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Russian Ministry of Defense warns of new stage provocations in Ukraine

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[ Editor’s Note: We have an established pattern of these events to date, most of them childishly executed in terms of covering their tracks, which is partially due to the perpetrators knowing that only the phrase, “the Russians did it,” would be all that the Western press ever heard about.

In the US mainstream media, I have not seen a word printed about that ongoing outrage, including the gory ones where civilians are shot so there is video ‘proof’ of a Russian war crime.

Video is quickly taken to distribute, and soon western media people will be ushered into the aftermath of these horrors to be ‘eyewitnesses’, when they have not actually seen the incident unfold.

Kiev is even getting a double pump from the act, as with these Kharkiv refugees trying to evacuate and getting shot up, as Kiev insists they continue as human shields for Kiev forces to use.

The killers will of course be Nationalist Battalion people, whose units have been showing up more on the Donbass front to do dirty work that regular Ukraine army and National Guard troops cannot be trusted to do… that of murdering their own people.

I would suspect they would have some foreign people with them who would be getting the news out securely to their own commands. Russian stuff would typically be dropped at the scenes and photographed as proof. The public generally has no idea this stuff is done, when it is served with french fries and a free beer… Jim W. Dean ]

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Kiev mercenaries, posing for a recruiting photo op

First Published May 11, 2022

The Russian Joint Coordination Headquarters for Humanitarian Response in Ukraine released a new statement, warning about new staged provocations aimed at accusing the Russian Armed Forces of war crimes:

” The Russian Joint Interdepartmental Coordination Headquarters for Humanitarian Response, in co-operation with the competent federal executive authorities and law enforcement agencies, continues to record in detail the numerous facts of the inhumane treatment of the civilian population by the authorities in Kiev, as well as the flagrantly brutal provocations against their own people.

According to reliable information, the Kiev regime has carried out another bloody action in Kharkov Region based on the Bucha scenario. 6 civilian vehicles with white flags mounted on them were shot at by AFU soldiers on a stretch of road between Staryi and Novyi Saltov. The photo and video footage of this heinous crime was made by specialists from the AFU’s Centre for Information and Psychological Operations.

In addition, from the area of private houses in Belaya Krinitsa, Kherson region, the Ukrainian armed forces’ artillery struck several positions of the Russian Armed Forces in order to provoke retaliatory fire on residential buildings with civilians, whom the territorial defence fighters are not letting out of the blockaded settlement by holding them as a “human shield”.

Meanwhile, Norwegian media representatives were present in Belaya Krinitsa for photo and video recording of allegedly indiscriminate Russian strikes against civilians.

We warn in advance that these and other materials fabricated by the Kiev regime about alleged “Russian atrocities” are soon to be widely spread through the Western and Ukrainian media, as well as online resources.

We stress once again that during the special military operation, the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation treat the civilian population extremely humanely and do not strike at civilian infrastructure facilities, unlike the armed formations of Ukraine, which everywhere use hospitals, residential buildings, churches, kindergartens and health camps, schools and other civilian facilities to shelter combat units and deploy weapons:

  • in Mogilev-Podolski, Vinnitsa region, nationalists and foreign mercenaries have equipped a stronghold in a school building (23 Poltavska Street), as well as warehouses with military equipment and weapons, and forcibly detain civilians from nearby houses in the basement;
  • in Lisichansk, Lugansk People’s Republic, AFU soldiers forced women, children and elderly people out of a bomb shelter located in school No 5 and equipped an ammunition depot there;
  • in Slobozhanskoe, Kharkov Region, nationalists have equipped a stronghold in the building of Lyceum No. 1, tanks and armoured personnel carriers have been placed in the surrounding area and the approaches to the lyceum have been mined, but the local population is deliberately not informed about this.

These facts demonstrate that the current Ukrainian authorities, who are completely confident of their impunity for war crimes committed against their own citizens, cynically ignore the generally accepted principles of humane treatment of civilians enshrined in international humanitarian law and the Geneva Conventions, and that the lives of civilians do not matter at all to Kiev.

At the same time, the United Nations, OSCE, the International Committee of the Red Cross and other international human rights organizations continue to overlook the numerous war crimes committed by Ukrainian military units against residents of the Donbass republics and Ukrainian citizens in Kiev-controlled territories, with the full approval of Western handlers led by the USA.

Despite all the difficulties and obstacles posed by Kiev, over the past 24 hours, without the involvement of the Ukrainian authorities, 8,787 people, including 1,106 children, have been evacuated from dangerous areas of the Donetsk and Lugansk people’s republics and Ukraine to the Russian Federation.

Since the beginning of the special military operation, a total of 1,208,225 people have been evacuated, including 210,224 children.”


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  1. NATO, specifically the U.S., has been covertly involved in Ukraine war to fight Russia to the last drop of Ukraine blood.
    However, I don’t think NATO & the U.S. military would wear uniforms to fight Russia openly in Ukraine. If U.S. military would show themselves in Ukraine, they are LEGIT TARGETS for the battle-harden Russian troops who own Hypersonic missiles that can change trajectory and NOT defendable by NATO or U.S. (We don’t own any Hypersonic missiles)
    Lastly, foreign uniformed troops killed in Ukraine will spell political DOOM for those nations that sent the troops. In other words, if the flag-draped coffins start coming home to the U.S. soil, Biden will LOSE the elections 100%!

  2. Are staged Kiev false flags attacks done to give NATO an excuse for intervention?
    That’s simple, YES!!!

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