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[ Editor’s Note: The Israelis may be at the point of being ‘punched out’. If you have hit an opponent over and over with everything you can think of and he just keeps punching back, then maybe you might want to try a different path to settle your dispute.

Media, which used to be terrified about publishing something about Israel that might trigger an Israeli assassination squad dressed up like Hezbollah ‘terrorists’ shooting up the annual employee summer picnic, seems to have lost some of its fear.

We now have an admission from Tel Aviv that there is no Israeli-Sunni coalition. What does that mean? We have seen the Arab embassies opening up in Tel Aviv, and their top Intel chiefs powwowing for some time now.

Someone is gaming the other, or maybe both are. Iran’s military claims it can inflict huge damage onto Israel in a retaliatory strike, but we have no idea how effectively Iranian missiles could get through the combined Israeli/US air defenses.

One nuke hitting Tel Aviv would be a wake up call for the Israelis, and the same for Iran when struck. But Israel is a smaller target, where a few nukes could make large areas unlivable. Depending which way the wind blew, it would affect neighbors, Palestinians included, as collateral damage.

Israel has demonstrated it can strike Iran, and has many times, but always careful not to cross the threshold of triggering a response. The small strikes on each other have been for primarily national prestige by looking tough.

If anything bad happens, we can blame the Repubs for it, as they killed the JCPOA and exploited the consequences, taking us now to the door of WWIII over one of the most corrupt regimes on the planet, the gangsters of Kiev… Jim W. Dean ]

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The JCPOA remains on life support for a while

First published May 27, 2022

Israel’s line for two decades now has been that a nuclear Iran is a grave danger. If that’s the case, Israel shouldn’t automatically oppose any deal meant to address the problem.

“We do not have a deal … and prospects for reaching one are, at best, tenuous,” Rob Malley, Joe Biden’s special envoy for Iran, told the Senate Foreign Relations Committee on Wednesday.

Malley, viciously maligned and falsely accused in Israel as the main culprit,…, a man obsessed with “a quick agreement at any cost” – as the accusation has been in Israel – has demonstrated not only patience and reservations over the past year. He has also been honest to admit that the prospects of a renewed agreement are slim.

…A failure to reach a deal will potentially leave Israel alone to face Iran. There is no real “Sunni-Israeli coalition,” and talk of an Israeli-Saudi-Emirati front to face Iran is more strategic fiction than a practical reality.

… but the United States has come to terms with the absence of a deal and the reality of Iran as a “nuclear threshold state.” That’s not the outcome the United States had hoped for, but it’s one it can live with.


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  1. I have heard of Israeli threats of an attack on Iran to suppress the ‘threat’ for as long as I can remember.
    So much so that by nuts are the size of a zeppelin.
    I’m saying puleeze go ahead, make my day! I got the popcorn ready to watch a direct impact on Dimona. I’d be sorry for all those Ethiopian Jews that were resettled around the plant but…karma does not differiate much.
    Not that it would end the EOJ (Empire of Judea) ’round the world but as Norm Finkelstein said, “Israel needs to suffer a big defeat in war, there’s no other way its people would change their ways”.

  2. “If anything bad happens, we can blame the Repubs for it” if so, then why Joe is following the approach of the so-called Republicans about Iran? One ‘establishment’ and two names……
    The Republicans waged wars, and the Democrats continued them.

    • You have a short memory it seems or maybe an acute case of myopic focus. I went through this with you in length and with good reasoning. Likud which is the right wing of Israel has Washington by its cojones. They even control J street. The outlet that I mentioned below and there are dozens of them in are a static part of Washington. UANI, ISW, FDD, AIPAC, David Philip Brody et al they are all the homes of Likud which will hover over anyone in the Oval Office.

      Some of the occupants of the WH will throw a fit and try to not cooperate like the guy in 2009 when his Chas Freeman was booted out by Likud he didn’t even moi and in turn in 2016 he fingered them on his way out with his non vetoing the res 2334.

