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Germany is considering supplying IRIS-T SLM medium range air-defense systems to Ukraine, Bild reported on May 13.

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[ Editor’s Note: The Ukraine war is a bad dream, with Germany holding a special place as the former home of the Nazis, who we now see supporting modern day Nazis in Ukraine against their former countrymen.

These are the descendants of those Russian people who suffered 25 million dead in WWII to help free the world from Nazism, and they are not happy to see Germany participating in helping the new Nazis with their dream of genociding Russians.

It also seems to accept no responsibility as a guarantor of the failed Minsk agreements with France, where the only people punished by those failures were the ethnic Russians in Donbass who had the Kiev Nazis shelling and killing and maiming them without a peep of intervention by the German government.

This is the same Germany that partnered with Russia to build a huge gas line network that had given the heart of Germany’s economy to run on low cost Russian gas, and the income from that was used by Russia to buy a large amount of German goods for many years, until someone decided to throw a terror political bomb into that smoothly running relationship.

What we have here is a manufactured new war, with no one yet opening a formal investigation to charge the instigators that have planned this, and who will be responsible for the death and destruction. Shame on Germany. Thus ends my cheery missive for today… Jim W. Dean ]

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Germany partnering with a new generation of Nazis to fight Russians in Ukraine, as Russia defends ethnic Russian Ukrainians

First published May 14, 2022

According to the German news outlet, the German cabinet’s security council is discussing the matter. IRIS-T SLM systems, made by German weapons maker Diehl Defense, could be deployed in Ukraine from November if the decision was taken.

The IRIS-T SLM system can engage aerial targets up to 40 kilometers away at altitudes of up to more than 19 kilometers. The system’s main armament, the IRIS-T SL missile, is first directed towards its target via a datalink. Once in close proximity, the missile locks on the target with its imaging infrared seeker.

The system features a TRML-4D surveillance and target acquisition radar made by Germany’s Hensoldt. The radar is equipped an AESA [Active Electronically Scanned Array] sensor with a maximum range of 250 kilometers and the ability to track up to 1,500 targets at the same time.

The IRIS-T SLM was designed to counter strategic bombers, fighter jets, attack helicopters, anti-radiation missiles, cruise missiles, guided bombs, drones and large-caliber rockets.

Ukraine is interested in receiving ten IRIS-T SLM systems, which could be manufactured over the next three to four years. Training Ukrainian service members on the systems could start as soon as the German government has approved the plan.

Some of the downsides of the IRIS-T SLM air-defense system are its limited range and its infrared-based guidance system which makes it vulnerable to some extant to active counter-measures like flares.

Germany has been trying to rebuild the air-defense capabilities of Kiev forces since the beginning of the Russian special military operation in Ukraine. So far, Berlin have supplied Kiev forces with 2,700 Soviet-made Strela-2M and 500 US-made FIM-92 Stinger MANPADs [man-portable air-defense systems]. Berlin also promised to provide 50 German-made Flakpanzer Gepard self-propelled anti-aircraft guns.

The plan to supply Ukraine with IRIS-T SLM air-defense systems does not appear to be beneficial due to the long time Diehl Defense will take to manufacture the systems.

Even if some systems were quickly manufactured and supplied, they will not likely present any new capability. Kiev forces are already using medium-range air-defense systems like the Soviet-made Buk-M1 with little success.


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  1. The Russian people suffered 25 million dead in WWII to help free the world from the scourge of German Nazism? I’m sorry, but anyone whose mind has not been colonized by the deluge of (((their))) lying propaganda knows that is not true. National Socialist Germany was a threat to the Globalist NWO and had to be destroyed, and the more dead on all sides the better for the Judeo-Masonic elite directing the “good Allies.” See The Bad War at The Real History Channel, see the talks and free ebooks of David Irving, the premier WWII historian, persecuted by the “usual suspects” for uncovering the truth and exposing their lies.

    • One should erase all the knowledge that one have been accumulating all these years(48 of them) just because other say´s so supported on some Historian as he say´s that he found in an Western History channel? The funny thing is that he probably believe that americans won WW2 or that they are Exceptionals.

  2. Germany’s revenge on elinsky. 3/4 years. LOL. Ukraine won’t even exist in any recognizable form by then. Hell, Germany might not either, along with the EU. Won’t they have to pay for the raw materials from Russia in rubles? HAHAHA.

  3. Let the Barbarians, oh excuse me, the German government supply their Ukie partneres in crime, the IRIS-T SAM system. It’ll be just one more nail in their coffin. Those Deagle.com population forecast figures for 2025 are becoming more and more telling by the day. In Germany’s case, it will not even have 25 million citizens by 2025.

  4. Was Ike’s warning about the danger of MIC ahead of his time or ate the contractors benefiting so much that it’s a case of best kept secret and everyone plays dumb ?

    – $21 trillion in federal government transactions in the Departments of Defense and Housing and Urban Development that the US government indicated were undocumented and unexplained, do you know anything bout that ?
    – No sir I do not.

    • Then again Ike gave in so easily to the lie by the Dulles’s about the “60% of the free world’s oil would be controlled by Moscow” if we don’t overthrow Mossadegh, that his fear based speech was dismissed from the getgo and hasbaraed since.

    • Ike was a despicable mass murdering Talmudic ideologue (name changed from “Eisenhauer”) unworthily put into power by his chosenite superiors. Hiss warning about the danger of the “Military Industrial Complex” was deceitful, since the MIC was actually a threat to the Globalist NWO. See realhistorychan. com/myth-of-military-industrial-complex.html.

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