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Kiev continues false flag nuclear attacks to trigger intervention. Has NATO...

Washington wants to arm Kiev forces with hundreds of Switchblade 300 and 600 loitering munitions.

Covert Warfare: How NATO’s Defense Contractors Assisted Ukraine in War?

In addition to British SAS units, and United States special forces, and covert CIA operatives, approximately 6,824 “foreign mercenaries” from 63 countries came to Ukraine to fight for the Zelensky government, per the Russian Defence Ministry.

Russia Captures Massive American Arms Depot near Kharkiv

TopWar: Thousands of tons of ammunition of various types and calibers came under the control of Russian troops in the city of Balakliya, Kharkov region.

Unregistered 207: Scott Ritter

The man who exposed the lie of WMDs in Iraq, Scott Ritter, joined me to discuss the war in Ukraine, NATO expansion, the personality and politics of Vladimir Putin, and what he sees as the last battle to destroy Nazism.

Christoforou: Putin stops assault on whatever is under the Steel Factory

Putin tells Shoigu at a meeting at the Kremlin, "This is the case when we must think about saving the lives and health of our soldiers and officers. There is no need to crawl underground through these facilities. Block off this zone so that the fly does not fly through."

Kramatorsk train station attack: The key to finding the perpetrator lies...

The missile's reverse azimuth points to territory that was under the excusive control of the Ukrainian government, which means that there is little doubt that the missile that struck the Kramatorsk train station was fired by a launcher under the operational control of the 19th Missile Brigade, Ukraine’s only Tochka-U-equipped unit.

Russian Missiles Destroy Ukrainian Military, Kiev Artillery Hits Russian Civilians

SouthFront: On April 19, Russian FM Sergey Lavrov confirmed that the new stage of the Russian military operation in Ukraine aimed at the complete liberation of the Donetsk and Lugansk Peoples’ Republics had begun. Ukrainian forces resumed shelling on the Russian border regions.

Bankruptcy of Western civilisation or self-destruction?

The West is trying to publicly erase Russia from the past and future of human civilisation. It won't work.

‘Foreign fighters’ ordered NOT to surrender. Turkey enters Iraq. MIC big...

Kiev says those who surrender will be shot on sight. A massive Ukrainian military cargo aircraft carrying a large consignment of weapons supplied to Ukraine by Western countries was shot down over Odessa, per the Russian Defence Ministry, 16 April 2022.

America Escalates its War Against Russia

In this World War III of NATO against Russia; Ukraine is enormously boosting the profits of U.S. and allies' defense contractors, such as Lockheed Martin, the world’s largest weapons seller.

Briefing in German/Deutsch: NATO’s War on Russia (1hr 30m)

Commentary in German on The West's war on Russia.

US Tells Kiev to Withdraw/Surrender before Russia Destroys its Massive ‘Eastern’...

SVPressa: Insiders who are part of the office of President (OP) Zelensky report that in the very near future – within two days – the battle of the Donbas Bulge will begin, which will determine the outcome of the special operation.

Special operation of the RF Armed Forces and events in Ukraine...

During the night, army aviation hit four accumulations of manpower and equipment, as well as a convoy of equipment on the march. At the same time, more than 50 Ukrainian servicemen, seven infantry fighting vehicles and armored personnel carriers and 14 armored vehicles were destroyed.

The Real ‘Reset:’ Russia Outlines the Inevitability of a Nuclear War...

Draining the Swamp: Russia promises that before one NATO solider crosses the Russian border, the temperature in Washington, London, Los Angeles and Berlin will read 10,000 "in the shade."  

Blockbuster/Exclusive: Russia, ‘We were just joking before…’

Forcing Ukraine to peace was initially the strongest calculation of our leadership, but the appropriate conclusions were drawn and the military doctrine was completely changed. As a result, this is no longer a special operation, but a full-scale war.

Russian MOD Briefing for the Evening of April 16, 2022

The Russian Armed Forces continue a special military operation in Ukraine. As a result of the strikes, more than 320 Ukrainian servicemen were killed and wounded, 23 armoured vehicles and seven vehicles of various purposes were destroyed.

NATO’s ‘Weapons for Peace’ Program and Russia’s Diplomatic Demarche

Russia’s concerns about massive supplies of weapons and military equipment to the Kiev regime,” was forwarded to the State Department by the Russian Embassy in Washington, in which Russia accused NATO of trying to “pressure Ukraine to abandon peace negotiations in order to continue the bloodshed."

NATO soldiers captured during special operation in Ukraine – Klimov

“We already have prisoners among the military personnel of NATO countries, we will show all this when we conduct trials, and the whole world will see what really happened,” Andrey Klimov said.

New Censored Videos April 15

Footage concerning the Russo-United States warzone in Ukraine, 2022

FLASH! Broken Arrow, Moskva (Classified)

We are under a Broken Arrow alert (extreme radiation danger for entire Black Sea region/Northern Turkey/Bosporus).

American military presence in Europe: current and future risks

Washington is trying to assemble a grouping in Eastern Europe "for a convenient opportunity."

RF-MOD: In case of continued shelling of Russian territory, strikes will...

The Russian Ministry of Defense notes that the number of sabotage and shelling against Russian targets has increased, which will lead to a tough response if this trend continues. Attacks will be made on decision making centers, including in Kyiv, which the Russia has refrained from doing.

Russia: A Warning America Better Hear

Pumping up Ukraine with weapons can put the US and Russia on the path of direct military confrontation.

Russian Peace Initiative and NATO’s S-300 Delivery to Ukraine

NATO powers have announced transferring heavy weapons, including tanks and S-300 air defense system, to Ukraine to further escalate the conflict.