British Prime Minister Boris Johnson finally resigned on Thursday, although he didn’t actually use the words ‘resign’ or ‘resignation’ in the short speech delivered outside Downing St. The hysterically pro-EU BBC screamed the end of Brexit. In fact Boris’s departure heralds the end of the hated Northern Ireland Protocol and Withdrawal Agreement.

Boris will probably stay on as Prime Minister whilst a new leader of the Tory Party is chosen. He has only resigned as Tory leader, not as Prime Minister. There have been moves to prevent him staying on, effectively as a caretaker, but they appear to have failed. The 1922 Committee are cracking on with the election of the new leader as quickly as possible.

Boris can do a lot of damage between now and September of course, indeed the damage started almost straight away, with the appointment of the with respect useless Sir Mark Rowley QPM as Metropolitan Police Commissioner. (They would have been better off appointing his horse.) Should Boris get to choose Simon Case’s replacement as Cabinet Secretary he will no doubt choose another failure, no offense intended.

Sir Mark Rowley

Attempts to recreate the disastrous 2016 coronation of Theresa May appear to be failing, thankfully. Pro-European Tory grandees engineered that, unhappy with the constitutional change implemented when William Hague was leader whereby the leader of the Party is chosen by Party members in a ballot. Former Chancellor Rishi Sunak, whose resignation on Tuesday, probably coordinated with that of Sajid Javid, triggered the fall of the Johnson government, was hoping for another coronation, but appears to have been frustrated.

Rishi Sunak

Since he would be a calamitous Prime Minister, no offense intended (he’s a raving moderate) Rishi’s efforts to avoid a ballot are encouraging. They suggest that he’s not confident of winning. I should explain that many Conservative Party members are conservatives. It’s only the MPs who tend to be left-wing loonies.

Sajid Javid

Tax is becoming a key battleground. Rishi Sunak is an economic illiterate (obviously, otherwise he would never have been made Chancellor). He hasn’t grasped the Laffer Curve and thinks that the way to increase tax revenues is to raise taxes. What a loony! The news that Rishi’s campaign website domain name was registered before Christmas is unlikely to go down well with the Tory faithful.

Having failed to change their constitution the Tories are stuck with an assortment of MPs, of comparatively limited intellect, no offense intended. The smartest potential candidate, Lord Frost, sadly is ineligible to stand, thanks to the constitutional illiteracy of the Tory Party, which remains in the grip of its demented obsession that only an MP can be a Prime Minister. This from the party of the Duke of Wellington!

Ben Wallace

Ben Wallace

One good piece of news is that the Russophobe Ben Wallace, whose main policy proposal, no offense intended, would have been to start World War III, with the wrong country, has stood down. (A small war with Germany would be sensible – a war with Russia would be clinically insane.) Very frankly we couldn’t have a brown job as PM anyway.

Since Ben had already assembled a campaign team and was hinting very broadly at a leadership bid speculation is inevitably growing that he might be one of the two spad-s*******s (this is a family website) referred to by Dominic Cummings on Friday. I should explain that ‘spad’ is short for special adviser and is nothing to do with the excellent Spad XIII fighter, powered by the 200 HP geared Hispano-Suiza 8Ba engine, which was such a great Hun-killer in World War 1.

Dominic Cummings

Most spads in Whitehall happen to be young men, so what Dominic was really hinting at was that two of the potential candidates were both gay and in the closet. Being gay myself I don’t have a problem with having another gay Prime Minister, but closeted gays are a security nightmare. As with all sexual relationships between powerful men and good-looking young people, power imbalance is also an issue. In fairness Dominic’s comments were tinged with a hint of homophobia, but there it is.


My prediction

It’s a tough call, since the field is so crowded and the Tory Right are all over the place like a dog’s dinner, but my prediction is that Rishi will make the final two, along with either Liz Truss, the Foreign Secretary, or Suella Braverman, the nice Attorney-General. I further predict that the sensible right-wing candidate, whoever she may be, will defeat the mad tax and spender Rishi Sunak, no offense intended. Britain has done nothing to deserve a Sunak premiership.

