06 and 36:12]

In language reminiscent of that used by Hurtak to describe bilocation, Cassidy describes teleportation and why it is not an option for space travel. According to Richards, it is used almost exclusively by Grays who are practically all clones. The interdimensional gates require them to dematerialize, and then be rematerialized on the other side as an exact copy but not the original. Understandably, humans in the secret space program and their Draco allies avoid these gates. [104 – 21:50]

In the second interview posted to the internet on August 2014 Cassidy was allowed to take notes. In greater detail than her first ‘interview’, she recounts to her audience how Richards is still active and running missions for the secret space program from Vacaville Prison using his “Merkabah or light body in order to do so.” [105–9:55] Later in the interview, Cassidy explains that, not only can Richards travel through space, but time as well, and without the assistance of a Stargate or wormhole, as can all humans “using their Merkabah light body.” [106 – 59:53]

Illustration of a merkaba, or light spirit body

Cassidy tells her audience that Richards attributes great antiquity to human DNA, and he laments that although the Pleiadians contributed the early DNA to the human genome and were the first humans, they have contributed nothing lately. [107 – 56:43]

Richards maintains that the mind “is based on DNA.” [108 – 1:03:07]

He feels that much of the current problems in the Middle East are the result of the secret pace programs attempts, with the help of their raptor allies, to guard the stargates, whose positions fluctuate in the mountains between Iran and Iraq. “He did say that Iran, the imams, are aligning themselves with the reptilian species perhaps mistakenly and this is part of why the Muslims, we are, constantly at war with the Muslim culture at this time, or at least one reason.” [109 – 1:10:58]

Cassidy’s third interview with Richards was posted to the internet in the middle of November. Possible extinction events are brought up as Cassidy waxes poetic about light emanating from the top of the Great Pyramid and other pyramids around the world as a protective grid system is possibly being activated by the secret space program. [110 – 8:30]

Richards compares the grid system of the pyramids to HAARP which he says “is actually a pyramid under the ground.”[111 – 10:00]

In 1991, bestselling American author Sidney Sheldon would publish The Doomsday Conspiracy, a fictional novel about an NSA operative who discovers evidence of extraterrestrials while under contract to the NSA. In the book Sheldon writes “I wish to express my appreciation to James J. Hurtak, Ph.D, and his wife, Desireé, for making available to me their invaluable technical expertise.” At the time, I was told Dr Hurtak was the inspiration for this book. He repeated this during an interview on the video “Extraterrestrial Realities” circa 1993. [112]

Perhaps Hurtak was tipping their hand a bit when he wrote in The Keys of Enoch “at this time, changes in the new heavens have caused great changes to occur upon the Earth, loosening the chambers of the deep where the great scientific scriptures of the ages are hidden…” [113]

At the end of The Stargate Conspiracy in the section titled Behind the Giza myth-making, Picknett and Prince point out that, in the late Eighties and early Nineties, Hurtak was among the “foremost promoters of a link between the UFO phenomenon and the secrets of Nazi Germany.

He claimed that the extraterrestrials that brought civilization to the Middle East many thousands of years ago chose to reestablish contact with the human race in modern times with the Germany of the 1930s – on the grounds that it was the most scientifically advanced nation of the time.” [114 – 34:47]

It was 1999. The twenty-first century had not even dawned. The World Trade Center still stood in New York City. Millions had not yet perished in wars for a Greater Israel and the western economy hadn’t collapsed under the weight of Jewish profiteers. Jewish bankers weren’t yet prospering wildly from the ensuing economic carnage and helping themselves to trillions skimmed from a “Federal” Reserve and “International” Monetary Fund that they controlled.

