Blockbuster/Exclusive: Russia, ‘We were just joking before…’

Forcing Ukraine to peace was initially the strongest calculation of our leadership, but the appropriate conclusions were drawn and the military doctrine was completely changed. As a result, this is no longer a special operation, but a full-scale war


DISCLOSURE: Sourced from Russian government funded media

Special Report: Today’s report on the Special Operation in Ukraine differed sharply from previous reports that the General Staff previously provided to citizens.

Judging by this report, the top leadership of the Russian Armed Forces made very important conclusions about the course of the special operation.

But most likely even more ambitious conclusions, simply because the General Staff has much more detailed and reliable information than any of the authors of the analytics.  And the main conclusion is this: “…

Today in Ukraine, we are no longer at war with the “Slav brothers”, but with people of a completely different worldview formation, which excludes any mental interaction between Russia and Ukraine.”

And now Igor Konashenkov’s report for today.  It’s time to think a little. Everything seems to be the same as yesterday and other days – 50-80 targets of a general nature and up to a dozen targets of a critically important military nature, but when the speaker mentioned that 221 objects were hit in a day !!! military purpose, and besides a platoon of a Polish PMC, and dozens of other targets, it became clear that the special operation was over.

Forcing Ukraine to peace was initially the strongest miscalculation of our leadership, but the appropriate conclusions were drawn rather quickly and the concept of military doctrine was completely changed. And as a result: Russia in one day at times increased the intensity of attacks!

And in fact, this is no longer a special operation, but a full-scale war. 

Three important points in particular should be noted in the report of the Ministry of Defense.

  • First. The destruction of the plant “Vizar”, which produces anti-ship missiles “Neptune”. The same missiles that, with the help of the Americans, sank the cruiser Moskva. As they say – “instant karma”!
  • Second moment. One helicopter out of two was destroyed, which invaded Russian territory and attacked residential areas of settlements. In fact, this is also an instant punishment for Ukrainian pilots for attacking Russia and a warning to the rest of the Ukrainian military personnel – attack Russia, it will be the same with you, and very soon.
  • And the third point. Probably the most important. Please note that Konashenkov’s report more than once or twice indicates the destruction of enemy manpower. It is very important!  If until today equipment, oil depots and military enterprises were mainly destroyed, then in the last report three times it was indicated that the enemy’s manpower had been defeated.

This means that the very concept of the Special Operation (SO) has been radically revised.

The revision of the entire SO concept means, first of all, a sharp decrease in the death rate of our soldiers, since the enemy’s manpower will first be demolished by a barrage of fire and only then “cleaned up”, and besides, it means that such tactics will make it possible to “pass through” Ukraine in the shortest possible time.

And I will finish with the wording from it. Sooner or later, we will have to fully agree with the thesis that in Ukraine, the one who sits in the basements during shelling is the one with whom we can coexist even further after the war, and the one who raised weapons against us is our mortal enemy! ..

It’s time to conclude that we are at war with a territory that is aware of only two colors – black and white, evil or victory, victory or defeat, and therefore for ourselves at the end of this path there is only one outcome – either our victory or death! That’s all I wanted to say. Fire.

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  1. I kinda figured Moscova was a sacrifice piece. A tethered goat giving the Russians an excuse to play hard ball. Sorry to mix metaphors.

  2. The Russian military offered the militants of the nationalist Azov regiment* (an extremist formation banned in Russia), the Armed Forces of the Armed Forces of Ukraine and mercenaries blocked on the territory of Azovstal to lay down their arms and surrender. The offer will be valid from 6:00 to 13:00 on Sunday, April 17, 2022.
    According to radio intercepts, the blocked nationalists are in a desperate situation, they have almost run out of water and food, ammunition is running out. At the same time, there is a sharp increase in the intensity of radio conversations between militants and their leadership in Kiev. In the last 24 hours alone, 367 radio intercepts have been made, the radicals persistently demand permission from Kiev to surrender, but receive a categorical refusal. Zelensky does not want those appointed by him as heroes, and posthumously, to surrender and solve the legend of the “unparalleled courage” of the defenders of Mariupol. In Kiev, they threaten all those who surrendered with executions under the conditions of “wartime”.
    The offer of surrender will be valid until 13:00 on Sunday, in case of refusal to lay down arms, all remaining on the territory of Azovstal will be destroyed.

