The West has and will further be getting a wake-up call from Russia. It will be a rude awakening. Lisping homosexuals and drag queens fail not only as role models for young boys but since gender confusion is a sickness, as defined in the West until just recently and as still defined in Russia, it spreads just like the disease it is. And it has spread in the West like syphilis in a whorehouse. Those afflicted with it consume themselves with envy for what they can never be a man. They turn society upside down and make cowardice a virtue and courage a toxin that must be eradicated.

To be a warrior is and always has been the pinnacle of a healthy young man’s aspirations. And to be a warrior, first and foremost, a man must be proficient with arms. Politics, philosophy, and religion all aside what always decides the final outcome of every momentous event in human history is valor and martial skill. The West with its rainbow flags, transvestite admiral, and the director of MI 6 who says we must make war on Russia for the sake of fellatio, has lost its manhood to Hollywood and the New York Times book review.

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The West can no longer exist in the real world except as a pool of slaves to the hard men of the East. This is how it ends for a western man, an improper pronoun cowering on command and praying his Cossack master does not beat him again today…

Mike Kay breaks down the metaphysics of the warrior for those who may find this fate unpalatable… – Jack 

The Mystic Warrior 2nd Amendment Honor and Responsibility by Mike Kay

“Away from his arms
In the open field,
A man should fare not one stride
For never he knows
When the need for a spear
Shall arise on the distant road.”

Arms, both competency and possession have for thousands of years been the badge, the blazing emblem of the free man. Those who could not wield arms, or who refused to develop competency with them, were infirm, insane, or lowly serfs. Such a condition was not a credit to their status.

In Aryan society, there was a specific warrior class, membership determined by birth, yet competency at arms was never solely reserved for the warrior class. Warriors led in battle, and in the rule of the society. To this day, anyone who wishes to understand politics must also understand war. The two are closely related. The ancients knew this and structured their society accordingly.

Thus, we can immediately recognize that western society has completely veered off the path that brought it to worldly success. Arms, and competency with them, are currently demonized in the west. Martial and political power is irrevocably separated. Far from being an extension of the warrior class, politics is now largely represented by a unique class of weaklings, specifically, liars, grifters, sellouts, and degenerates.

The history of the rise of the western world is largely misrepresented today, in an effort to assign copious amounts of guilt and blame. In order to arrive at this point, the realities of war and politics as hand in glove are ignored. Perhaps most treasonous, however, is the destruction of the tradition of the armed man, his greatest power, which was fealty freely given, and his mystical tradition of initiation, which has been subverted and stolen by the very forces that profit from the enslavement of the world today.

The right to keep and bear arms, as enshrined in the U.S. Constitution, is far more than the means to provide a “well-regulated militia” for the defense of the Republic. It is far more than a constant reminder to the halls of power that the people have teeth. The right to keep and bear arms is in actuality a statement by which the very condition of the free man, going back into ancient pre-Christian times, is affirmed into the future as that force with which society is ruled and defended.

Here, it must be said that any system, any society does not truly exist on paper. It only lives in the hearts and minds of those who make up its populace. What makes society a worthwhile affair, is the degree of truth and honor that flourishes in those hearts and minds. This is central to the point, because the west as an entity of political, economic, and cultural forces, no longer exists.

Thus, it is all well and good to discuss what the 2nd means, what it was supposed to mean, and how it should function, yet in each of these cases it is generally forgotten that the guiding light for the model of American society as crafted by those 18th-century documents was an unspoken tradition, that heralds back to pre-Christian times. For example, it’s a well-known secret that Washington DC is laid out according to old Masonic plans, and that just about all the founders were themselves, Masons. Masonry is today the kind of a topic that inspires all manner of knee-jerk reactions, most of them negative. I’m not truly interested in such discussions.