      Same shit goes for Clinton who’s funny picture is up in your articles below (never mind that he left the largest payroll tax in the US history on his way out meaning he focused on the inside) and same shit with Biden who needs all the help he could get to get his dozens of domestic agenda that Trump erased off the senate floor with the help of baby killers Republicans opposing them.
      Democrats are retailers next to the wholesale Republicans.

      I bet you have a problem with a woman in power as in for presidency.

      I’ll leave you with this:

      “Before the White House gets too cozy with MBS, they should consider the obvious: MBS is just waiting and hoping for Trump’s return. To MBS, Biden is just a speed bump.”

    • No, I don’t have a problem with a woman in power as in for presidency, there’s no difference in my opinion.
      Benjamin Setanyahu says to his circle quote “America is something that can easily be moved to the “right” direction, they won’t get in our way…..” He doesn’t say “Republicans” or “Democrats”, he says “America”…
      ISIS was created under whose administration? And which admin attacked Syria to help the “New middle east plot”? Obama said in a White House briefing quote “We are speeding up training our ISIL (ISIS) forces”, and Hillary Clinton said “we created the extremists in Afghanistan to fight with the Soviet”.
      Maybe out of 1000 democrat politicians, one good guy exists, but one can’t praise the democratic party just because of that one good guy. Repub/dem, they are two wings of the same dirty bird, I respect your opinion, but if the Democrats and Repubs are fighting over Obama care (e.g), it doesn’t mean that they are “two” “different” political “ideologies”, it just means that they have a collision of profit at the time.
      They could not control America if they didn’t deceive the Americans to believe that they have democracy, there’s no democracy, the whole USA is owned by the Zionists, Hillary in her book (What happened) repeatedly refers to the “revolution”, she’s not an evangelist Repub, but she’s a member of the deep state, and when you vote for a Democrat, you’re voting for such people not that “one out of 1000”!

    • The “Syrian civil war” which was the concoction of Likud (republicans of Israel and beyond) used the Daeshis who were all the Sunni Wahhabis of Saddam’s regime put mostly in prison during the reign of a Republican George W Bush, in order to create a Sunni Shia division in the Levant. When Hillary admitted to the creation it was to say that the republican wars created it. That part is not mentioned in the republican circles.

      When Affordable Care Act known as Barack Hussein Obama Care in republican circles was first introduced it was far different from what the child killing republicans left it pass at the senate to be adopted. Not even close. And the child killing republicans love it the way it is because it took the single payer out of its original equation.

      There is no democracy, as democracy requires a middle class and that has been eroded by rich child killing republicans because their level of greed can only be supported and aggravated by a rich right wing fascist group aka Likud.

    • Irani this is what Barack Hussein Obama said on July 6th 2015 at 4pm:

      Remarks by the President on Progress in the Fight Against ISIL:

      “Meanwhile, we continue to ramp up our training and support of local forces that are fighting ISIL on the ground. As I’ve said before, this aspect of our strategy was moving too slowly. But the fall of Ramadi has galvanized the Iraqi government. So, with the additional steps I ordered last month, we’re speeding up training of ISIL [Iraqi] forces, including volunteers from Sunni tribes in Anbar Province.

      More Sunni volunteers are coming forward. Some are already being trained, and they can be a new force against ISIL.”

      This posted text was taken out of the Obama White House archive and I noticed that you purposely changed the words IRAQI in parentheses to ISIS in parentheses of your post.

      Why ?

