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[ Editor’s Note: This news comes as no surprise, as NATO has been inside Ukraine for a long time, executing an undeclared war against the ethnic Russians there, something that started before the Maidan coup and never stopped.

Corporate media has been fully in the bag in hiding this, which includes its massive coverage of the Ukraine war while leaving out NATO’s involvement in the Maidan Coup and the two fake Minsk agreements.

Incredibly, it has air brushed out of the picture the eight year war that Kiev and NATO have waged on the Donbas perimeter for its sin of refusing to be ruled by NATO, and the oligarchs and neo-Nazis. Imagine that!

This is June 6th, and I have still not seen a word of this part of the story printed, other than on VT, which is an admission that the guilty parties do not want to face public scrutiny by rationalizing what gave them the right to do this, and secretly.

Frankly, one could view this as an attack on our democracy, way before the Trump goons, and one that continues today, parallel to the Republican goal of winning in 2024 “one way or another” (their words).

The analogy with Ukraine is that NATO wants to move its front line to Russia’s western border, knowing that would create a shooting conflict, as Moscow would be forced to respond.

If someone had suggested to me two decades ago that one day we would find the US government, Intel agencies and its military working closely with and training neo-Nazis to start an unprovoked war with Russia, I would have deemed that a fantasy.

There is hardly a whimper of an anti-war movement over the situation now, despite the economic upheaval here, but also flooding over the world like a tidal wave and crushing the economic life out of economically stressed countries.

In closing, I have to ask the question that no one here has yet asked. Was there a military/Intel coup here and I missed it somehow? Let me know what you think in the comments. Somehow some resistance to this madness has to surface or we are all going to pay for the looming disasterJim W. Dean ]

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This is what the NATO grifters have reduced the ethnic Russians to in Ukraine. It is time to reverse those positions, and let the perpetrators and their families enjoy that life for a while, to see how they like it.

First published 6 June 2022

As Russian-led forces advance through the Ukrainian defense in eastern Ukraine, more and more secrets of the Kiev regime are being revealed.

Colonel Dariusz Majchrzak

On May 6, documents of Polish Colonel Dariusz Majchrzak were found in the military positions left by the Ukrainian Armed Forces in the city of Severodonetsk. The documents confirm that NATO officer was deployed in Severodonetsk and now may be hiding in the Azot chemical plant.

In one of the premises left by the AFU in Severodonetsk, documents for the KIA Sorento car of Dariusz Majchrzak were found by Russian servicemen.

Colonel Dariusz Majchrzak is the Vice-Rector for Military Affairs of the War Studies University , ASzWoj, in Poland. He studied at the Officers’ Academy in Wroclaw, served in the 11th Armored Cavalry Division.

He has repeatedly participated in the organization and conduct of military exercises both at the national and international level. In 2005-2006, he served as a senior specialist of the Divisional Advisory and Training Group as part of the Polish military contingent in the Republic of Iraq.

His scientific researches are dedicated to the issues of national and international security. He studied modern threats, crisis management, mainly in the EU and in Poland.

It is still not clear if Colonel Dariusz Majchrzak was killed or if he is still in Severodonetsk, or if he left the city and Ukraine. The documents may be considered the first evidence of the participation of Polish military personnel in hostilities against Russia.


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  1. “Was there a military/Intel coup here and I missed it somehow?” Yes Jim, it happened while we were all watching the Monica affair outing and impeachment of our philanderer in chief. Deep state allied with Hillary took control. Bills compromising, but yet without exposing Epstein/Maxwell’s hand…..may be what you did miss. Having read your writings and being censored on the topic, I’ve very sure that is the coup that you missed That put deep state in control, allied with Hillary to pull off the WTC and Pentagon (2001) and lately, Russiagate. Bush was fully part/aware of it (but not entirely trusting they were not going to take him out). Video of him hiding in a school is epic…very Judas like.

  2. Actually, Jim, you did not miss it. The coup began November 22. 1963 and completed on September 11, 2001.

    • “The era of the Antichrist has begun” says Bob Dylan in “Murder Most Fowl”. Embracing his poetic license, I too can see November 22/63 as a great kick off season, then came April 4/68 for MKL ticket to the great beyond and June 5/68 for Robert F. Kennedy turn to get plugged. July 16/99 was the day that John Kennedy Junior got the pink slip for good measure too. In between, June 8th/67, the USS Liberty’s real holocaust, with lower case/not the TM event, where the EOJ dropped napalm bombs on deck to try and fry the American crew to a crisp, highligthed an eventful decade. It only has become ever more sinister, violent and hopeless.
      The antilogos tribe doesn’t have an off switch.