Y chromosome, 2010

Masonry in the 18th century was a far different animal than any surviving modern examples, and while it would require exhaustive forensic work to fully detail, the Masonry of which we speak is thoroughly pre-Christian in source and function. It should be noted that after the murder and theft of the heritage of the Knights Templar, they continued as a force, primarily in Portugal and Scotland. Their treasure was largely relocated to places such as Oak Island in the New World, and various Templars joined the indigenous tribes of the Americas, who have preserved many of their stories.

Columbus claimed there was no Northern passage, but does anyone seriously believe that the masters would share their knowledge with him, a slaver and humorless profiteer? History bears out that the Northern passage was well known, used at least from the Bronze Age if not before. The Norsemen employed it to good effect for thousands of years, and the inheritance of the north was passed on via Masonry. The documentation is beyond the scope of this piece, to establish the Norse roots in Masonry. Suffice it to say this is not simply an empty claim.

Perhaps the best friends the surviving Templars had were the Masons. Certainly, both found correspondence in their pagan roots, their spiritual tradition, and their allegiance to knowledge. Yet time was not kind to the Templars, and as they faded into the greater milieu, it was the Masons who remembered their long-lost friends.

The question has oft been raised, who actually funded the American Revolution? It certainly wasn’t the bankers, nor despite claims, could it have been the French. Revolutions are expensive endeavors, and as for who actually funded this one, it was the Templars themselves.

Masons and Templars pooled resources and moved the last of the Templar treasure to the New World. We know the Templars were here, for they left us the Newport Tower constructed upon the ancient cubit system of measurement and constructed for astronomical observation according to the 14th century. Like the many Rune stones still attacked by academia as fake, and the Ogham that archaeologists dismiss as chicken scratches, the evidence will never exist for the willfully blind.

However, it is entirely in keeping that the Masons would remember Templar treasure. Further, it was the Templars who moved it here to build their new magic land, away from the clutches of their oppressors. To those Masons, it would have been a fitting use to deploy this treasure as a down payment upon the New Nation they were struggling to build in an increasingly hostile world.

Masonry, and the ancient pre-Christian roots it preserved, were hardly a pastime to the founders. That such informed the state of mankind and instilled a code and an understanding of the value of right action, right thought, and right belief was hardly a new idea. We have the perfect example of Rosicrucianism, an attempt, coming out of Germany, to establish the characteristics of the great man. Similarly, every true mystical tradition has always borne with it a code of behavior that provided a framework and a comparison for noble action. The founders did not live in a vacuum, they knew, understood, and participated in this tradition.

What exactly, is the tradition? And where do we find it to trace it to the minds of those who crafted this new America? For this, we can turn to one of the greatest philosophers of the 20th century. His greatest achievement, in this writer’s mind, was combing through the ancient Pali texts to divine out the existence of the initiatory tradition in Buddhism. We are, of course, referring to Julius Evola.

I am not going to dignify the howlings of lesser minds by repeating their often vapid and intellectually bankrupt “criticisms” of the life and legacy of Evola. I am going to state, unequivocally, that Evola’s work into Pali has no western complement, and similarly, his analysis of the western warrior tradition, its intrinsic symbiosis with freedom and empowerment, has no equal.

Evola states that there were two essential paths to knowledge in the west. The first, he refers to as contemplation. This is the realm of mystics, of sages, of seekers after the divine.

However, there was also a second, now completely overlooked tradition, which he referred to as the tradition of initiation. In the tradition of initiation, the candidate advanced in knowledge and ability through successfully completing various trials, some of which involve life or death, make-it or break-it events by which certain qualities were bestowed upon the initiate. This was not a path of study, but a path of action, whereby the very physical nature of the man was presented to forces that would either make themselves available to him or shun him forever.

The tradition of the free armed man is one whose origin is traced directly to the Arctic, and that place of origin is from the very start, the ancient Aryans. While this characteristic could and probably should be traced in detail through the various ages, for the sake of brevity we will begin our examination in historical times, with the advent of Chivalry.

Chivalry is defined as a land-owning warrior class. Such a statement should be familiar to Americans, for, in the 18th century, it was the landowners who had the rights within society proper. This was little more than a continuation of medieval social organization, which was at its peak through the lens of chivalry. Land ownership was conveyed with title, and thus the Knight was both a warrior and a stakeholder in the greater society.

