Christoforou: Putin stops assault on whatever is under the Steel Factory


Putin tells Shoigu at a meeting at the Kremlin, “This is the case when we must think about saving the lives and health of our soldiers and officers. There is no need to crawl underground through these facilities. Block off this zone so that the fly does not fly through.”

Minute 14:16: The Russian military tested their new Sarmat missile, which was developed as a replacement for the ICBM R-36M2 (NATO Reporting Name SS-18 Satan). The new missile uses kinetic impact energy, and is without the use of a nuclear warhead.

Minute 21:00: Boris Johnson is in India, trying to move India away from Russia and to convince Modi to sanction the Russians. Modi told Boris not to come to India to lobby him, but Boris went anyway to “pursuade him”. Boris will meet with Modi on Friday the 22nd.

Alex reporting from Nicocea.



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  1. Brilliant strategy. Soon their generators will stop running and they’ll be left starving in the dark. No need to haul them off to prison for their crimes since they’re already there.

  2. These NAZO troglodyts are captured, why building an extra camp, it’s even cheaper this way !

    Protassowitsch was very simple, there was a Bomb threat for the final destination while the airplane was in Belarus airspace, the pilot discussed with his company Ryanair for long time and then he went to Minsk. In theory ist’s the pilot’s decision alone, but here it might have been the company’s decision. Nothing wrong from the side of Belarus. Someone wantet to get rid of Protassowitsch and use him for anti Belarus propaganda.

    • Protasevich had the experience of traveling to Ukraine to the Azov military field camp. There are photos on the web where he posed with them.
      In fact, Ukrainian nationalists have a close relationship with Belarusian nationalists. You can see white-red-white flags on the Ukrainian Maidan. These are their “brothers” from Belarus. They are called “Zmagars”. In addition, now about 50 Belarusians are fighting on the side of Ukraine against the Russian Federation. These are the ones who officially lit up on the Internet on video. In reality, there may be more of them.

  3. Belarus is opening the borders to Lithuania and Latvia, allowing citizens of those countries to enter. This is a big thing to happen. Also there is word that Lukashenko might release the hundreds of political prisoners still in jail from the protests last year.
    I was on the side of the protestors back then, as I was living in Minsk but was not so stupid to show my ugly-american face out there be arrested, beaten left in jai to rot.
    They are serious there NO PROTESTS what happened in Maidan would ever happen in Belarus.
    The “regime change” effort was an internal affair.
    It was response to the very brutal crackdown on protesters…..VERY brutal.
    Nobody in Belarus wanted to “join the EU” forget about that.
    NO EU flags were flown in protests. Strictly forbidden by the protestors! Get it?
    Protosevich just wanted to replace Lukashenkp with “anybody”, NOT become part of EU or NATO !!!!

    • REASON for crazy “bomb threat of airliner” arrest of Protosevich if any of you want to know:
      Him and partner were the owners and develpors of the TELEGRAM app.
      It is very secure and encrypted. All the protestors in Belarus (protesting about Lukashenko being dictator for 24 years and another fake election happened as ALL opponents with any hope of winning went to jail or deported months before election!! thats how they do it there so get over it)
      THe protests were NOT about joining EU, joining NATO NONE OF THAT. ABSOLUTELY NOT THAT.
      It was internal affair. Protestors were so polite too, no windows broken, they would stop at traffic lights, no graffiti, nothing on fire.
      So Lukashenko was hoping if he got his hands on that kid who was head of Telegram app he could hack into it, use the code to track people down. Thats how I see it and saw it.
      The kid did publish photos of the guys with sticks beating protestors with their faces exposed I guess “through” the telegram app. Thats about the extent of his “crime”.
      I dont believe thia kid a part of Ukrainian Azov forces. That is propaganda dredged up now.
      Back then last summer nobody thought there was any big war Russia vs Ukrainian nazis on its way. Nobody in Belarus supported the US backed nazi jerk offs in Maidan square and shelling the Donbass. NOBODY
      Nobody in Belarus wanted to join the fucking EU gay parade and especially not fucking NATO.
      Was NOT a ‘regime change” operation. I
      t was “internal affair” as mentioned already.
      A response to super-brutal crackdown on protestors. Maybe if Ukraine had done same in Maidan there would be no war in Ukraine now.

    • It was Telegram channel NEXTA. And he was at Azov’s camp posing with rifle. Maybe his role was not so radical, but still. If you think it was internal case, why the West promoted Svetlana Tikhanovskaya and backed her up? Didn’t she visit Washington? But she was and is stupid. Not a leader. Besides, Belorussians are more conservative nation, not like Ukies.

  4. The decision is absolutely correct. The wolves are driven into the lair. Surrounded by red flags. Time only works against them.

  5. At one point someone suggested that these underground facilities be flooded with sea water. Let gravity do its thing. Sounds like a good plan to me.

  6. There’s something, or some person or persons present in AzovStahl, whether they be civilians held hostage or persons of unknown quantity or unknown from where they derive. Alternatively, there is evidence of activities being engaged in below ground present on the site, whether conducted by Ukrainian Azovites or by American or French or British or otherwise members of the military- scientific community, all of which is deemed worthy of preservation and now not to be destroyed by bombardment. Whichever of these is the case, there is one advantage to be derived from the preservation of the below-ground facilities at AzovStahl, including the Scientific Laboratories, and that is that their preservation means that the people of Mariupol and of Donetsk will be able to benefit from them in the post-War period while the Steel Foundries are being rebuilt. As almost a side benefit, those in the upper echelons of the American and European Military-Industrial-Political Complex with EU and NATO, may well be disgraced by the publicity attached to the public exposition of these below-ground activities at a point and time to be decided upon by Putin. I await that day and the sooner it comes, the better for us all.

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