    • just a little late to the party but, nevertheless, you’ve nailed the start date on that sunny Dallas day.

      the end date, however, is yet to be determined. note the death yesterday, June 27, 2022, of the senate sergeant-at-arms, Michael Stenger, apparently murdered prior to his scheduled testimony before the Jan 6 kangaroo-court in congress. odd how so many have failed to cover this timely elimination of the individual so pressed to restrict security prior to the FBI’s Jan 6 psy-op.

      the battle rages.

  3. 1871 ever since then we’ve been a corporate state ruled by the City of London. See Chapter 11 in the DOD’s Manual of War. It wasn’t a coup. It was an invasion and occupation.

  4. Don’t know whether to call it a coup or simply bureaucratic in-fighting but when Mr. Trump became president he said he would get us out of useless wars and normalize relations with Russia. All admirable goals but he was thwarted at every turn. Also likely that rogue elements in his administration loosed Covid on China, Iran and Italy. Had Mr. Trump done what he said he would do he would have gone down in history as a good president in spite of his personal failings. All we got out of the Trump administration was a demonstration that neither the president nor the congress runs the country. Our beloved Republic is controlled by that pure evil which we call the Deep State.

    • Very true. But, Trump couldn’t control his natural instincts to con the suckers regardless of the scale. He would have blown up eventually. The amazing thing was he was elected. Then, with all that power he was a kid in a candy store.

  5. Neocons (Trotskyites) come in all flavors, R and D. They infiltrated during Reagan (think tanks, State Department, Defense Department, WH, and media), struck during Bush~the~lesser, and now they’re back. Taking out Putin represents nothing less than the second-coming of the overthrow of Tsar Nicholas II.

    • Yup. The resources of Russia have been low hanging fruit for the Western bankers for over 100 years. They won’t let it go as long as they have military goons and politicians that support their cravings. What these fools never realize is that they get little or nothing for their efforts, and the boys in the Big Club run laughing all the way to the bank. Wave that flag high!

    • https://t.me/RKadyrov_95

      Krad’ has clips of the new ninjas (Spetzs) headed to finish off the next plant -w- the nazis.. probably a couple thousand – heard numbers around 6K in the locala’s ???

      >>> Putin is not running this show… this is the Russian Duma; called a “Stavik”..

      question beggs ? do the poles move w belaruse B4 vlad moves over to Moldova ?? not much chance the Russian are giving any of this bak -4- a happy kissy w NATO; slobbering -w- jumpin joe and ursla/eu…

  6. The military coup that you refer to, Jim, happened on November 22, 1963. My folks in Wisconsin were solid JFK supporters and my mother was forever mortified that his assassination happened on her birthday. Kennedy’s unwillingness to engage the Russians in nuclear warfare plus his unwillingness to allow Israel to have nuclear weapons is what got him killed by the CIA/Mossad and others in the US deep state.

    From then on the USA was set on course for eventual war with Russia, the war that 50 million US so-called Christian Zionists pray for each and every day. They became the heart and soul of the Republican Party with Regan which fully supported the horrible Israeli false-flag attack on the USA on 9/11/2001 and all the wars of aggression we have been fighting since: Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria, Lebanon, all primarily Muslim nations, all for Israel.

    • As for an anti-war movement in the USA, It’s out there but gets no publicity from our Zionist-controlled MSM. In the 1980s I was one of thousands of protesters at the nuclear weapons test site in Mercury Nevada. I was arrested for trespassing four times and told that if I continued this resistance I would never be a teacher in the USA. Coward that I was, I never was arrested again.

  7. Naw U din’t miss it [military/Intel coup]

    siomewhere between a bi-nomial expansion tabulated w a second order derivaive… simply a spike between ripping gold medals from figuriene scaters N haters..

    the kremlin moves after bides saigon dance into the winds… otw – this had been bewing fo a very long time and the fix as in – on vlads side..

    this Big Show is/or’ N plane site, & not a “IF” but a smaller magnetic monopole of When-Where-How-Now..

    the.this — intel coup, is the gibberish’ we get from the expert swivel chari think tanks; wasted electrons..

    what is missed in these dissertations. is that 40 mile stream of russians headed into kieve and the russians slamming europe w 6 million free refugees – they need heat @ happy meals.. that was intentional and allowed the russian to mobilize for the prize down on the rostovONdon.. wel skip the part about getting the Ukies to blow up the bridges on the dipner – cutting their supply lines/throats.. kinda lie letting the bastards nuke a gay whale for jesus…

    Ur spot on – the rest is hurry up N wait; this is a fluid in motion battle line

    • I agree seapatch. Putin is a fricking genius with no more then 200, 000 using high tech weapons he’s managed to defeat NATO. Now all he has to do is sit back and watch the west self destruct. The irony is he’s using the same tactic that Napoleon professed which is “never stop an enemy is the process of destroying themself.”

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