For the modern mind, the greatest legacy of Chivalry is in the literature itself, with the Grail as the centerpiece of this heritage. Chivalric literature spans the scope of alchemy, the essence of fealty, of magic, and mystery. Clearly deriving from an ancient Celtic and Nordic tradition, chivalric literature is unabashedly non-Christian. Chivalric students often found themselves at odds with the oppressive political structure of the murderous church, yet despite numerous successes at genocide and democide by that church, this literary treasure has indeed survived.

In the Chivalric literature is support and evidence, not simply for a code of honorable conduct, but for the path of initiation. Thus, the Fisher King must be asked the pivotal question, and recalling, presenting, and asking are the key to the healing of the King and land. This is experiential initiation at its most sublime.

Masonry, in young America, was very much committed to rites and initiatory events. Thus, the bill of rights in general, and the second amendment in particular, must be seen in this light to be truly understood.

The separation of church and state takes on added significance, with the advent of this information, since all religion was Christian, and Christianity had long before this time eradicated entire chapters of the human condition in its perpetual genocides and war upon its own spirituality, as explained in previous pieces.

Thus, the keeping and bearing of arms was nothing less than the act of bringing to the 18th-century world a then-modern interpretation of the path of the mystic warrior, and reintroducing him to the very innermost workings of the nascent state.

There is no state without the means to defend it, and such a defense has always rested upon a group who are competent at arms. Such men have, from ancient times, followed their own spiritual path. It is the path of initiation, where death itself is the arbiter of who advances, and whose journey is done. The soldier is but a poor imitation of the warrior, a slave-fed religion rather than spirituality. The soldier is the weapon of power, disposable, forgotten, or even worshiped when the empire they serve needs them.

It is only the warrior who can be escorted through the gates to Valhalla. The soldier gets his harp or his pitchfork, as the condition demands, but the warrior drinks from the golden horn with the greatest of his fellows, and devours the sacred feast that heals all wounds, before his burning spirit takes him into battle, with fealty freely given, once again.


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  1. Great article! Long time ago we had martial arts of Kadochnikov (Russian style). It was interesting to use mechanical laws in fighting. The spirit of warrior. Turning any item into the weapon. It wasn’t sport for medals, it was the ability to survive. Russian spetsnaz use Kadochnikov’s system of training, short-distance combat, using guns, knives, sticks, swords, etc.
    Thank you, Jack Heart!

  2. The vaxx? A pure example of our American founders not trusting the masses to rule in any shape or form.

    The new America is based upon mass media as they endeavor to get to 51% 9n any given issue that media pushes as a perfect example that America was never a democracy.

    America is a republic based upon the rule of law with the minority at any given time who’s rights are protected. Like for example, a forced bodily injection.

    Those who are for forced injections or those whom are for termination of employment or denial of entrance to any organization because of injection status are enemies of the republic and hence my enemies since I swore an oath many decades ago to uphold that constitution.

    So, I await you with my Henry and will shoot the medical team first that holds the syringe.

  3. I propose that the site of the former Georiga Guidestones be turned into a cemetery for the victims of the evil vaccines as a place of shame for the war dead of those that believed the lies of the enemy.
    For I dispise the vaxxed for serving the liers as they are the worst, as they shame me I shall shame them in the end.
    So, you cowardly vaxx pushers, come as I await you and openly mock you here and may you suffer the same fate you wished on me..