  3. N finally, finally…we live in a world of “Phoenicians” as milesmathis would comment.
    Anyone who has even remotely studied the history available, would realise that “history” is written by the winners
    If you look at the roman empire and the story of Vespacian and son Titus and the history of the day written (with permission) by court historian, Josephus (traitor jew) you would be overwelmed with the story of the birth of christianity.
    Now I am not in a position to determine the truth, or even the truth asa core entwined with lies..I suffer from incessant reading and a litany of thoughts that provokes more of the same….
    However it does strike me that the phoenicians have had a serious influence upon history down to the latest buzz-word “Kahzarians”
    Suddenly it’s the “Kahzarians” (not jews/phoenicians) who are responsible.
    Who was born where and by whome isa game women play with “who is the real father”…astoundingly more common than realised.
    As the “jewish element” in the “jewish race” is matriarchal not patriarchal it breeds a power base unrecognised.
    so look at the track of history from the maccabees,…to the templars, to the catholic church, and then via Venice (dodge and 13 bloodlines) and Constantinople/istanbul through to isabella of spain and ignatious/jesuits…then thessalonika/Zabetai/shneerson and then the ‘birth” of illuminati with herzyl……all fostered by “freemasonry’…jacobins/frenchrev..etc…and now “the Kahzarians”

  4. and finally…i would “fill” Kaliningrad with the latest very serious military weaponry…directed at “NATO” around it.

    i am sure the swedish etc would be delighted now that apparently they have just joined NATO.

    Also keep supplying them with foreign immigrants from North Africa…Niger…Mali…apparently their birthrate is 6:1 as opposed to those fine independent swedish women 1.5:1
    Perhaps Netflix will create a new series of “Vikings”…lol

  5. Any retaliation by the russians in essence cud be justifiable.
    But its really just manipulation….too involve the british.
    Well an underwater attack on Gibralter submarine positions comes to mind.
    I cant see them firing anything too obvious.
    We are all aware of the number of submarines out there…i think china has nearly 200, Korea right behind them…russia maybe 100…so i dont think these people are without resources to continue to conduct a “private war” be it in space, killing satellites or underwater.

  6. The russian ship Moskva appears to have been placed in a vulnerable position and perhaps a decoy?
    Whether it was the intention to sacrifice some crew members obviously I have no idea.
    Putin now has to explain internally how a “modern warship” cud be sunk by idiots using technically two toy missiles.
    AWACS etc was well-known as was the presence of foreign troops/mercenaries…
    I ask these questions….
    Could there be different power factions inside the war cabinet of russia fighting each other
    Was this really another “pearl habour”
    And what are the various militaries of the world to do about the different private organisations, be it Blackwater or the Crime syndicates run out of Irael who may have their own agenda to “militarise” the war even more for sales purposes etc or resource theft?
    Some isnt right

  7. Does this mean the gloves are off and anything goes…..??????? Or is this some more nuanced adjustment to the battle field. I am and have always been opposed to violent solutions to latent problems. But I am no pacifist. When one and their people come under dangerous and threatening behavior such as a peer thermonuclear power seeking an overwhelm first strike advantage, by seeking to place you in an exitentially perlilous situation and refuse to make any meaningful accommodation or negotiations. There are only two choices, to hope that they will desist, and risk ones own destruction, or to prevent them from such actions and inflexibility.that constitute the exitential threat. I do not wish to see either side gain an overwhelming first strike advantage. just as the Cuban missile crisis was seen as an exitential first strike advantage situation by the U.S., Russia sees NATO nukes on their border as an exitential threat and NATO refuses to back off.

  8. Lots of countries want us to view war as “important police actions”. They are not. There has been no war in recent history that was necessary or even wise. There are pigs who have more than they can ever use or spend, and they want more, or there are other dogs, who want their views to be shared. A cease fire should be declared for the next 13 days. Following that, amicable peace can be arranged through diligent and honest negotiations. If not, this is just a bunch of intolerant madmen going at it for money and power. One cannot claim to care while firing missiles. It is not a demonstration of anything but insane violence. By providing weapons we are adding to the body count and the US would be wise to introduce legislation preventing such easy weapon sales. Death and more enemies is the product.

    • “All we are saying is give peace a chance.” A difficult prescription to follow when the 1% in every country who “lead” are competitive mad dogs who never do the real fighting. Humanity is hopeless until this changes. Resurrection now!!

    • The rabbits and eggs are for children, just like jesus. You would think grown adults would easily recognize the spring symbolism. The game of pretend marches onward as if nothing is real. It’s not even in the right month. Easter is the secondary funding drive after christmas (nothing to do with jesus either), and generally plops down in Driver decan, the same one that is tax collection time. God loves you and he needs money. Horrible at finance.

  9. Already I had said from when this started that Russia they were underestimating how deeply penetrated they were all government levels and Ukraine armed forces by nazi ukies elements in key positions and their NATO accomplices.

  10. Happy Easter everyone, I hope those that care about Christianity, love and peace will themselves enjoy a nice Easter with their loved ones.

    • We will be working as usual…with a nicer meal though, and maybe only half a day.

  11. This comment on Zerohedge today caught my attention and while bizarre has a degree of credence if only in how convincingly the charge is affirmed.

    “The attack on the Russian cruiser Moskva was a British operation with assistance from the Russian Fifth Column. This 40+ year old USSR era neglected ship was equipped with 40+ year old USSR anti-ship missiles and no air defense. It was positioned all by itself 100km from Odessa. A British reconnaissance aircraft RC-135 conducted a strike using a modern anti-ship missile fired from Odessa under British command that is openly operating there.

    Russia said it was an accident because otherwise it would mean a war with Britain.

    The US must exit NATO before Britain starts yet another world war.”

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