    • NewtRallyt
      (So-called) Islamic State of Iraq and Levant—–> ISIL
      (so-called) Islamic State of Iraq and Syria ——> ISIS
      and they are one force, Levant is the historical region of Syria, which includes present-day Syria, Lebanon, Jordan, Israel, Palestine and most of Turkey. (Search it yourself) and the map of the Levant is exactly the land that Israel and the Zionists wanted to occupy by the “Greater Israel” plot.
      See man, just click on my name, and you’ll see an article about 9 11, the first video is about the direct implications of Hollywood to 9 11 since 50 years before the Twin Towers collapsed, Hollywood didn’t imply that but directly talked about it and showed the twoers in fire, and now you’re telling me while I see these things, I should believe that ISIL is just an accident? And may I ask America was training which Iraqi soldiers? Those who didn’t resist against ISIS even for one day? If Iran didn’t go there, neither America would stop its own terrorist cult nor Iraq.
      You wanna tell me that if Israel calls Mossad as the “The Israeli secret intelligence service” which its abbreviation becomes ISIS is an accident?
      You’re telling me that if the International Crisis Group (a Zionist think tank) published the passage of the JCPOA 14 months before Rouhani becomes president is an accident?

    • You’re telling me that Mosaad and CIA according to Edward Snowden trained the ISIS leader out of an accident?
      That Republicans created ISIS while Democrats didn’t know a damn thing about it?
      Come on NewtRallyt, Barak “Hussain” Obama? Lol, how the hell then?
      Do you remember Barak taped a video at the time of the Iranian new year (when he was president) and said “Noruz Mubarak, I’m gonna eat Baghali Polo and fish” 🤣🤣 he said it, and imposed more sanctions on Iran at the same time!!!! Why do you believe these hypocritical retards?

      And you didn’t pay attention to my Hillary point, she is not an evangelist Republican, but she talks about the so-called revolution that Trump talks about, why? Isn’t it other than she’s a member of the Illuminati/Zionist deep state of the US?
      I’m not defending Repubs, death to them, but I’m just saying the Democrats are as bad as Repubs, and even worse, cause they are hypocritical.
      Everyone knew there were no WMDs in Iraq, so why when Barak took office, he didn’t pull out of Iraq? if he was a good guy? Why did he continue killing people?
      America created ISIS, and the Dems and Repubs are both guilty of that not just Obama. they are spying on every single living creature on the earth by their mass espionage plan and both are guilty of that,,,,, I do remember the first day that Joe took office as the us’s president, he ordered an air strike on Syria and murdered dozens of people there, Joe, Trump, Barak, Hillary, they are all terrorists, and you know what? The “drone papers” which is responsible for the death of many innocent people was under Obama’s admin, not a Repub. (God damn them both)
      General policies of the US never changed, even if its Presidents did.

    • I have no problem with any of that. I do have a problem with you changing the verbatim text from (Iraqi) to (ISIS).

      You still haven’t answered my question of why you did that.

    • Also Obama in his nowruz wish never made a mistake of saying baghali polo and fish. He said it correctly sabzi polo and fish.

      I don’t know of any “Irani” who would make a mistake like that.

    • 😂😂 Ok, if I’m not good at cooking it doesn’t mean that I’m not an Iranian,, they both have sabzi in them,,,,and both Baghali Polo and Sabzi polo are eaten by Fish! I just remembered the fish part.

      And if you have no problem with the “drone papers” or other crimes of the democrats that resulted in the death of many kids and innocent people, I have nothing to say, cause I just started the discussion cause I thought the lives of people matter more than campaigning…

      Can you please explain how once Obama uses ISIL as ISIS —-> Meanwhile, we continue to ramp up our training and support of “local forces” that are “fighting ISIL on the ground” ?

      And at the same speech, he refers to Iraqi forces as ISIL? “we’re speeding up training of ISIL forces, including volunteers from Sunni tribes in Anbar Province.” (THIS IS YOUR OWN SCRIPT)

      Isn’t it a discrepancy? Finally, ISIL is ISIS or Iraqi forces from al-Anbar??!

      NewtRallyt, I know that I can’t change the mind of a person who has all of his life believed in an ideology, but at least, don’t justify the Democrats even if you wanna support them.

    • My saying I have no problem with that meant I’m not disputing what you’re saying. Hussein never did put up a fight when his Chad Feeman was taken out. That says a lot. After all he’s got an Uncle Tom problem like many.
      Please refrain from changing the gist of what I had said to you earlier about democrats being miles behind the republicans crimes against humanity. Miles behind. When I say you have a myopic focus I’m right.

