Raytheon chief warns of delays in replenishing Stinger missile stocks

…from Politico

[ Editor’s Note: Oh my, parts for the old model Stingers are not available anymore so when the Ukies use up what they have, or the Russians blow it up in transit there will be even a bigger backlog. Will the US public foot the bill for that one, too?

Having the NATO countries unloading old equipment off on the Ukies did not come as a big surprise, and it will be impossible to ever measure who it helped or didn’t. But the politicos are betting that taxpaying citizens will either not care, or they won’t remember.

We have been to this dance many times before, and it doesn’t seem there is much we can do about it.

Biden with this shaky polls is desperate to play the great war leader despite not having the qualifications. Remember he was fully onboard the Obama era wasted wars.

He also wanted to play tough guy, but the destruction of Libya followed with its huge influx of African refugees who got dumped into the EU’s lap, and the EU just sucked it up.

You notice that in all the fawning over Obama now, his handlers make sure no tough questions are asked, such as how does he feel for the dead and maimed of Libya and Syria. His Nobel Peace prize is his criticism proof vest. Biden does not have that… Jim W. Dean ]

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First published April 26, 2022

The CEO of Raytheon Technologies told investors Tuesday that the company won’t be able to ramp up production of Stinger missiles until 2023, due to a lack of parts and materials for the weapons that Western allies have rushed to Ukraine.

Thousands of Stinger anti-aircraft missiles have been pulled from stocks across Europe and the United States and sent to Ukraine, but as yet there is no solid plan to replenish the stocks for the countries that donated them.

He said the production line is capable of building only a limited number at a time and added that the work ahead to replenish global stocks will require a larger commitment from the U.S. government to fund and sustain a higher rate of production.

“We’ve been working with the DoD for the last couple of weeks, we’re actively trying to resource some of the material, but unfortunately, DoD hasn’t bought a Stinger in about 18 years and some of the components are no longer commercially available,” Hayes said.

In March, Congress provided the Pentagon $3.5 billion to backfill its stocks donated to Ukraine during the war, which include about 1,400 Stingers.

You can read the full Politico Article here.


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  1. Not to worry, Jim. Mr. Alzheimer-Biden just asked whores in Congress for $33 billion strictly for Ukraine with $21 billion for direct weapons “gifts”. Time to move to Switzerland. I think that’s about 35% of the current DoD budget largesse. Hope you guys are buying more Lockheed Martin stock.

    • So 12 billion to salaries of Zelensky government and Ukraine militias being used as USA mercenaries to “destroy Russia”
      While 21 billion goes to US arms industry who will not have to pay any taxes on their profits next year since it is will be classified as a GIFT.
      14 trillion in debt if not double that in the USA.
      This debt owed to entire world and will never and can never be paid back.
      Whats this mean?
      Only way they get their money back is if US dollar collapses to near zero exchange rate, and THEN the US will announce it is paying off debt like the “good guys” they are …rest of world wil not accept “shit for a dollar owed” and its WW3

  2. You should try to buy the Stingers in the Black Market
    and donate them to Pantygon…
    or who do you think is gonna defent the fat ass nation without your donations

  3. Thankfully the Russians are blowing them up in their warehouses before they get in the hands of terrorists. I mean other than the Ukonazis

  4. According to the late Libyan-war whistleblower James Moriarty and his wife JoAnn (JoAnn in hiding her husband recently “silenced” with heart attack) US Ambassador Stevens to Libya was murdered by Algerian assasins under direction of US state dept (Hillary) at the embassy compound where he was staying (and two marine guards killed) BECAUSE he had sold (privayly pocketed from too) and distributed 50,000 stingers like popsicles under the table to so many who could cough up the cash, and they didnt want this puble
    Mostly the army fighting on the ground that eventually killed Ghaddafi with bayonet up his ass filmed live was actually ALQUEDA mercenaries….250,000 were imported by NATO USA Gulf states etc to completely destory and loot Libya. No US or NATO ground forces needed they used AlQueda mercenaries. this the “Libyan Model” Hillary would promote.
    Seems like these ground to air “bazookas: dont have a long shelf life…..but there was the Russian airliner shot down over Sinai, also the ariliner on its way to France went down in NY harbor too plus some other airline crashes attributed to poor weather or whatever the distribution of these stingers caused as they go into the blackmarket where any drug lord or terrorist or nutcase can get them if they have enough money.

    • Very accurate analysis. And there were some at VT who wanted Hillary (with Bill working inside sales) in the White House. These criminals will all skate. It’s not just Trump.

  5. Wait a minute, Jim, you guys never threw a rock at the Great Fake for years. Now, we’re getting hit with a lightning bolt of insight? But, his mentor Biden may go down in history as the biggest fool of all. They just don’t care. And never will. Just listen to the Clintons’ eulogy for the dead witch Albright. It’s all bullshit for these fake liberals.

  6. The Stinger missile can hit targets flying as high as 11,500 feet (3,500 meters), and has a range of about 5 miles (8 kilometers). Terrorists in Europe will be shooting down airliners in the EU for years. Biden should be hung from a yardarm for handing those out.

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