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We receive and dutifully publish a new disconcerting report from Don Fortunato Di Noto’s Meter association. It is inevitable to associate the growth of the phenomenon of pedophilia with the increase of child school hyper-sexualization and the propaganda of the GENDER culture often supported by circles inspired by gays who are openly pedophiles like Italian pioneer of transgender behavior Mario Mieli.

The links to other reports have been arbitrarily added in the aftermath by the editorial staff of Gospa News to highlight the gravity, diffusion and complexity of the “cultural” phenomenon also correlated with the promotion of transgender practices on minors.

Welcome to the barbaric and uncivil world of the Third Millennium …


Avola (Syracuse, Sicily, Italy), April 12, 2022 – Covid is not the only way to represent the pandemic: first of all there is the real scourge of online pedophilia and child pornography, now unstoppable. 2021 has shown that this phenomenon affects all continents and there are no more borders. The Internet remains a lawless land, where you can really do anything. And the centers where the servers are physically located, the computers that host photos, videos, chats, compressed folders, virtual communities of those who rape, abuse and sell, are found mainly in America and Europe. All in the maximum speed and in the most comfortable anonymity that allow pedophiles to mock the slowness and activities of an increasingly unsuitable and inadequate right to the very fast world in which we live.

These are the data that emerged from the analysis of the Report presented by Fr Fortunato Di Noto’s MeterAssociation ( today, April 12th, 2022, in Pachino (SR) at the Training and Educational Center of the Association.


Briefly summarizing what happened last year, we see that the number of links to child pornography sites has risen from 14,521 to 14,679. Photos drop from 3,768,057 to 3,479,052, along with videos from 2,032,556 to 1,029,170. The reported chats also fell (from 456 to 316) and the compressed folders (from 692 to 637). On the other hand, the cases followed by our Listening Center rose (from 111 to 167) and the telephone requests, almost doubled: from 284 to 406.



These are always numbers full of pain, if only the photos reported since 2014, when the technicians of Meter developed a platform for monitoring the Network, have reached a total of 23,250,123 and the videos at an altitude of 6,530,922. The mega archives reported are 13,703 and the chats 1,530. From 2002 to today, the protocols sent to the police are 65,090 and the links reported 203,911, while the cases followed by the Listening Center amount to 1,999 and telephone requests 30,686. Since 2007 there have been 17,755 reports of forms from users, that is, from people who have typed in to get in touch with us and point us to risky or suspicious sites. As many as 8,977 communities and social networks reported since 2008. And finally the drama of the deep web, the hidden part of the Internet: 47,637 reports since 2012, when this phenomenon exploded.

4thousand Toddlers Raped. Chilling Report by Italian Priest who Helps Police in Pedophiles’ Hunting

ONLINE GAMES, A NEW FRONTIER OF RISK – If the numbers we have listed above speak of “traditional” environments for abuse and harassment, a new trend is emerging. The analysis of online games, a new  trend for kids, indicates the loss of the perception of passing time and this alters the sleep-wake rhythm. Games replace alternative relational activities within the family. It can lead to a real addiction, to the point that the kid who fails to reach (for example) the game goal he has set for himself can explode into fits of anger or tears. Not to mention the frustration of the group’s inability to help the individual pass a test or level in team or role play.


Now let’s move on to see the national and generic domains, that are the “plates” of the world internet sites for reporting. Podium for Libya (1,989 reports), USA (313), Cocos Islands at 192. The national domains have increased (from 2,134 in 2020 to 3,191 in 2021) and for the first time Italy is not present in the world rankings. The generic top-level domain type (i.e. site type) is .com (8,972 reports), followed by .xyz (2,062) up to .net with 302. These generic domains dropped slightly, from 12,387 in 2020 to 11,488 of last year. In 2020 the main generic domain was .com (11.049), .net (1.207), .onion (81). The nations involved in 2021 are 36.

Afrin, Erdogan’s Syrian Hell under NATO’s Shield. 188 Tortured to Death, 127 Raped (among whom Disabled Minors) by Turkish-backed Jihadists

AFRICA: LIBYA, SOMALIA, CENTRAL AFRICAN REPUBLIC – The Black Continent is in first place. As we have said, Libya is in the lead (1,989 reports), followed by Somalia (20), the Central African Republic and Equatorial Guinea (2), to close with Reunion and Sant’Elena (1 each). Total 2,015 reports.

AMERICA: USA, GRENADA, COLOMBIASecond place for the Americas, with USA (313 reports), Grenada (164), Colombia (24). Fourth, tied with 3 reports each, Belize, South Georgia, Turks and Caicos. Total 510.

