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Today’s Brief, post-independence

In the video brainstorming session between Johnson and self-made military intelligence experts Alex Christoforou and Alexander, Larry Johnson disproves my theory that there is no intelligent life at the CIA.

Alex Christoforou: Canadian General in Azovstal? Russian media warns UK

Canadian General in Azovstal? Russian media warns UK. Ukraine warns Orban. Update 1.

Alex Christoforou: May 2, dark day for Odessa. EU, no more...

May 2, dark day for Odessa. China Gazprom 60% up. EU, no more washing clothes. Update 1.

Civilians leave Azovstal. Pelosi and Schiff visit Elensky. Update 2

Civilians leave Azovstal. Serbia sanctions pressure. Pelosi and Schiff visit Elensky. Update 2.

Alex Christoforou: Wives & mothers protest Elensky. NATO military buildup

Wives & mothers protest Elensky. NATO military build up. Jolie in Lviv. Update 1

Christoforou: Azovstal news. Maria Zakharova’s “double line” for Greece

Azovstal news. Chrystia Freeland upset at G20. Maria Zakharova's "double line" for Greece. Update 2

Christoforou: Tactical nuke talk projection

Tactical nuke talk projection. Poland's "Stop Russia Now!" campaign. Green US Military.

Christoforou: Updates for Saturday April 23, 2022

Russia sanctions Kamala Harris and Mark Zuckerberg. Oligarch Puppet Zelensky calls for Germany to turn off Nordstream I and freeze this winter.

Christoforou: Putin stops assault on whatever is under the Steel Factory

Putin tells Shoigu at a meeting at the Kremlin, "This is the case when we must think about saving the lives and health of our soldiers and officers. There is no need to crawl underground through these facilities. Block off this zone so that the fly does not fly through."

Christoforou: Fog of war in Azovstal. Kiev’s EU membership coming soon....

Does Zelensky want Russia to wipe out everyone at Avostal? Sergey Volnya, a commander of Ukraine's 36th Marines Brigade (AFU), said that there are 500 wounded fighters at the facility, as well as hundreds of civilians. "This may be our last appeal."

Christoforou: Putin says Economic Blitzkrieg failed. Where is war reporter Gonzalo...

Putin reported that foreign cash is returning to Russia's banking system, and the volume of deposits by citizens is growing. Retail demand has returned to normal in the consumer market.

Christoforou: Russia offers Azovstal final chance to surrender. ‘Foreign fighter’ trials...

The Russian Defense Ministry has called on the remaining Ukrainian forces, besieged at a steel plant in Mariupol, to lay down their arms, offering guarantees of life and safety, if they accept the proposal and halt all hostilities starting Sunday morning.

Update 1, April 14: the Moskova

Sifting through the reports on the Moskova, Russian ship.

Neocon Regime Change Against Imran Khan May Well Cost America Everything

Discussing the Pakistan regime change with the no confidence vote of Imran Khan.

April 13 Update Christoforou

Info on Medvedchuk, a captured Urainian opposition politician. A French reporter returned from the Ukrainian war zone and said that the United States is in charge of the Kiev war machine.

Christoforou: Putin’s War on America’s Economy…He’s Winning


Austrian Chancellor to meet Putin. Massive Khan rally. Elensky sugar sandbags....

Support in Pakistan for Imran Khan, and growing support in France for Marine Le Pen. Public relations in Kiev mirror ISIS propaganda. Alex Christoforou reports from Greece

Update 1: Boris Vists Nazi Kiev, another Evacuation Fails

Mariupol evacuation of NATO operatives fails.

UK’s Truss Announces Ukraine Joining NATO, First with Weapons

UK's Truss wants more weapons. Cyprus press exposes Zelensky. Maduro weighs-in on conflict. Alex Christoforou speaks from Greece

March 17: President Putin War Updates and a Rather Brilliant...

Putin addresses The West's modus operandi in its culture war against Russian culture and society.