E.U. agrees to phase out Russian oil but exempts pipeline deliveries

…from the Washington Post

[ Editor’s Note: The EU grifters had to work a deal with Hungary’s Victor Orban, who gets all of his oil from the Russian pipeline. With 27 members in the EU, one angry country, or the one getting screwed can block the required unanimous vote needed.

The public spin bullshit continues, with the EU crowing about how no oil deliveries by sea will hurt the Russian economy. This has the EU batting zero on the effectiveness of its sanctions claims.

These are the same idiots who, when they had a $100 billion trade surplus with Russia that was a big buyer of its goods, killed the surplus to look tough, when Russia was just paying for all those EU imports with the money it received on its gas exports to the EU, a situation many other countries would like to have.

That said, the EU dummies are acting like Russia will not be able to sell the oil to someone else. Here we are in 2022, and the so-called free and democratic EU countries continue to pile whatever bullshit onto their respective publics over geopolitical controversies to cover up their incompetency.

Note below that the Russian total oil and gas revenues are the same as before the current hostilities, due to the higher prices it is getting on the world market. The West has become dangerous to everyone, due to its sanctions policy addiction and love for wars that are always blamed on the country attacked.

This dynamic will never change if democracies cannot find a way to roto router the political grifters completely out of office. Thus ends my cheery missive for today. Let me know what you think in the commentsJim W. Dean ]

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First published May 31, 2022

BRUSSELS — European Union countries finally reached a deal to wean themselves off Russian oil, their most significant effort yet to hit the Russian economy over the war in Ukraine, although the impact will be softened by an exemption for pipeline oil, a concession to landlocked holdouts, notably Hungary.

After weeks of negotiations, the 27 countries agreed Monday to end seaborne deliveries of Russian oil within months. Pipeline deliveries will continue to flow for now. Several countries will also get extensions or exemptions, according to E.U. officials and diplomats.

European Council President Charles Michel said the agreement would cover more than two-thirds of imports of Russian oil, cutting off a “a huge source of financing for [Russia’s] war machine.”

Officials and diplomats will still have to agree on technical details in the coming days, and the sanctions must be formally adopted by all 27 nations. E.U. leaders meet again Tuesday to discuss the Russian invasion.

…Because of rising prices, Moscow has continued to earn about the same amount of money from fossil fuel sales as it did before the invasion.


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  1. “This dynamic will never change if democracies cannot find a way to roto router the political grifters completely out of office. ”
    I said that, but termed it as the insiders, deep state that helped pull off the WTC demolitions/Pentagon hit and THEN I watched Trump run off to be the king of Israel, not purge that nest of vipers. Of course since I suggested a Hillary coup had occurred, was regularly censored here at VT. Seems the Sussman case proved the top of the FBI “should have known” that the fraudulent file was from Hillary’s lawyer and instead chose to keep the secret all four years of the Trump Presidency. Sussman case shows Baker and Comey and Schiff had a CRIMINAL alliance to Hillary and committed….Misprision of Treason, 18 USC 2382, when they ddin’t stop the attack on the sitting President, Trump. I don’t care if I’m censored again….the loyalty of the top of the US government was not given to the elected President but to the loser Hillary. Coup….yes….Sedition and Treason….totally.

  2. They’ll do like they are doing now…continue buying Russian energy. They’ll just run these tankers around, launder the ownership and viola!, a new supply of oil…just not with a Russian sales slip. Of course, the price…These idiots making rules, then finding ways to subvert them in ways that they can claim to the drooling western audience that they’ve beaten the Russians. Not only will Russia reap windfall profits due to price rise, but will be getting it from the EU as they continue to supply them. They’ll still run this scam as if the sheeple won’t know the truth. That the western petros will be raking it in goes without saying. This Biden admin, (whoever is actually running it, because it ain’t the (z)ombie) has become hands down the absolute worst, not to mention corrupt, in US history. Even the village idiot, who continues to expose himself as such, had better lies. I guess the difference now is that they just don’t give a rat’s ass who believes what, they just continue to blather total BS and continue on their merry way. The fleecing of the sheep has never been better.

  3. You have to ask yourself, what is the main driver for the current Russophobia and why is it now focusing on the Ukraine? Always remember, what is now the Ukraine comprises much of the old Ashkenazi heartland, Khazaria, and then the Pale of Settlement. It is no coincidence that Victoria “f-uck the EU” Nuland and Antony “rockstar” Blinken are descendents of refugees from Catherine the Great’s Pale of Settlement.

    • The Ashkenazim have a visceral hatred for Russia and have conned US Christian Zionists into thinking the Russia is part of their apocalyptic end-times eschatology. Their Zionist-inspired Scofield Reference Bible sees Russia as Magog and Putin as Gog. As soon as the USA gets into a nuclear war with Russia, their Jesus will come riding in on an ICBM to save the day… for them, not us. US Christian Zionist pray this will happen each and every day.

  4. yeah…will rotterdam port suffer…hopefully ..yes…dry up jew finanace…kindly remember that the dutch are just german jews….i like it …kill rotterdam and the dutch economy will freefall…Never a better traitor than the dutch….just travel the amsterdam canals…they still have a museum open to anna frank…more lies of course

  5. There is a lot of smoke and mirrors going on as the EU is allowing lots of time, ‘to find new suppliers’, like a year, and then of course the usual extensions. But then we could be in a WWIII or the Azovs might have mini-nuked Zelensky for not getting them out of Mariupol in the magic underground tunnel. Biden could lose the Midterms on the economy, with inflation heading to where only God knows if the Jan6 public hearings don’t put him on a magic carpet ride. It’s not a good time to be betting on anything in the future.

  6. Could begin with sleepy sending Hunter to fight with the Ukies in Donbass (dressed all up in night club gear or just underwear) if he want to set an example… 🙂

    • You’re combining your daily anti Biden hasbara with enough Zelenski humor to turn a chicken Kiev into Pelmeni.

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