by Chuck Baldwin,

As a political analyst and more importantly as a spiritually-minded student of the Scriptures, I am absolutely convinced of this: When the major establishments all pounce on one subject, collectively decide who is a victim and who is a villain and beat the same drum day over and over in total unison, the narrative that is being presented is one hundred percent upside down.

And right now the power establishments have decided to bewitch us with an anti-Russia, pro-Ukraine agenda. But as with all establishment propaganda, the narrative is a big, fat lie.

I begin with Ron Paul’s excellent commentary:

When the Bush Administration announced in 2008 that Ukraine and Georgia would be eligible for NATO membership, I knew it was a terrible idea. Nearly two decades after the end of both the Warsaw Pact and the Cold War, expanding NATO made no sense. NATO itself made no sense.

Explaining my “no” vote on a bill to endorse the expansion, I said at the time:

NATO is an organization whose purpose ended with the end of its Warsaw Pact adversary… This current round of NATO expansion is a political reward to governments in Georgia and Ukraine that came to power as a result of US-supported revolutions, the so-called Orange Revolution and Rose Revolution.

Providing US military guarantees to Ukraine and Georgia can only further strain our military. This NATO expansion may well involve the US military in conflicts unrelated to our national interest…

Unfortunately, as we have seen this past week, my fears have come true. One does not need to approve of Russia’s military actions to analyze its stated motivation: NATO membership for Ukraine was a red line it was not willing to see crossed. As we find ourselves at risk of a terrible escalation, we should remind ourselves that it didn’t have to happen this way. There was no advantage to the United States to expand and threaten to expand NATO to Russia’s doorstep. There is no way to argue that we are any safer for it.

NATO went off the rails long before 2008, however. The North Atlantic Treaty was signed on April 4, 1949, and by the start of the Korean War just over a year later, NATO was very much involved in the military operation of the war in Asia, not Europe!

NATO’s purpose was stated to “guarantee the safety and freedom of its members by political and military means.” It is a job not well done!

I believe as strongly today as I did back in my 2008 House Floor speech that, “NATO should be disbanded, not expanded.” In the meantime, expansion should be off the table.

Hear, hear, Dr. Paul.

Ron Paul

I also encourage you to read this terrific column by Attorney John Whitehead entitled Perpetual Tyranny: Endless Wars Are The Enemy Of Freedom.

In this column, Whitehead wrote,

As long as America’s politicians continue to involve us in wars that bankrupt the nation, jeopardize our servicemen and women, increase the chances of terrorism and blowback domestically, and push the nation that much closer to eventual collapse, “we the people” will find ourselves in a perpetual state of tyranny.

It’s time for the U.S. government to stop policing the globe.

This latest crisis—America’s part in the showdown between Russia and the Ukraine—has conveniently followed on the heels of a long line of other crises, manufactured or otherwise, which have occurred like clockwork in order to keep Americans distracted, deluded, amused, and insulated from the government’s steady encroachments on our freedoms.

And so it continues in its Orwellian fashion.

Two years after COVID-19 shifted the world into a state of global authoritarianism, just as the people’s tolerance for heavy-handed mandates seems to have finally worn thin, we are being prepped for the next distraction and the next drain on our economy.

Yet policing the globe and waging endless wars abroad isn’t making America—or the rest of the world—any safer, it’s certainly not making America great again, and it’s undeniably digging the U.S. deeper into debt.

War has become a huge money-making venture, and the U.S. government, with its vast military empire, is one of its best buyers and sellers.

What most Americans—brainwashed into believing that patriotism means supporting the war machine—fail to recognize is that these ongoing wars have little to do with keeping the country safe and everything to do with propping up a military-industrial complex that continues to dominate, dictate and shape almost every aspect of our lives.

Consider: We are a military culture engaged in continuous warfare. We have been a nation at war for most of our existence. We are a nation that makes a living from killing through defense contracts, weapons manufacturing, and endless wars.

