The lengthy siege of Mariupol seems finally to be coming to its end. The Ukies and the Biden Administration are likely to be severely embarrassed when the reason emerges why the Azovstal steelworks have been so fiercely defended. It’s not what’s above ground which matters – it’s what’s below ground! The clue is bugs, and I’m not talking the sort of bug about which Walt Disney Productions might make a movie starring Dean Jones.

It’s been the longest siege in Europe since the special military operation launched by that nice man Marshal Zhukov against Berlin in 1945. Lots of civilians, sadly, have died, but that is the nature of sieges. If you want to save civilian life, surrender. Thinking back to the German bombardment of the city in World War II, in which Jerry deployed the 31.5” Krupp Schwerer Gustav railroad gun, which fired shells weighing 10,600 lb, I doubt that anyone in Sebastopol is feeling much sympathy.

Schwerer Gustav Gun

The Russians have very sensibly been burying the dead. Such is the level of anti-Russian hysteria in the West that they have immediately been accused of war crimes. I’m sorry, but leaving bodies to rot in the street is a good way of encouraging disease. It’s also not nice.

Schwerer Gustav Shell

You may say that it’s not nice to kill people in the first place, but that’s war. It wasn’t very nice of the Ukrainians to plan an invasion of the Donbas republics, nor go along with a German plan to develop illegal biological weapons, including DNA-specific weapons targeted at ethnic Russians. Since it’s increasingly clear that the level 4 labs in the Ukraine have been involved in the development of Covid the Ukrainian government stands accused of involving itself in genocide.

Here at VT we are getting reports of Western intelligence agencies, possibly including MI6, smuggling chemical weapons into the Ukraine for use in false-flag attacks. Any reports of Russian use of chemical weapons should immediately be discounted.

MI6 of course reports to the Cabinet Office, which is comfortable with mass murder (no offense intended), has lots of experience in lying and is desperate for the Russians to lose. It was the Cabinet Office of course which went along with the false-flag attack with BX in Salisbury in 2018 and, probably, the murder of the Skripals. They make Peter Lawford look like Michael J. Fox.

Using chemical weapons is a war crime. Using them in a false flag attack makes it even worse, as it adds deception to the equation. It would indeed be ironic if the only persons convicted of war crimes in relation to this war came from the Cabinet Office!

Russia of course would be entitled to try anyone coming into their hands who was party to a false flag chemical attack. There is no reason at all why the death penalty should not be imposed, provided that the war criminals in question were shot nicely. I’m sure that the Russians would lay on a padre and provide a last cigarette, although it might not be a Black Sobranie.

Incidentally were the Cabinet Office to go along with the plan to help the Ukrainians by releasing chemical weapons from the UK’s stockpile to Kiev and were a couple of officials to fall into Russian hands the Russians would have trouble paying for the bullets. There would be collections all over England and a stampede for crowd-funding websites, almost as rushed as the stampede to contribute to my SRA costs! (Not!)

I only hope that the Russian government will go on the offensive in the propaganda war and expose what they find beneath the Azovstal steelworks. The MSM could be in for a shock. Russian propaganda so far has been a bit clunky, frankly. Trying to pretend that the Moskva wasn’t hit by Ukrainian missiles was not helpful.

The Moskva

ARA General Belgrano

I stand by my analysis that the poor old Moskva was hit by two Ukrainian Neptune surface to surface missiles. Sadly it seems that she suffered a number of casualties. I don’t go along with the theory that Captain Kuprin abandoned the vessel early, indeed this gallant officer may not even have made it off his ship at all.

The Moskva is, just, the largest warship sunk since the end of the Second World War, an unwanted distinction taken over from the ARA General Belgrano, very properly torpedoed in the Falklands War by that nice man Commander Chris Wreford-Brown DSO. She is now a war grave.

The French election

Rassemblement National (RN) party’s presidential candidate Marine Le Pen delivers a speech during a campaign meeting in Saint-Martin-Lacaussade, on March 25, 2022. (Photo by ROMAIN PERROCHEAU / AFP)

It’s very tight, but I’m afraid that the scumbag, no offense intended, is likely to win. The latest polls suggest that he’s ahead by about 10%. Moreover they suggest that his lead is increasing. I suspect that voters who were intending to abstain are now going to vote to block Marine.

I don’t sense any great enthusiasm for Macron, more a desire not to see a Le Pen presidency. She is still carrying a lot of baggage from her father, sadly, and that Russian loan didn’t help, although it was all above board.

Even if you divide the poll lead by half to get a more accurate picture it still suggests a Macron win. I like to be objective, as all y’all know. I would love to see Marine win, but I’m calling it for the scumbag, just.