It would be almost ten more years till America’s premier film critic Joel Stein, speaking on behalf of his fellow drugged up Hollywood Jews, would smugly quip in the LA Times “Yes, we control Hollywood. Without us, you’d be flipping between “The 700 Club” and “Davey and Goliath” on TV all day.” [115]

The historical revision of WWII had not yet even commenced so perhaps in keeping with the naivety of the times Picknett and Prince ask why “Hurtak finds nothing odd in the supposed fact that his advanced extraterrestrials should select Nazi Germany as their Chosen Ones.” [116 first link]

Hurtak says in the Introduction that The Keys of Enoch were revealed to him while he was “calling upon the name of the father” and his room “suddenly became full of a different type of light.” [117]

But in 1977 when he first published the book after lecturing on it for years Hurtak told UFO researcher Jacques Vallée that he had been programmed with the keys by a beam of light while driving through the desert. [118]

Perhaps the revised account Hurtak gave to the great UFO researcher was more in accordance with precedents set for NASA employees by Jack Parsons and the man Parson’s addressed as Most Beloved Father; Aleister Crowley.

In 1942, when Hurtak was still only two years old, his predecessor and eventual mentor Andrija (Henry) K. Puharich joined the military under the Army Specialized Training Program. By 1947 he was licensed to practice medicine. In a 1987 interview with Geraldo Rivera Puharich claimed that by 1948 he was involved with in an ongoing navy investigation into psychic powers. According to Puharich, the operation was code named Project Penguin and under the directorship of a Rexford Daniels.

Although the Navy denies the existence of a Project Penguin, a Rexford Daniels did exist. He owned a company in the Seventies that specialized in the research of electromagnetic emissions, their detrimental effect on man and his environment, along with the various ways in which the emissions interfere with each other. By the time of Puharich’s death, from falling down a flight of stairs in the beginning of 1995, he held fifty-six patents. Most of them involve electromagnetic stimulation of the brain as a communication aid to the deaf.

In the early Sixties Puharich demonstrated his Transdermal Hearing System for a Dr Leon Harmon from Bell laboratories. After two hours of flawless testing on a patient he himself had supplied all Dr. Harmon could say was “Damn it, Puharich, that’s not hearing, that’s telepathy what we saw.” [119]

In 1958 Puharich filed for patent 2,995,633; a “means for aiding hearing” by installing miniaturized Extremely Low Frequency (ELF) transmitters in tooth fillings in order to directly transmit information into the recipient’s brain. [manuscript pp. – 120] Investigative journalist Steven Levy asserts that by as early as 1947, Puharich was studying paranormal abilities “specifically … in ways he could document them, and perhaps enhance them, by electronic means.” [first link 121]

One of Puharich’s earliest benefactors and lifelong friend was Henry Wallace; America’s vice president in the critical war years from 1940-1944. It was Wallace who as Secretary of Agriculture was largely responsible for putting the Great Seal on the back of a dollar bill in 1935. In 1934 he would write of the missing capstone on the pyramid:

“It will take a more definite recognition of the Grand Architect of the Universe before the apex stone is finally fitted into place and this nation in the full strength of its power is in position to assume leadership among the nations in inaugurating the new order of the ages.” [122]

The Great Seal

Wallace was a thirty-third degree Scottish Rite Freemason. Ironically, in light of the pending war, the ‘Novus Ordo Seclorum’ that Freemasonry was envisioning before WWII was very much in accordance with the traditional one envisioned by the Ordo Bucintoro, the progenitor of the Schutzstaffel or SS discussed in part 6, over four hundred years before. But the Empire would pull the greatest bait and switch in all of recorded history.

Wallace had learned all about agriculture at the foot of the master agronomist George Washington Carver, who stayed at his boyhood home while attending and teaching at Iowa State University in the 1890’s. Carver had taken the boy under his wing and took him along on his customary long nature walks, explaining to him the various flora and its habits.