The United States is the number one consumer, exporter, and perpetrator of violence and violent weapons in the world. Seriously, America spends more money on war than the combined military budgets of China, Russia, the United Kingdom, Japan, France, Saudi Arabia, India, Germany, Italy, and Brazil. America polices the globe, with 800 military bases and troops stationed in 160 countries. Moreover, the war hawks have turned the American homeland into a quasi-battlefield with military gear, weapons, and tactics. In turn, domestic police forces have become roving extensions of the military—a standing army.

The American Empire—with its endless wars waged by U.S. military service people who have been reduced to little more than guns for hire: outsourced, stretched too thin, and deployed to far-flung places to police the globe—is approaching a breaking point.

Come on, people. What would America do if Russia or China was attempting to build military bases on our Canadian and Mexican borders? What do you think would happen?

Plus, the leader of Ukraine is anything but a hero. He gladly participated in allowing the banks of Ukraine to be used as money launderers for rich businessmen and politicians and for influence-peddling in U.S. politics.

Ukraine President Volodymyr Zelenskyy (a Zionist Jew) is also accused of barbaric—even genocidal—treatment of the people living in the two breakaway provinces of Donetsk and Lugansk—which have a Natural right under God to separate from Ukraine and who appealed to Russia for protection. (Tell me, did Iraq and Afghanistan invite America to send our military to their countries before we invaded them?) Is it any wonder that Ukraine is looking to Israel for military assistance? After all, Israel is extremely proficient at ethnic cleansing and genocide.

Let’s also not forget that Ukraine is home to over a dozen U.S. Biolabs that are sponsored and financed by the Pentagon. In other words, those labs are there for potential military operations. Again, what do you think America would do if Russia had built a dozen military Biolabs just across our borders in Canada and Mexico?

Ukraine is NOT a victim. It has been up to its proverbial neck in global (especially anti-Russian) subterfuge, theft, acts of inhumanity, and war crimes for years. Ukraine is no friend of freedom or the United States. But it is a friend to corrupt politicians and businessmen.

Whatever is really going on in Ukraine has nothing to do with the narrative being propounded by the major establishments.

1) Let me ask you something: If the United States felt justified in launching preemptive invasions of Iraq and Afghanistan—including long-term occupations—a half a world away from our borders against small backward nations that posed zero threat to America, how is Russia not justified in launching a preemptive campaign to protect itself from a serious formidable military expansion at its border—especially when its protection is sought from legitimate independent states? (Remember, America was once a breakaway country.) Please read Dr. Paul’s commentary referenced above about why the real villain in this situation is NATO, not Russia. Again, what would we do if we were in Russia’s shoes?

If Russia really wanted to conquer Ukraine, it could easily do so. Ukraine is totally incapable of successfully resisting the Russian military if Russia truly desired military conquest (which it doesn’t). Russian leader Vladimir Putin told the world exactly why his actions were being taken, what his actions in Ukraine were designed and not designed to do—including NOT occupying Ukraine—and how they would be conducted. I think you should read what he said.

2) Were the U.S. Biolabs an important objective? I understand that the labs may have been destroyed early in the operation. If so, that is a VERY GOOD thing.

3) Now that the American people have made it known that they have had it with the phony Covid narrative and the fear factor is totally gone, are the totalitarian elite now using the threat of global war to again consume people’s hearts with fear? As Whitehead said, “Endless wars are the enemy of freedom.” (I’ve been saying that for years.) Fear is also a tool to enslave us. Early in the Covid charade, I brought a message to this regard.

4) Is this a diversion to take our attention away from the National Vaccine Pass (and other attempts by our own central government to trample our liberties) that is being rolled out, supported by both Democrats and Republicans?

5) Is this another manipulation of world affairs from within the backrooms of the CFR and Bilderbergs for the purpose of achieving their overall objective of global governance?

Of course, Scofield futurists are all over the place screaming about “end times prophecy.” What Balderdash! One would think that Christians would start using their brains a little bit and stop listening to these phony prophecy sensationalists who make bank (and fools out of themselves) with false prophecies about the end of the world.

Whatever the real story in Ukraine is, I can tell you this: It is NOT what the major establishments are telling us. And Ukraine is NOT a victim.

This article was first published on March 12, 2022.