CHRISTIAN TEENS ABDUCTED – RAPED BY MUSLIMS. Maira Filmed during Abuses for Blackmail. Huma: Arrest Warrant for Kidnappers

OCEANIA: COCOS ISLANDS, NEW ZEALAND, TOKELAU – Third place for Oceania. In the lead are the Cocos Islands (192 reports), New Zealand 75, Tokelau 6. Close Tonga (3) and Palau (2). Total 278.

EUROPE: MONTENEGRO, RUSSIA, FRANCE – Here we are now in the Old Continent: podium for Montenegro (92 reports), Russia (50), France (46), Albania (43), Poland (20), Isle of Man (5), Union European (3), Estonia tied with Guernsey, Liechtenstein, Ukraine (2), and finally Germany, Faroe Islands, Lithuania (1 each). Total 270.

ASIA: PHILIPPINES, BRITISH OVERSEAS TERRITORY OF THE INDIAN OCEAN, INDIAAsia is the rear of pain. Philippines with 50 reports, 29 for the British Overseas Territory of the Indian Ocean, India with 25 and finally Asia (11), Japan (3). Total 118.


At this point the question is: where are the computers that contain the images, the videos with child pornography content? The graphs of the geolocation of the servers indicate that America and Europe are cradle of most of the companies that manage the servers that allow the operation of many sites or platforms in which such material is disclosed. What does it mean? That the richest continents are the masters of the web, service providers that cyberpedophiles use for their criminal trafficking.

America offers 11,161 links, Europe 2,515. If we look at the servers in Asia, Africa and Oceania, 2021 indicates that Asia has 137 links, the other two continents none.

The chilling data of pedophilia detected by Meter

If this is what geography tells us, our subsequent reflection is logical: we need a joint action by legislators to make it possible to issue laws capable of regulating the world of the web and counteract this phenomenon. It is not just about blocking sites with photos and videos of abuse, but also and above all saving minors from sexual exploitation, from the most violent forms of sexual slavery and from the immense trafficking of material that generates profit on the skin of the young victims.

Not only that: here at Meter we constantly ask ourselves some questions: what happens to the children immortalized in the photos? Were they able to tell and report the violence they suffered? Have they asked for and received help? This is why the synergy between police and institutions is important in identifying victims and helping them to come out of the oblivion of abuse. We hope that the intervention of the police will always be timely and so will the administrators of servers and social networks.

Porn Artificial Intelligence on Facebook Threatens also Children. An Italian IT’s Genius Revealed This


For some years Meter has identified a new phenomenon, that of the so-called infantophilia, namely the abuse and rape of children between 0 and 2 years. Often the protagonists of the abuse are those who should take care of the children and are often the closest family members, even the parents.

Here too the numbers speak, with the caveat that behind every number there is a child who suffers: in 2020 we reported 1,643 links, which this year dropped to 1,559. Basically a stable value, while the jump was recorded in the 8/12 range,with the passage from 2,954 to 6,395 links. The 3/7 year range falls, from 9,450 to 6,551 links.

Baby-Prostitution at 10yo: Rome like Bangkok, thanks to No-Gender Left-Wing’s Teaching and Cardinals LGBT Fans’

If we look at the photos, those in the 8/12 year range have exploded: from 819,576 to 2,935,952; those 3/7 collapse (from 2,937,010 to 538,845) and those of the 0/2 range fall, from 8,144 to 3,077.

As for videos, the 0/2 band is halved (from 3,562 to 1,130, like the 3/7 band (from 1,506,042 to 424,523) and the 8/12 band rises (from 533,928 to 603,455).


Unfortunately, the situation here has remained unchanged compared to 2020. The Net is not exclusively a means of disseminating photos and videos that pedophiles and child pornographers use to enrich themselves, but also serves to “defend” pedophilia and attempt a  “normalization” work. A real structured and well-organized lobby (fundraising and international day of pro-pedophilia) which provides advice on how to lure children and indicates online sites where it is possible to find photos and videos with child pornography content. To counter the pedophile ideology, the Lanzarote Convention of 25 October 2007, ratified by Italy in 2012 with law no. 172, introduced art. 414 bis of the Criminal Code.

Children’s Illicit “Kidnapping” by Italian State from Families: Even Dem Mayor and LGBT Activist Official among 24 Trial Requests

For the first time the expression “pedophilia and cultural child pornography” has entered our legal system: “Unless the fact constitutes a more serious crime, anyone, by any means and form of expression, even by electronic means and for cultural purposes only, publicly legitimate, disseminates legitimating judgments, instigates to commit or condones the conduct provided for in articles 600-bis, 600-ter, 600-quater, 600-quater, 600-quinquies, 609-bis, 609-quater and 609- quinquies, carried out with minors, is punished with imprisonment from three to five years”.

Despite the Lanzarote Convention (2007), sites continue to proliferate on the web.