Christian Brueckner

Christian Brueckner

The kidnap and subsequent murder of poor little Madeleine McCann continue to make headlines, and rightly so. The Portuguese have made German pedophile Christian Brueckner an arguido, that is to say a formal suspect. Still stuck on the absurd lone pedophile theory the MSM are suggesting that he kidnapped, sexually abused and murdered the poor girl.

This is nonsense. I am not saying that Christian Brueckner is a nice man, far from it. He’s not so evil that he could be a European Commissioner, but he doesn’t sound very pleasant.

However I am not prepared to stand by and say nothing whilst he is charged with a crime he did not commit, at least not as a principal. I am sometimes accused of being anti-Hun (I can’t think why), but I don’t care whether Brueckner is German or not. Whilst I think that he was involved on the periphery, as a spotter, he wasn’t part of the snatch squad and wasn’t even in the same country as Madeleine when she was so shamefully murdered in 2008.

I can hardly ask my beloved Sovereign for the boon of a Royal Pardon and support an injustice to somebody else. Whether Brueckner is in fact charged with Madeleine’s kidnap will be a matter for the DVD, who take all important decisions in Germany. (Like the CPS in Britain German prosecutors don’t act independently and know how to take orders.)

I seriously doubt that Jerry will make the same mistake as the DA in the O J Simpson Case – charging someone with murder in the first, or the German equivalent, when what they really meant to say was murder in the second or third degree. Correctly identifying the extent of a defendant’s culpability is vital. At most Brueckner had a minor role in the kidnap. That might justify a prison sentence, but hardly a lengthy one.

He had no role in Madeleine’s murder. Of course were he to be prosecuted there’s always the risk that he might tell the truth. No doubt he would be offered a deal, along the lines of ‘plead guilty and we won’t do a Jeffrey Epstein on you’. The problem with that is that German intelligence doesn’t exactly have a history of honoring deals.

Bruno Hauptmann

From Bruno Hauptmann onwards there’s been a procession of people who’ve worked for Germany who have been offered lighter sentences or reprieves for staying silent.

A number have gone to the electric chair, including Hauptmann himself and the Rosenbergs. If Jerry offers you a deal beware! They’re not as honest as the boys at King Chevy in Loveland, CO, who by the way are offering some great deals right now on the 2022 GMC Acadia.

China Eastern Flight MU5735

China Eastern Boeing 737-800

I’ve heard a whisper from within the aviation community that the co-pilot of Flight MU5735, the China Eastern Airlines Boeing 737-800 that spectacularly crashed near Molang Village, Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Province on March 22, may have taken a dive. By that I don’t mean a dive in the soccer sense when you’re trying to blame the opposition Ukraine style. I mean a nosedive in the vertical approach sense. (If you’re a pilot reading this I recommend horizontal approaches.)

It seems that the co-pilot had been demoted to the right-hand seat and had a bone to pick with his employers. If so he certainly made his point. I thought at the time that it was an odd place to land and that the descent profile was slightly steeper than desirable.

This week’s TV review: Anatomy of a Scandal (Netflix, 2022)

China Eastern aren’t the only company taking a dive. Netflix’s numbers are crashing and with programs like this it’s not hard to see why. Like Jeremy Clarkson I sat through it this week.

It’s actually very well acted (Sienna Miller is excellent as the lead) and rather well made. The problem isn’t with the acting or the production values. It’s with the script.

The villain is a male government minister who’s supposed to be a rapist, although the program doesn’t seem to draw much distinction between being a man and being a rapist. Not only is he charged but’s supposed to have raped the lady prosecuting counsel at university. She changed her name and is out for revenge. He’s acquitted, but then his wife shops him for an incident at Oxford involving his good friend the Prime Minister, who was involved in a spot of manslaughter involving some heroin.

Apart from having a PM snort heroin and getting himself involved in manslaughter the plot stretches credulity. It’s so woke, it’s no wonder than even Elon Musk has been having a pop at Netflix!


Thanks, all y’all for chipping in to keep my work going!


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  1. You say the sinking of the Belgrano and rightly so, Thatcher should have been charged with that war crime, chk out “Thatcher on Nationwide questioned over the Belgrano”, youtube
    The moderator was fired after this exchange, for allowing a member of the public to berate the PM.

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    tizz one thing to anchor the mills w pilons.. quiet another to construct miles and miles of underground bunkers and keep em dry… try that with a mine. a nice dry mine will B 2000 feet and still drip like a wet sponge.. how far do u think they gon on tht mine site B4 they hit a Dyke ??

    and i am supposed to believe they aer guardians of some super secrets floating on avon rafts w no power; so say a simple drain well pump keeps the powder room dry….

    this is simple crapola.. that water table looks like its 20 feet; those are not discharge basins – artesian lakes for contact and non-contact cooling water..

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