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The Moskva Riddle

Get ready: something lethally “asymmetrical” may be about to pop up.

Russo-Ukraine War (5) – Shrimpton

The Ukies and the Biden Administration are likely to be severely embarrassed when the reason emerges why the Azovstal steelworks have been so fiercely defended. It’s not what’s above ground which matters – it’s what’s below ground!

Blockbuster/Exclusive: Russia, ‘We were just joking before…’

Forcing Ukraine to peace was initially the strongest calculation of our leadership, but the appropriate conclusions were drawn and the military doctrine was completely changed. As a result, this is no longer a special operation, but a full-scale war.

Russo-Ukrainian War (4) – Shrimpton

The Shrimp is back, refreshed from his vacation! As expected there’s still a war to report on. This one isn’t going to end any time soon, although I’m expecting it to be shorter than the Crimean War (1853-1856).

FLASH! Broken Arrow, Moskva (Classified)

We are under a Broken Arrow alert (extreme radiation danger for entire Black Sea region/Northern Turkey/Bosporus).

Plausible Deniability: Was Russian Warship Sunk by American Harpoons (and AEGIS)?

Ukraine's Operational Command South announced Thursday that it hit a Russian warship with a “Ukrainian-made Neptune anti-ship missile” that was operating roughly 60 miles south off the coast of Odesa in southeast Ukraine and that it had started to sink.

Sitrep: Operation Z April 14

The Moskva damage is huge loss, as it is not only the flagship but one of the most powerful ships in the entire Russian Navy. It's loss reduces the firepower projection capabilities of the Black Sea fleet by as much as 10-15%.