Various identification logos or symbols to recognize each other, to diversify their sexual preferences and to specifically indicate the sexual gender preferred by the pedophile; in fact, members of pedophile organizations encourage the use of descriptions such as “boylove”, “girllove” and “childlove”.


In the last 19 years our Listening Center has received 10,729 telephone calls and 1,999 consultations at the national headquarters. On the one hand, these numbers demonstrate Meter’s constant and incessant work in assisting and supporting all those who ask for help, on the other hand they represent stories, faces, above all, children who live in suffering. Many of them have been accompanied on their path of denunciation and healing, others have found answers to their questions and others are still on the way.

In 2021, the Meter Listening Center accepted 167 requests for help. Those who turned to Meter to be listened to and oriented come mainly from the Sicilian territory (79). The greatest importance continues to be represented by the Sicilian territory, indicative of the presence of the National headquarters and therefore of a greater possibility of meeting.

Lawsuit against Transgender Clinic for Children. Changed in Half-Male, Girl Accuses

The issues addressed in 2021 mainly concern dysfunctional family relationships (38 out of 167), dangers of the Internet (17 out of 167) and sexual abuse (16 out of 167) which, together with past abuses and suspected cases of abuse, represents a large part of the requests received and, consequently, of the support offered. Many cases address issues related to the world of the Internet, from online grooming, child pornography, sexting and cyberbullying.


In 2021, 406 calls were received to the toll-free number and the institutional number from various Italian cities. Most of the calls are related to the request for information on the Association and especially on the services offered, the meetings organized and the possibility of becoming volunteers (217); this is followed by psychological counseling (45), conferences (33), spiritual counseling (31), requests for university internships (17) and interviews (15). The largest number of calls came from Sicily (177), followed by Lazio (62), Campania (22), Veneto (20).



In 2021 Meter recorded a resumption of face-to-face meetings, significantly reduced in 2020 during the Covid-19 pandemic. The Association continues to guarantee training through the remote modality, in fact the web resource allows you to create learning opportunities and provides answers to the training requests of users interested in deepening the issues proposed by Meter, overcoming the barriers related to distances and recording the involvement that is not exclusively local. Conferences, training, awareness and prevention meetings have been organized at the request of public and private entities, belonging to the whole national and foreign territory.

To continue its work of raising awareness, Meter has created initiatives specifically for social media to create greater involvement of schools. The issues relating to childhood, attention to children and educational issues related to the technological society are a constant in Meter’s training commitment.

Catho-Dem Biden: Transgenders’ Lover in Masonic Cult. Us President wants Them in Govt, Army and Female’s Sports

The main topic that Meter professionals have dealt with, also in 2021, concerns pedophilia and the pitfalls of the network: the analysis of the profiles of pedophiles and victims, the dynamics of the phenomenon, the psychological aspects of the pedophile and the consequences on victim, the risks that the Internet and technology conceal.

The attention to issues related to education, children’s rights and social commitment is reconfirmed, taking into consideration the responsibilities that adults have for the well-being of children. Many meetings dedicated to the issues of bullying, cyber-bullying and dangers of the network with the involvement of schools of all levels. There are also training sessions on disability and social inclusion.

Our professionals met 14,666 people in addition to those who follow the live broadcasts on social media and all those who enthusiastically embrace Meter’s social initiatives.


2021 saw Meter professionals engaged in training courses and conferences within the school world and in consulting and supporting teachers for particularly difficult situations. The activities, at the request of the schools, involved 4,326 students and teachers met for prevention, training and intervention activities aimed at educating to affectivity and the management of emotions, to the good use of the Internet and its tools, to the rights of childhood and the management of bullying and cyberbullying episodes. In addition, Meter makes use of numerous agreements with universities that guarantee training for students from within, by organizing seminars, conferences and training courses.

The student is provided with the necessary guidelines to recognize the signs of abuse and maltreatment in childhood, from the study of the behavior of the pedophile and the effects of abuse on the psychophysical development of the child, to the analysis of the specialist interventions of Meter operators, in order to to broaden knowledge on the subject, acquire the tools and principles of professional ethics. Meter, through its Multifunctional Center, also offered over 3,520 hours dedicated to psychoeducational activities and also a summer campus for kids.

Abducted, Raped, now Pregnant and Seized: Christian 15yo Huma Slave in Muslim Pakistani Trap. Lawsuit Stopped for Covid


Meter was born as a Catholic reality inserted in the life of the Church, with which it has been collaborating for years in an increasingly synergistic and participatory manner. As a demonstration of this collaboration, in 2021 Don Fortunato was given the position of Referent for the Diocese of Noto (SR) within the Regional Service for the Protection of Minors of the Sicilian Episcopal Conference (CESI). Also the same appointed him Head of the Regional Listening Center. In 2021 Meter continued to be present in the ecclesial realities that requested it both for formation and awareness, and to respond to requests for help and specialist advice. The issues addressed in the training meetings concern the world of childhood, in particular pedophilia and the dangers of the web.