      The Obama administration was considered a problem for Israel. If you don’t believe me read this on Politico “Israeli lawmaker: Obama is no friend of Israel”

      And please do not tweak a quoted script anymore it’s not good for truth seeking.

      Now on Daesh: CIA and Mossad used all of the Iraqi prisoners of war and then some to form Daesh to fight Iran in the region. Khorasan was something that Khamenei talked about.

      It was out of the hands of Obama and only the military had control over it.

      Bob Woodward was in the room when Hussein had his initial meetings with the “generals” and his depiction of what he saw was very graphic.

      He was always the black guy who got lucky if you know what I mean.

      And lastly no a true Iranian will save the baghali polo for the lamb shank and not the white fish !

    • Am I not right? Who are the “Sunni tribes”?
      Wikipedia believes that Salafists and Wahhabis are Sunni too!! So how can we know that he doesn’t mean Wahhabis?
      While we know ISIS has Wahhabi ideology, how can we be sure that he is not using “ایهام” “pun”/”playing with words” ?
      Sunnis are not Wahhabi of course, but apparently Obama and Clinton have a different opinion, who are the current terrorists in Afghanistan? Aren’t those who went after the Soviets? The so called plotters of 9 11?

    • NewtRallyt, I urge you to read your scrip of Bama’s word again, you wrote: “Meanwhile, we continue to ramp up our training and support of local forces that are fighting ISIL on the ground. As I’ve said before, this aspect of our strategy was moving too slowly. But the fall of Ramadi has galvanized the Iraqi government. So, with the additional steps I ordered last month, we’re speeding up training of ISIL forces, including volunteers from Sunni tribes in Anbar Province.”

      Obama twice uses ISIL, once he says “fighting ISIL”, ONCE he says “Training ISIL”, this is your own script, look at that again,,,,,,,,, I didn’t fabricate anything out of myself,,,

    • And some people cook آش with عدس some don’t, does it means that those who don’t, aren’t Iranian? 😂😂 Half of the آش I’ve ever eaten were without عدس, and I never thought with myself that the one who cooked it so, must have not been an Iranian. Baghali ya sabzi, is that what matters now?

    • I have found the original speech, as yourself wrote the headline is “Irani this is what Barack Hussein Obama said on July 6th 2015 at 4pm:

      Remarks by the President on Progress in the Fight Against ISIL”!
      “Fighting against ISIL” HOW ONCE HE SAYS FIGHTING WITH AND ONCE TRAINING? Obama paved the road for Israel, whether they pretend to be Israel’s enemy or not.

    • “Meanwhile, we continue to ramp up our training and support of local forces that are fighting ISIL on the ground. As I’ve said before, this aspect of our strategy was moving too slowly. But the fall of Ramadi has galvanized the Iraqi government. So, with the additional steps I ordered last month, we’re speeding up training of ISIL [Iraqi] forces, including volunteers from Sunni tribes in Anbar Province.” This is your own text that copied from : obamawhitehouse.Archives.Gov/the-press-office/2015/07/06/remarks-president-progress-fight-against-isil
      Isn’t it? I didn’t change anything. How ISIL is once ISIS, once Iraqi forces?

    • It was Khamenei who said this about Trump when he tore up the deal and said let’s talk, he said: You saw the other one coming with a so called friendly approach (he meant Obama), this guy is crazy from the get go.

      You said before that at least Trump is honest about his intentions.

      I don’t think that’s what Khamenei saw in him.

    • NewtRallyt, thank you for the time that you took to read and reply to my comments. I were not talking about Mr Khamenei’s point of view or Trump, after all.

    • NewtRallyt, and you said a republican media doesn’t talk about the rest of Hillary’s words, The media I quoted from was not a Republican media, but anyway, this is a longer video of what she says about the terrorists in Afghanistan: youtu.Be/L9riC3944m8

      And I may remind that, “that was not the result of Bush’s attack”, because back then the US has not attacked Afghanistan yet.
      And she says “they were fanatical” and literally admits that these Wahhabi takfiri cults are created by the USA.
      It was not like “training them and leaving them”, USA has not left anyone, the CIA has been supporting, sustaining, and subsidizing Al Qaeda right of the bat, and it was conducted under both Republican and Democrat admins.