  4. If you include AI, High tech weapons; sound, laser,EMP,bio/chemical, drones and tracking devices to your arsenal those conventional warrior tactics are useless. Keep your mind and body prepared for life. Wars are the powerful and wealthy mans means of control. The average “warrior” knows not who or what he is truly fighting for. The Patriot by nature has been and always will be deceived

  5. really? You want to say Russia is not a Zio puppet? hard to believe,,,,,,,,,, the Russo-Ukraine war was premeditated just like other things that are going on now, like covid, and previous wars,,,,,,,,,, that’s what the Zionists always do,,,,create a war and sell arms to both sides,,,,,,,,,the root of all evil and Nazism, Israel, deserved to be attacked more than the poor Ukrainians who are just brainwashed,,,,

    • Yes I do want to say that Irani, if not for your sake for the sake of the children and the decent among us. I doubt Russia saved Syria’s sovereignty for Schlomo. I doubt Russia kicked Soros and the Rothschilds out of Russia at Schlomo’s behest and banned the poisoned produce of Monsanto. I doubt Putin was kidding when he said he would tear the illuminati apart with his bare hands a few years ago and most of all I doubt you are even a real person. By now everybody knows the prophecy of Edgar Cayce that Russia would save the world but what few of them know is that Leon Degrelle, perhaps the toughest man who ever lived and Russia’s most implacable foe on the battlefield during WW II said almost the same thing:
      “Of course, we cannot rewrite history, but I believe that the record of the winners is not much better.

    • The Soviet empire has acquired the first military power in the world and continues to crush the aspirations for freedom of the peoples of Eastern Europe and, more recently, of Afghanistan. Let us not speak of the holocausts in Asia caused by the victory of the Communists. In the West, the civilization of the only material profit disgusts more and more a youth that cannot accept the reduction to the level of digestive tubes that the consumer society proposes to him. Delinquency and drugs are the price of this situation. At a time when we are witnessing the awakening of Islam, when the American Way of Life leaves people dissatisfied, no hope is offered to the youth of Europe, left to itself and to its spiritual misery. Where is the solution?

    • Well, I’m going to surprise you, at the risk of unleashing the wrath of new enemies against me : I expect a lot from the Russian people. They are still a healthy force, and they will not endure forever their regime of spoiled bureaucrats, which is a total failure in all fields.
      I hope that one day a young Bonaparte will come out of the Red Army as Tukhachevsky could have done in 1938, and that he will break with the stupid ideological jumble that is suffocating the greatest white nation that is still determined to act on history. Where Napoleon and Hitler failed, it is perhaps the son of one of our adversaries in the Caucasus and Cherkassy who will succeed in gathering around Russia, cured of the communist virus, all the European peoples to lead the world in a new march forward.” – Interview collected by Jean Kapel and published in the review “Histoire magazine”, N° 19,
      September 1981.

    • Dostoevsky and Tolstoy said it many years ago although from different perspectives. The Russian spirit is tied to their land and language. There is something majestic there whatever the source. David Lean captured it in his movie version of Dr. Zhivago. They will survive and prosper and withstand assault s from the West.

    • Jack, yes I’m an Iranian and indeed proud of Iran, Iran and Russia are good allies and I do hope we strengthen the relationships, Iran’s MSM just says good things about Russia (unlike the Russian media about Iran), So don’t take my “personal” opinion as Iran’s. Jack Heart, If anything I say may have offended, I’m sorry

      But IRAN persuaded Russia to come to Syria, cause at that time we couldn’t use our own air force in Syria due to some domestic issues, and we did that to destroy ISIS and help Syria keeps its sovereignty, but what is happening now? Israel is every week attacking Syria, and the Russian air force doesn’t intercept even one missile! I do remember RT’s headline one year ago: “Russia and Israel are connected by ‘very deep bond’ & Putin is ‘close, true friend’ of the Jewish people, says Israeli PM Bennett”

      Russia has very good diplomatic relationships with Isreal, and all of the countries that have recognized the apartheid occupation as a “country”, are Israel’s friends/puppet, Israel has been too slow in supporting Ukraine or sanctioning Russia, the reason is simple, till now Russia has been appeasing Israel, now is Israel’s turn.