But most of all, the great man, dubbed the ‘Black Leonardo’ by Time magazine in 1941, in Wallace’s own words, taught him; “God was in everything and therefore, if you went to God, you could find the answers.” [123]

Democratic president Franklin D. Roosevelt appointed Wallace, a Republican till 1936, Secretary of Agriculture in 1933. Wallace’s father Henry Cantwell had been the Secretary of Agriculture from 1921-1924. Probably the world’s foremost expert in the field of corn hybridization, by 1926 Wallace had already founded the company that would later become DuPont Pioneer, one of the world’s leading producers of genetically modified organisms.

Wallace would revolutionize an American agriculture that had been decimated by the one two punches of the Depression and Dust Bowl. He instituted innovative new policies like storing grain to be used in times of shortages in order to always keep the prices stable, the slaughtering of excess baby hogs, plowing up cotton fields and paying farmers to leave some lands fallow, and always the development of hybrid seeds to increase productivity.

Henry Wallace, Vice President of the United States from 1941-1945

For the urban poor, Wallace provided food stamps and school lunches. Arthur M. Schlesinger, Jr. the two-time Pulitzer Prize winning journalist and anointed voice of America’s Northeastern Establishment called Wallace the best Secretary of Agriculture America ever had, even though he had no use for Wallace’s populist politics.

In the 1940 presidential election when he knew war was coming to the world, Roosevelt tapped Wallace to be his running mate on the democratic ticket, over the bitter objections of conservative southern Democrats. Roosevelt with Wallace, by now beloved by the American people, at his side, took the Electoral College vote by 449 to 82.

In 1941 Roosevelt would name Wallace chairman of the Board of Economic Warfare and of the Supply Priorities and Allocation Board, a position that would be crucial to America’s war effort. On May 8, 1942, Wallace would answer Skull and Bonesman and newspaper magnate Henry Luce’s imperialist call for an “American Century” after the war with his most famous speech which would later come to be identified by its phrase “The Century of the Common Man.”

Wallace said that freedom is defined by abundance for all: “Men and women can never be really free until they have plenty to eat, and time and ability to read and think and talk things over.” [124] Wallace wanted to dissolve the Empire and expand America’s New Deal liberalism throughout a world in which colonialism had been abolished. He predicted that Luce’s American Century would become “A Century of Fear.”

Such notions brought him into direct conflict with Republicans, southern Democrats and America’s psychopathically imperialist partners across the pond, then represented by Winston Churchill.

A Gallup poll taken just before the 1944 Democratic National Convention found 65% of Americans favored renomination for Wallace as vice president and only 2% favored Harry S. Truman. The ever-treacherous Roosevelt and the empire’s sycophants in the Democratic Party would nominate Truman anyway. Roosevelt would die in short order after winning the election and Wallace who was America’s thirty-third vice president would miss being its thirty-third president by eighty-two days. Truman would go on to drop two nuclear bombs on the already badly beaten Japanese and provoke the Cold War with the empire’s former close ally: the Soviet Union.

From the shadows Wallace would remain one of the most powerful men in the United States, but publicly, he would be mercilessly attacked as a communist sympathizer and for his association with famed mystic Nicholas Roerich. In 1933 the Roosevelt Administration, which had just formally recognized the Soviet Union, sent Nicholas Roerich on a horticultural expedition to Central Asia on behalf of Wallace’s Department of Agriculture. Instead of botanical research Roerich, who was a native Russian, conducted an extensive search for the lost city of Shambhala.

Roerich eventually had to be recalled due to strenuous objections from Great Britain and Japan whom both had colonies in the areas Roerich was investigating. They insisted Roerich was stirring up trouble amongst the natives on behalf of the Soviet Union.

Correspondences during that period between Roerich and Wallace would be dragged up in the 1948 presidential elections by the empire’s media sycophants and labeled the Guru Letters, supposedly as an example of Wallace’s gullibility. Wallace was running against Truman under his own Progressive Party ticket.

Perhaps McCarthyism’s first victims, both the people and Wallace would lose badly.

With substantial grants from the Wallace fund [first link 125] and a military body called the Armed Forces Special Weapons Project, primarily concerned with atomic weapons.


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