ABOUT AUTHOR:  Dr. Chuck Baldwin is an American politician and has been involved in at least 12 full-length documentary films. He was the presidential nominee of the Constitution Party for the 2008 U.S. presidential election and had previously been its nominee for U.S. vice president in 2004. He is also a pastor of Liberty Fellowship in Kalispell, Montana.



STATE.GOV – On March 9, 2022, the U.S. State Department issued an Official Press Statement refuting all Bio and Chemical Weapons claims made by Russia.

“The Kremlin is intentionally spreading outright lies that the United States and Ukraine are conducting chemical and biological weapons activities in Ukraine. We have also seen PRC officials echo these conspiracy theories. This Russian disinformation is total nonsense and not the first time Russia has invented such false claims against another country. Also, these claims have been debunked conclusively and repeatedly over many years.

As we have said all along, Russia is inventing false pretexts in an attempt to justify its own horrific actions in Ukraine. The United States does not own or operate any chemical or biological laboratories in Ukraine, it is in full compliance with its obligations under the Chemical Weapons Convention and Biological Weapons Convention, and it does not develop or possess such weapons anywhere. It is Russia that has active chemical and biological weapons programs and is in violation of the Chemical Weapons Convention and Biological Weapons Convention.

Finally, Russia has a track record of accusing the West of the very crimes that Russia itself is perpetrating. These tactics are an obvious ploy by Russia to try to justify further premeditated, unprovoked, and unjustified attacks on Ukraine. We fully expect Russia to continue to double down on these sorts of claims with further unfounded allegations.”

Read The Full Official Statement here at “ – The Kremlin’s Allegations of Chemical and Biological Weapons Laboratories in Ukraine

First published on April 4, 2022.


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  1. The people of the Ukraine are the Victims-‘Sacrificial Lambs’ used and abused for the anti-Putin/Russia Khazarian/Zionist Mafia Crimes Against Humanity Mission!

  2. “…these ongoing wars have little to do with keeping the country safe and everything to do with propping up a military-industrial complex that continues to dominate, dictate and shape almost every aspect of our lives.”

    The military-industrial complex is a mere tool in the devilish hands of the financial powers that rule over us, and they just happen to all be of the same “perpetual victim” messianic ethnic group which will do anything and stop at nothing to bring about their totalitarian control over every corner of the world, establish their world capitol in Jerusalem, and welcome the Antichrist. The death of billions of humans is mere collateral damage to them. See part 4 of “The Siri Project” on youtube, especially the second half, although the whole thing is extremely enlightening.

    • And overwhelming evidence that the US and NATO are no match for Russian military and technological superiority is in the excellent and extremely informative recent interview at on “Christian Russia’s War against the New World Order has begun in Ukraine.”

  3. “There was no advantage to the United States to expand and threaten to expand NATO to Russia’s doorstep. There is no way to argue that we are any safer for it.” I desagree complitly with this statement. If one´s way of living is the murdering, looting and erasing contrys complitly, these actions make all the sense! You aren´t safer but you were doing what you do for living, the consequence is that this time you have been trying to bully with Russia and that is the error.

  4. A new pearl harbor for Ukraine. Shock Doctrine. Disaster Capitalism. A never ending, obsessive, unquenchable thirst for more money and power. And everybody dies “I brought my dirty laundry by mistake.”

  5. Victims my ass. The Ukes were ready to move on the Donbas region and Crimea but the Ruskies stopped them dead in their tracks. They’d seen this play before with Napoleon and Hitler. Now the UkoNazis are getting their asses kicked and they’re calling on the North Atlantic Terrorist Organization to back up their play. Maybe they should study some history before supporting that drag queen in Kiev. This is not gonna end well for the West. Future proves Past

  6. Of course, Scofield futurists are all over the place screaming about “end times prophecy.” What Balderdash!

    You know of course that according to Pastor John Hagee, 50 million evangelicals, 80% of whom voted for Trump in 2020, would disagree with you. They are the heart and soul of the Republican Party. If you don’t believe me, just look at what the new platform of the Republican Party in Texas looks like as of this weekend. These evangelicals are totally beholden to Likud in Palestine. Trump played them like a cheap piano when he killed the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action with Iran, murdered General Soleimani, and moved the US embassy to Jerusalem. They look to a catastrophic war with Russia as the harbinger of Armageddon. This war will be the end of the USA as we know it and the beginning of God only knows what.