    • NewtRallyt, Hillary Rodham Clinton is admitting that ‘democrats’ supported terrorism.


    • Irani lol. I thought you already said goodbye and left to try sabzi polo with white fish to see how it tastes.

      For the record you never answered me why you changed the words in the parentheses from Iraqi to ISIS. And for the record the war in Afghanistan was George W Bush’s which was what Hillary Clinton was referring at her testimony so many years ago. She was referring to the funding of Mujahedin in Afghanistan by non other than the guy who’s ten feet under right now Zbigniew Brzeziński in the late 70s.

      I don’t know why you insist on focusing on a part of the problem which is the democrats in congress and deflecting from THE main component of the problem which is the republicans of congress, the actual baby killers.

      The Daeshis were created by CIA during the years of Petraeus to fight Iran. Even Khamenei knows this.

      But if your intention is to establish both sides, fine, I agree, I never disagreed. I just wanted to know why your myopic focus on the small part of the problem. Maybe you like Trump.

      For now the Tel Aviv Washington war coalition is at it again. Maybe you are hoping for that.

    • NewtRallyt, you must be kidding, because I already told you that ISIL doesn’t mean Iraqi forces, because the whole speech of Obama, as yourself copied its transcript, was about fighting ISIL, and if you want to ignore that part I can’t do anything, I again urge you to read your own script of Obama’s words, once he says “fighting ISIL” once he says “training ISIL” and, he doesn’t refer to Iraqi forces, but the WH archive refers, and Obama after that says “including Sunni tribes”, and I said we don’t know who are “Sunni Tribes” cause the US calls “Wahhabis” as Sunni, too (while they aren’t) you didn’t explain to me how possibly, Obama has such a discrepancy in his speech, finally he fights or trains????

      About Trump, I believe all the US presidents are terrorists, including Trump, Obama, Biden, Bush, and others, and I exclusively like to see Trump’s death because of General Soleimani.

      Have you forgotten how the discussion started? you said dems are better than Repubs, and I said, No, none of them is better than the other, If you voted for Biden, you may want to think twice about voting for a Democrat again, that was what I tried to say, don’t twist it please, if you were an American I would never start the discussion with you, Repubs are baby killer, Democrats aren’t any better. The USA is a deep state, these dem, repub things are just stories to fool people.

    • This must be the longest comment thread Jim or Gordon had to endure lol.

      Well according to the British movie The Lady of Heaven بانوی بهشت Daesh started 1400 years ago !! Do you see the exclamation points ? It means it’s a joke. Don’t even go there, it was a joke a bad joke a British joke which is what the Brits are, a bad joke. That’s where all the problems of the world come from, Britanistan.

      I read in three languages in three continents and when in Iran I’m aware of the fact that the dems’s domestic accomplishments are not typically talked about nor really reported in Farsi language websites. Your myopic focus has to do with that but I know that you do know that the foreign policy of the US is 99% farmed out to Tel Aviv. US Presidents can’t even distinguish between Daesh and Hamas. Or in our case when using ISIL and in parentheses someone corrected it to Iraqi, to Obama it’s a blur.

      If it wasn’t for the Iran hostage crisis blasted every night by Ted Koppel on ABC the US population wouldn’t even know where Eye Ran is.

      The difference between the selected candidates for the US presidency are to many people including us the difference between shit and shittier. But that’s all they got.

      Thank you. Over and out.

  3. about that heaven option… forget it.

    we are way past the stories of the “egyptian” underworld.

    there are 72 waiting on mars yes.. they elementals waiting for the return of their spirits incarnated in much of the warmongers on this planet earth.

    either way…

    better use the option of tunnel to get back or as stated, “jumprooms to mars”. off topic this one? nope i showed you the Core of the problem.