From Vienna to Malmo: LGBT and satanists’s show into the European Christian churches

In 2021 Meter met 15 dioceses. There are 490 priests trained with our courses on abuse and its prevention; the participants in the meetings in the parishes 3,717. We want to specify that our courses respond to what Saint Paul VI observed in 1978: the Church argues that the defense of childhood is a real permanent commitment. We are all involved in the defense of the little ones. The course, with decades of experience with a high professional and scientific profile, has a pastoral character and purpose. aims to provide recipients with theoretical and practical contents, aids for the rapid recognition of signs of discomfort in the child, indicators of abuse, which require the intervention of qualified operators.

The knowledge of the phenomenon of juvenile abuse, committed by ecclesiastics and not, of the canonical and civil norms on the subject of abuse, of the norms on abuse conceived by the Italian Episcopal Conference, through the development of the course, allows to build and spread a pastoral minors aimed at the prevention and defense of childhood.



The Association represents for students the complementary learning context to school, intended as a place aimed at acquiring technical-professional skills “in the field”. The practical experience in the Meter context becomes an enrichment of school education, increasing the motivation to study in orientation and in the discovery of personal aptitudes.

The theoretical-practical training provided to students during the P.C.T.O. provides lectures, laboratory activities and field work, with reference to the activities carried out by the Association to achieve the objectives set by the educational and didactic profile of their course of study.


In 2021 the 25th anniversary of the Day of Children Victims of violence, exploitation and indifference against pedophilia was celebrated.

These twenty-five years have been characterized by the stories of many victims who have found hope, welcome, care and loving accompaniment in the painful path of liberation from new forms of slavery, such as pedophilia and child pornography.

Everything was done so that these splendid wounded humanity did not experience loneliness and abandonment, even in the awareness that this is always little compared to what still has to be done: many children must be freed. Too many are reduced to sexual slavery and manipulated by clear ideologies that reduce human life to waste, to commodities, to objects of pleasure. In recent years, Meter has asked the popes (John Paul II, Benedict XVI and Francis), Bishops, priests, deacons, nuns, men and women and all the people of God for a thought, a message, reciting it. of a prayer as well as a permanent commitment for all those who have been denied life and for those who have not felt welcomed, loved, cared for, accompanied. With audacity Meter also addressed the highest offices of the Italian state who, with heartfelt involvement, never lacked a message and institutional support.

The dossier of the Meter association on pedophilia

The messages received in recent years have been collected in a book: 12 messages from the Popes (Benedict XVI and Francis), 246 from the ecclesiastical institutions and 64 from the civil institutions. Not just a formal act of friendship, but an authoritative take to the field, a commitment to children and victims of abuse, an encouragement to continue on the path of liberation. It is not a simple exposition of formal words, but hugs that show punctual and constant attention.


In 2021 the book “Children and technology. Between empirical studies and educational workshops “. In the first part of the book the changes in “digital natives” regarding cognitive processes (attention, memory, learning) in reference to the use of the Internet, but also the parenting styles that intervene to interact with these processes.

The second and third parts of the volume are dedicated to the possibility of intervening in an educational perspective on the two aspects dealt with in the previous part: the enhancement of the cognitive functions of “digital native” children through laboratory activities that can be used within the school environment; the prevention of the dangers generated by the misuse of technologies, as a result of which many children “fall into the net” which stimulates them to behave harmful to themselves and to others. The practical tools presented support teachers and parents in educational work aimed at making the most of the advantages of technologies and at the same time preventing their risks.



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  1. Paedophilia is a bipartisan issue in the
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    It is Florida’s state law enforcement agency that determined after a ” thorough investigation” , that there was nothing illegal about the illegal sweetheart deal given to Epstein. That no charges should be brought against the DA that lied to the judge and the victims. I suppose they feel it was punishment enough to be exposed and removed from the Trump administration.
    The same ” Christian ” folks that claim to be against abortions, are also against any funding that could help mothers care for the babies. These same ” children loving “people also showed little concern about separating children from parents at the border, nor do they care that thousands of these children are missing. This leaves me wondering of the real reason behind the outrage over abortions . Could it be that they are expecting many of them to end up in foster care which gives them access to babies for child porn, human & organ trafficking and now the use of the baby girl’s ovaries for IVF babies.

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    Really bad stuff and goes right to the top of the heap too as capture and jailing and murder of Jeffrey Epstein was the keystone to reveal whats going on in the “elite” world of shit. His “compromise” videos will never be released to public. How many young girls and boys sacrificed and their names will never be revealed. Look up how many kids “dissapear” just in the USA every year.
    No need to water it down blame it on gay parades and queer folk, its way worse than can be imagined thats one of ways of how they get away with it.

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