  7. What this article really shows, at least to me, is the utter nonsense of this whole affair. Looked at dispassionately and logically, this appears to be suicide. Intentional international economic suicide. Does it matter that the west is bankrupt? That Russia has massive untouched resources? That China has replaced western production hegemony? How does that fit in the equation? How does pushing China and Russia together even more enter into it? These people have been manipulating world events for far longer than they are given credit for. Do we really know what is happening before our eyes? In the 30s, who knew who was funding Hitler? Who could have guessed the outcome? Why was the US the victor, but not Russia? Another question; why is Yemen ignored into ignominy? Why does Russia support those sanctions? They bitch about their being sanctioned, but sanctions on Yemen, which is in far worse shape than any other country specifically due to sanctions, they support? Yemen is also one of a handful that place the blame directly on Israel/US. Russia only criticizes Israel at times, but does nothing to impact them whatsoever. They will not even admit that every war the US has engineered in the ME was due to Israel…it’s the evil US. Yet they are at the root of everything. What are we to take from this?

    • I think that the reason for Ruussia not criticizing Israel is do to the 300 thousaand russians with israeli passport.

  8. However what this writer fails to grasp is that the USA is an invaded country and that Native Americans, like in Canada First Nations have the same sentiments as Slavic people in Ukraine. As Friesians in the Netherlands, that were driven from most parts in the Nether Lands and have now one province up North. What people in general fail to grasp is that many people are not florishing in these multicultural societies. Swedish research proves Cohesion diminishes extremely. Denmark starts to deport/return syrian refugees. Luckily Assad most likely welcomes them. Unlike many nations that refuse to accept returning/returned refugees.

  9. The Followers of the WW2 Nazi Leader in the Ukraine, Stephan Bandera, have terrorized minorities, Russians, Moldovans, Rumanians, Hungarians etc. in the Ukraine for decades! The ‘AZOV’ Military Unit of today in the Ukraine is a NAZI Entity! Why isn’t the World M.S.M. writes about those atrocities, crimes? Only TRUTH will set Us Free! Ukraine has to come to the same solution as what was delt to the Soviet Union, Czechoslovakia and Yugoslavia, if we want PEACE in Europe!

  10. All this is the reason why I have stopped publishing political opinion and analysis. For the simple reason of having figured out that in a rendering of Einstein’s famous words:

    Writing about the same things over and over again – expecting different results – resembles insanity.

    By now, nobody can claim not to have known about the real backgrounds of all the crimes against humanity in the 20th and 21st centuries. The only reason for people not to know is not wanting to know. That paired with the delusion of God having bestowed the duty upon the west to exploit, opress, police and maim any country that is not in the fold, proves now to be the greatest threat to the continuation of mankind – if not to all life on earth.

    The time where silence is betrayal has long come. And while Christians have totally forgotten that Karma is also present in their own scriptures, they act with impunity, in utter hypocrisy, deluding themselves that that, what goes around – won’t come around. It will. It’s here.

  11. Are you aware that the Jewish US Federal Reserve is allowed to make loans to Jewish individuals ?

    Do a web search of: “does the federal reserve make loans to individuals”

    Search Results: 1932, Congress made the change to the Federal Reserve Act that authorized broader lending in “unusual and exigent circumstances.” The new section 13(3) authorized Reserve Banks to lend directly to individuals and corporations in emergencies.

    Is it true that the Fed does not have to make known to anyone, who it loaned money to ?

  12. Green Acres& Frosted Flakes..

    yep ! NWO flying off the hingesw we sukered Vlad N2 a Dumb SHow…

    MABEY ?