  4. No difference “clean” low yield nuke with near radioactivity and a powerful conventional bomb except for blast pattern they are designed to create (very flat makes good instant airfields as used in Vietnam)
    Or, a “tunnel” blast to blow out the top of a steel skyscraper and send it crashing down into itself, (NYC) or a knife-edge blast to blow out underwater bunkers under 50 meters of granite…(Beirut).
    Not much difference at all if it doesnt have any radioactivity dispersed from the explosion and it all gets consumed in the blast (read VTs nuclear education eh)
    If mind sick enough you could argue nukes are “humanitarian” and save lives as specifically designed for specific targets. (like covid 19 humanitarian weapon since didnt kill kids so much)

  5. The ONLY JCPOA that Israel will approve is one where Iran’s missile forces are mitigated. Not gonna happen, as that is suicide for Iran. As the war in Yemen pretty much illustrates, it is their missile forces that tip the balance for Yemen. Those US and Israeli air defense systems will be able to do as much for Israel as they did for KSA/UAE, which is the real reason for Israeli insistence on inclusion of Iran’s missiles. They don’t need nukes to eradicate Israel and Israel and Iran both know it. Any drive to obtain nukes would be as non-sensical as Assad’s supposed CW strikes on his own people. Using nukes in the area is highly self-destructive tactic as well. The nuke issue is pure hyperbole for propaganda, period. Since those missiles are conventional and do adhere to previous limitations, namely being non-nuke capable, Israel falls back on the nuke card. The Biden admin appears to be using this as a mere PR op, with no real drive for success, farting around about sanctions, illegal ones at that, that also contributes to the oil mess. It’s sad that we are in the position of being hated by every side, but I must admit, we worked hard to get here.

  6. Biden is a self proclaimed zionist. so it is no surprise he is bowing to israeli pressure and nuclear deal talks with iran are going nowhere.

  7. Please don’t leave out US evangelicals, 50 million strong, who hope that Iran attacks Israel and sets into motion their crazy end-times scenario. 80% of them voted for Trump in 2020. It was for them that he killed the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action with Iran. It was for them that he murdered General Soleimani. It was for them that he moved the US embassy to Jerusalem.

    They are fully supportive of what the European Ashkenazim (Likud) are doing in Palestine, brutally suppressing the Palestinians and waging ongoing wars of aggression against Syria and Lebanon. They not only are the heart and soul of the ReTrumplican Party, but pray for WWIII to happen so they can be “raptured” up to Heaven while the rest of us are turned to cinder cakes.

  8. Zio trash in Washington like UANI is after a war with Iran. There are hundreds of outlets like that in the US financed by Likud. One of them is the Trump presidency and they will campaign hard again to get him selected for a war with Iran.
    Likud has never miscalculated the military might of Iran but they want a shit show as if they think that there is a slim chance of survival.

    • https://www.mashreghnews.ir/news/1380449

      (Sorry if they are not in English)
      But anyway, this is not just the “Trump campaign” that is looking for a war, this is the deep state, and when I say deep state I exactly mean the guys who are mentioned in the two articles above, they have occupied all aspects of the lives of the Americans and westerners and of course 90% of the people of the world, this is a lot bigger than just Trump’s campaign, all the wars that they have waged was a plan, on behalf of the deep state, sometimes the Republicans were the executors sometimes the Democrats…..

      This Republican and Democrat game is a lie as big as 911.
      The deep state is now pushing the world towards a “fake” famine, and they have a good excuse for that, the war in Ukraine, yesterday NYT published an article about the “crimes of people who are linked to PutIn” in Africa, lol, they forget their own countless crimes in Africa and try to make a total villain out of PutIn to play the role of the bad guy in the upcoming events, and there’s no question that the first victim of the upcoming “fake” famine is Africa…like the so-called variants of “Covid” that begun in Africa.
      They are talking about upcoming “fake” pandemics and convincing the sheeple to get their vaccines, these are all parts of a “bigger” plan than just Trump.
      WWIII has already begun.

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