‘No one’s paying any attention’: The week that Republicans ignored Trump’s election lies

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[ Editor’s Note: This trend is not new, but is gaining steam with the results of the Republican primaries. Quietly behind the scenes, Republicans are having to plan for survival in the worst case scenario for a large indictment of Republicans involved in attempting to overthrow the government.

A lot of Republican office holders are attorneys, and the ones that aren’t have a lot of access to attorneys, and you can bet they have all been listening to their own attorney’s advice.

They are closely following how strong the government’s case against the Republican Steal is building, so they can try to save themselves from circling the drain with Trump.

Of course, they have to do the “we love Trump dance”, as politicians’ biggest love is for the two headed coin where they can’t lose. But, you can expect that contingency planning is going on across the country, preparing for a worst case scenario.

I expect the Jan6 public hearing to be devastating, a worldwide historic news event that will have huge ratings. What will Trump be doing? He will continue to say it is a ‘witch hunt’ because he has a limited vocabulary and likes to repeat things over and over.

Any chance the Democrats have of saving themselves will have to come from a groundswell of public revulsion from the hearing disclosures, where getting the vote out and winning independent voters can determine a number of key races.

Manchin and the Arizona witch crippled Biden’s economic recovery program that would have put a lot more wind into the Democrats’ sails. Either way, Trump is not going to disappear.

For full disclosure, yours truly was a Cobb County and State party Republican delegate for a number of years when the Democrats were doing a political hari-kari number on themselves with their anti-Confederate heritage jihad.

At the time, the Georgia GBI only had one guy monitoring the klan, an early retirement slot for two years before retiring. He mainly played golf in the morning and caught afternoon movies.

Twenty years ago, Jeff Davis, who was Jefferson Davis’ grandson, and I met with the black Democratic committee heads, and we advised them that headhunting dead Confederates was going to end in them losing their committee chairmanships, as the Blue Dog Democrats were going to respond by registering as Republicans.

They just smiled politely and disagreed. They lost by 12 points that year, and were out of power for years, merely because they chose to help the NAACP scratch a scab issue. It was my first time watching seasoned, allegedly savvy politicians shoot themselves in the foot.

Little did I know what was coming. The Georgia Democrats have not controlled the state House or Senate since that year, resulting in not a single committee chairmanship. And this was one of the biggest mistakes in Georgia state politicsJim W. Dean ]

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First published May 22, 2022

Donald Trump has been lying about voter fraud for so long that his impugning of yet another election seemed almost inevitable. What was more revealing was that, for the first time, Republicans appeared not to be listening.

Mehmet Oz, the Trump-backed Senate candidate in Pennsylvania, did not prematurely declare victory last week, as Trump said he should. David McCormick, who is running narrowly behind Oz, has not claimed the election is unfair.

“No one’s paying any attention to it,” said Christopher Nicholas, a longtime Republican consultant based in Harrisburg.

Yet in Pennsylvania, Trump’s earliest effort to graft his 2020 complaints onto ballot counting in a midterm primary is falling flat. MAGA hard-liners who’ve lost primaries in other states in recent weeks have not contested the results.

And when the primary calendar turns to Georgia on Tuesday, Trump’s election conspiracy crusade is likely to take another hit.

“I think the shine has gone off a bit,” said Jason Shepherd, a former chair of the Republican Party in Georgia’s Cobb County, in the Atlanta suburbs.

You can read the full Politico article here.


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  1. I really like reading the articles posted here, and I think most are spot on. I cannot, however, understand your opposition to President Trump. And your assertion that the 2020 election was fair and honest. There is overwhelming evidence, and more coming every day, that the Dems employed massive fraud to put Biden in office. You need to watch “2000 Mules”, but probably with your closed minds, it would mean nothing to you. Further, you can’t possibly, with a straight face, compare the shit show the Biden administration is putting on with the four years of Donald Trump. I can understand folks being put off by his manner, as I was too, before I saw him in action. He is not your standard politician, lying, deceiving, stealing, and hate America, that we have seen before, and are now witnessing, in spades. President Trump, and his is still president, has a following of probably more supporters than any previous president, or other politician, and is most certainly going to reclaim the White House. You folks at VT can’t possibly be as uninformed as you pretend, with all your sources in the military high command. You have to know what it really going on behind the scenes, but you just don’t like it, don’t want it, and refuse to acknowledge it. Other than that, my hat is off to you all at VT for an outstanding job of reporting.

  2. I am not good at such subtleties of presidential elections. But a person just as they say “from the street” can take part in the elections? A famous person or some Nobel laureate, or Jim Dean?
    Why are only these two strange people looming – Biden and Trump? They are both destructive for the country and the world.

    • Why? Because they are the two major nuclear powers, each completely capable of annihilating each other and taking a large part of the world with them.

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