    • you can see the trail of the Zionists in Russian media, RT just repeats the lies of CNN about the issues that cross the Zionists’ red line, just like Iran, Yemen, 9/11, Covid and other things, let’s just pay attention to a fact, 9/11, I don’t know what do you think of that, but, huh, that was not “only” an inside job (!!!!!!!!), I mean have you ever thought to yourself that why should a Trump supporter like Alex Jones says 9/11 was an inside job? Why some 9/11 (so-called) truth websites are still alive (like: 9/ but some others are destroyed (like: The reason is simple, cause those who say 9/11 was an inside job or those who say the CIA (just) knew about it, are the puppets of the CIA, the CIA created them to distract the minds from two facts, one that 9/11 was an inside and outside job!!
      THE US govt did it but on the behest of Israel, these so-called 9/11 truth guys never discussed Israel’s role, and even Alex Jones once said “I don’t think Israel had anything to do with 9/11” (!!!!!!!) and the second reason is that the CIA created those groups to create many theories, so the water is muddied and you can never find the truth!! There’s just one true theory about 911, the videos of the planes that crashed into the twin towers are just fake cartoons! ( (which the so-called 911 truth websites deny(!!) ) and the USA and Israel both have done that.

    • Just compare our current discussion to 9/11 (!!!), the Zios did it, and then created a group against it (Lol), why should I believe Russia is not a Zio puppet when I see that Putin invites Israeli officials to its country and supports them? What’s the difference between Russia and France for example? The Russian oligarchs just like the oligarchs in “all” over the world are the Zionists’ friends, and why should I think that this oligarch is not affecting the government just like other countries? I again insist that I just said my personal opinion as a person who doesn’t want to be fooled and laughed at by the Zio deep state of the world again, not Iran’s opinion, Iran’s MSM just say the things that you do, they say “saint Russia attacked Ukraine to denazify”, I just don’t know why didn’t they do that earlier in Occupied Palestine? The Russian nation is a decent and wise nation, I’m just discussing the govt not the people.
      I do hope what you think o your government is true, but let’s not forget that PutIn is Israel’s friend, as himself says.
      I do understand your feeling about Russia, cause I exactly have the same about my own country, as the Americans had about their country 20 -40 years ago, but it doesn’t mean that we should close our eyes to the facts that we see, I’m just saying we should not let Russia becomes second America, cause then it’ll just destroy itself, I don’t support Ukraine, but I doubt if supporting Russia is the right thing either. If you read my comment without hostility, you’ll see that I’m more worried for Russia than being its enemy, the Zionists are just disappointed with the USA, and they’re looking for a new patsy…..

      PutIn on one hand, shakes a hand with Bennet and the Zionists and on the other hand, wants to tear down the Illuminati? Which one should I believe?
      I do hope your words about Russia are true, and the Russian doesn’t be a Zio puppet, I just do hope….. 

    • So you are a real person Irani and I really appreciate VT moderating to insure that. Moscow has just sent Schlomo packing.
      I appreciate your skepticism and don’t think I won’t turn on them in a New York minute I see any evidence otherwise but right now from the Z to all the actions that led up to it it looks like Putin is the real deal and the globalists, they got themselves a problem…

    • That’s a shame for VT that every time I get into a discussion, it deletes my comments, however that’s typically American, but even Jpost doesn’t do that with my comments every time.

  6. The mythical warriors received their weapons upon completing warrior rites of passage. The native American tribes of the plains are examples. Unfortunately, in the modern world, weapons are available and usually acquired by those least dedicated to the warrior ethos. Including the huge mercenary force called the US Armed Forces. The proliferation of bigger and better arms in modern times makes the model described here untenable. Thus, we have armed criminals doing the work of devilish politicians all over the world. And, then there’s the Russians.

  7. I don’t know if the Jews had any primary function in the initial phases, of the spinning of the tale above, but without a slightest doubt, the father of lies, Satan, was ultimately its creative, and hidden guiding hand.
    No offense intended; just a warning.

  8. I infer that you mean the Freemasonry of 300 years ago… because the current one has been infiltrated by Jews and is just a can of worms. And just as in Freemasonry, these worms have metastasized in every branch, institution or company of society. If you smell a rotten smell, lift the stone, and you will meet one of them… And you know it, Jack…

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