    Dumb SHo’s aslo require a ticked for admission… >>> then U hav that new bridge @ kertch and apparently a new one @ turkey…

    Arcehr Danies Midland owns their rail cars.. hooked together they will stretch from central illinois to cincinatti,,

    i wonder how many rail cars vlad will fab @ them old tank mills/plants.. how many it will take to hook from donbass to central Vlad Land w all of them new green acres…

    IMHO” how many boxes of frosted flakes the NWO; will need to eat B4 they add up the summations: Vlad will controll 60% of the global food supply ???
    here in the states the coporations who elected to feed US – are now all 2 proud and happy / to tell about HowNhaw ”many cheeze crakers” they removed from a box of wheat this last week…

    i think thats called thinking like a box-of-roks… ??

  13. Yeah, here we go again, “no plane” ever crashed into the twin towers, the video is a fake cartoon that every little kid that has worked with a software like After Effects for two month can create, actually even in a better quality!! (videos are in English just wait the add goes)
    They have been planing for doing 9/11 50 years before it happens and 20 years before even towers were built,
    Just look at the movies that Zelenskyy has played a lead role in (The servant of people) when he was a clown (if he still isn’t!!), this is clear Zelensyy’s coming to power is a premeditated plan, why the guy continued to bark for Trump while Trump constantly showed him a middle finger? cause Zelenskyy’s greatest financial supporter is Ihor Kolomoyskyi a billionaire Ukrainian business man or better say a part of the oligarchic circle behind every crime on the earth? no need to mention Zelensky is Jewish Zionist. What a hellish world we’re living in, why won’t the people hold a world wide revolution?
    Every single American stuff from movie to cartoon and magazine and music is full of the signs of these satanic Zionists, look at the dollar in your pocket! I’ve never seen a single American innocent stuff, and till when are you going to let these Zionists to exploit you? just God knows. a war is up coming between my country and all of the Zionists in all over the world, I just don’t like to see your brainwashed soldiers going back to home in body bags..

  14. In any case, a fact worth mentioning is that since the onset of the Ukraine invasion, Russia’s daily Covid infection figures and related deaths have gone down enormously! Is there any correlation to this data and the dismantling of the US bio-warfare labs in country by the Russians? I’d bet all the tea in Xi’s China that this is what’s causing all the NWO globalist heads of state in Mordor Washington DC and their EU satellite vassals to crap their pants in fear of what will happen to them….soon very soon. Russia is already threatening defense ministers in the EU with dire consequences related to their constant “hawkish” rhetoric. These are NOT empty threats.

    • Also Russia, as I understand, did not use mRNA technology and is not seeing the increase in ‘all-mortality’ deaths that are now occurring in Western mRNA jabbed nations.

      Russia will respond to an attack with overwhelming force given their military doctrine but not to the racist and bigoted words. Lavrov’s decidedly undiplomatic response to the UK was interesting as the UK clowns talked about defeating and bringing Russia to its knees – Lavrov response was simply ‘bring it on’. The Russians have had enough of the degenerate West.

  15. It’s too bad Chuck Baldwin hasn’t embraced Preterism over the Zionists’ version of Christianity. He showed hints of his believing in Preterism about a year ago when he put out a series of DVD’s and sermons on the importance of what happened in AD 70 and how all Churches should be aware of this important date.
    It was the year of Armageddon. It was the year God used the Roman army to exact revenge and judgment on Jerusalem.
    Revelation is all about the impending doom and judgment of Jerusalem, Babylon the Harlot— not judgment of the entire world like the Zionists have managed to have, by far, the majority of worldwide Christianity believe. There are over 100 verses in the New Testament that point to the fall of Jerusalem as fulfillment of prophecies.
    The Zionists’ Scofield Reference Bible with its false dispensational theology and its deceptive notes and annotations have turned evangelical Christianity into Zionist Christians demanding they have full support of today’s un-Scriptural Israel.
    See Alison Weir’s If Americans Knew article “The Scofield Bible: The Book That Made Zionists of America’s Evangelical Christians The Scofield Bible: The Book That Made Zionists of America’s Evangelical Christians”

  16. The Ukraine narrative being pushed by the Mockingbird (Maytag) media has all the earmarks of a “psy-op”. Just like Co-Vid, Jan 6th and election fraud! It is the screaming rather than reporting that gives it all away. NATO is a dead horse and not worth betting on. Unfortunately it is the arms merchants and drug pushers that make the rules. Spreading freedom at the point of a gun?

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