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Homosexual Predator Andrew Napolitano Leaves Fox News After Years Of Executives...

In a lawsuit filed by John Fawcett, it is alleged that high-up officials at Fox knowingly allowed the 71-year-old Napolitano to make sexual advances at men while on the job.

Vladimir Putin: Pedophilia Is Essentially Satanic

Vladimir Putin: "In these countries, the moral basis and any traditional identity are being denied – national, religious, cultural and even gender identities are being denied or relativized.”

PEDOPHILIA Runs like a Pandemic! Millions of Children Victims. US World...

The phenomenon of pedophilia is correlated with the increase of child school hyper-sexualization and the propaganda of the GENDER culture that is often supported by circles inspired by gays who are openly pedophiles.

GOP Procurer: How Larry Nassar was able to ‘go pedo’ with...

Larry Nassar partied for years with GOP elites, part of the pedophile ring exposed under Bush, that fed teens into Washington's pedophile party scene where preachers and politicians, along with MAGA/MEGA billionaires, partied and murdered kids for decades and it goes on every day, and not under a pizza restaurant according to an official investigator who has come forward for VT.

#UNRIG Video (37:53) Ryan Dawson: Twelve Zionist Criminal Billionaires Have Never...

Ryan Dawson, top investigator of Jeffrey Epstein, discusses how twelve Zionist billionaires have never been more vulnerable to justice.

#UNRIG Video (29:57) Carine Hutsebaut, author of Child Hunters, the “Clarice...

The top intuitive investigator into European pedophiles and missing children provides an overview of the situation. Useful links included.

#UNRIG Video (53:10) Shaun Attwood Famous Crime Author & Robert Steele...

Shaun Attwood, author of the best book on CIA and Clinton-Bush Crime Families, knocks it out of the park with tough questions to former CIA spy Robert Steele on Maxwell, Mossad, and Everything.

#UNRIG Video (6:59) Former Spy Q Follower with Pedophilia and 5G...

Robert Steele provides a seven minute commentary on whether lockdown is allowing clearing of pedophilia tunnels, and relationship of 5G to coronavirus.

#UNRIG Video (13:29) Former Spy Robert Steele Responds to Questions About...

Robert David Steele, sponsor of the book Pedophilia & Empire, and Chief Counsel for a commission of inquiry into pedophilia speaks directly to US Government complicity in the trafficking and torture of children within the USA and worldwide.

Sandy Hook: Launching a Public Health Crisis Distracts from Years of...

It was the State Police that identified the alleged dead children’s bodies and said they wanted to give the families closure instead of the families being the identifiers.