Alex Christoforou: Canadian General in Azovstal? Russian media warns UK


Canadian General in Azovstal? Russian media warns UK. Ukraine warns Orban. Update 1

First published 3 May 2022 from Rumble, Alex Christoforou.


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  1. Frankly I don’t know what to make of Alex Christoforou, I know Gonzalo Lira highly recommends him and my cousin loves him, runs every one of his videos. But he is not there so what makes him anymore of an expert than me, Jonas, Mr. Dean or Mr. Duff? I had a guy in Poland, but he left because has he put it, he couldn’t take anymore Ukranian “refuges” and their entitled and slovenly comportment. So, I’m no expert either and I can’t see how Christoforou is, much as I enjoy him and his location. As far as this Canadian general, capturing him was probably priority # 1 with Putin, now he’s got him. Let’s see what happens.

  2. Yes we need more love. We especially need to give peace a chance and for the West to admit that Zelenski’s Ukonazi regime is a lost cause and that any idea of having these psychos attack Russia will have very bad consequences for any NATO countries supporting this. See Russian broadcast referred to in the video.

  3. Really VT….you are going to censor out my comment that praised VT for using Alex, Alexander, Gonzalo and Patrick Lancaster. Are you really going to censor me again….why….for what reason?

  4. Reports are coming from Lviv about the defeat of one of the facilities, which has recently been actively used as a transshipment point for NATO weapons supplied to Ukraine. According to the latest information, a missile strike was carried out at a railway junction, where tons of NATO 155 mm ammunition for Western-made artillery installations were delivered just the other day.
    At the time of the rocket’s arrival, there was a train with American ammunition at the railway station. As a result of the impact, the detonation of shells occurred, the cannonade from which was heard several kilometers from the epicenter. Thus, the successful disposal of NATO shells was carried out, for which the West allocated several tens of millions of dollars as “military assistance to Ukraine.”

    Today, missile strikes hit military facilities in the Kirovograd and Dnipropetrovsk regions of Ukraine. According to some reports, these are also objects of placement of weapons and ammunition, which were imported from Poland to the territory of Ukraine.

    We are waiting for new deliveries!

  5. london want to have its cake and eat it too
    where are the normans when you need them
    time for another glorious revolution

  6. So the Brits feel threatened? Imagine that! A country that has been such a force for good around the world before the other “force for good” nation came on the scene that I’m lost for words to express my unbelief!

    Of course we all know that Putin is an insane war criminal, Biden told us so. Bojo instead is very very sane Nigel, you know? He’s rationally bombing Yemen out of existence along with the US, Saudi Arabia and Israel. But we need not concern ourselves with trifle matters. The Russian provocation is intolerable says and get this: “disproportionate”. This is what passes for leadership in the West. At any rate, If Putin ever goes to town on London, it’d be nice if he records it on video. I got the popcorn out.

    • I knew Truman wanted to use the atombomb in many places. Did not get his way. But i just learned there was an active plan by Churchill and USA??? to use the atombomb and bomb 66 Russian cities out of existence in september 1945. Knowing how Churchill committed warcrimes after WW II by slaughtering the Greek Partisans, who fought for the Allied forces, and how people in India hate him for committing warcrimes there, knowing they wanted to divide France amongst themselves, which Charles de Gaulle caught on and recruited Algerians with false promises and Maroccans to help him liberate France, South of the Netherlands too, has me now believe that destroying Russia is an old plan/intention by the Cabal. First have the entire tsar family destroyed, create a fake history about him, have trained in the USA Lenin and Trotzky, Marx and others ready, The Bolsjevist Revolution, the Holodomor in the Ukraine, Vid on YouTube by Juri Lina and keep spinning fake history. As Western Historians concluded years ago. Our entire history of the past 2000 years is false.

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