Whoever wins will be likely to beat Labour’s Sir Keir Starmer in the 2024 general election. Nobody’s being fooled by that stunt of checking first with the Cabinet Office over what instructions they were giving to Durham Police re the fixed penalty notice for that little campaign party before offering to resign should a notice be issued. Durham Police of course report to the Cabinet Office.

‘Von’ Starmer by the way has effectively confirmed the intelligence, revealed in this column for the first time, that he is in talks with the Scottish National Party over a confidence and supply deal, whereby they support a Labour/Lib Dem coalition in exchange for a second ‘independence’ referendum and the UK re-entering the EU’s single market, which would obviate the need for a hard border with England. The three-way deal would also involve bringing in proportional representation, with a view to keeping the Tories out of power for a generation. The problem with this cunning plan of course is that will be impossible to conceal from the electorate, who will smell a rat.

Highland Park

It’s been a busy week. Jerry organised another mass shooting, this time of a July 4th parade in Highland Park, Illinois. Having abolished the death penalty for murder Illinois is a happy hunting ground for homicidal maniacs of course.

One of the shooters has been arrested but Lake County Police have decided to let his criminal associates off the hook, no offense intended. It’s not that Lake County Police are evil – they seem to be nice people, like most US law enforcement. (I am faxing Sgt Christopher Covelli at the Lake County Sheriff’s Office a link to this column, along with State’s Attorney Eric Rinehart, as a courtesy.) The problem is that they are not intelligence led and have not been briefed in on the Correa Group in Frankfurt, which typically organises US mass shootings.

As the fairly lax security for the July 4th parade in Highland Park demonstrated Lake County Sheriff’s Department were laboring under the delusion that America is at peace. No one told them that you guys are in a quasi-war with the Federal Republic of Germany and that organising mass shootings of innocent men, women and children is a standard German intelligence tactic, used repeatedly and successfully for decades.

Snipers usually work in teams of two or three – a shooter, a spotter (and loader is more than one gun is being used) and, ideally, someone to watch the shooter’s back. So, who was with Robert Crimo last Monday? And who allowed him to purchase a firearm? There is no point blaming Illinois’ firearms laws – as is so often the case with mass shooters someone waived a statutory firearms check.

Crimo should no more have been allowed near an automatic firearm than a B-52. I suspect that his spotter was also his driver. As I have pointed out many times before mass murder can be a nerve-wracking business. Most mass murderers are unable to control a motor vehicle, either on the way to or from the scenes of their crimes.

ISIS got into a panic after I picked this point up and decided for their next atrocity to get their terrorist chappie to drive himself, in an SUV. Nervous as hell, he promptly crashed.

It’s not just about the dead victims of course. Poor little Cooper Roberts, aged just eight, was paralyzed for life, subject to developments in medical science. His twin brother was also shot. This is beyond outrageous, although the Germans are no doubt celebrating. As we saw with the attack on the SS Athenia in 1939 they love waging war on children. Children can’t fight back – and Jerry is still whingeing about Dresden!

Cooper Roberts

I pay frank tribute by the way to the paramedics who saved young Cooper’s life. They did outstanding work and should be commended. Let’s hope that he recovers the use of his legs.

SS Athenia

If they want an investigator with an IQ of 187 I’m at Lake County Sheriff Department’s disposal. If they check with their colleagues up the road at Chicago PD they should find an intelligence file naming me as the primary source for blowing a planned Al Qaeda attack in 2005 on the L. There aren’t many police officers who can fairly claim to be smarter than Einstein. My fee could go towards young Cooper’s medical expenses.

Shinzo Abe

Shinzo Abe

Poor old Shinzo Abe had to change his dinner plans for Friday night, after he was shot. Word on the street is that this was an ancient clan thing –Shinzo’s people go back a fair way, right back to the time of Tojo, who was an even worse Prime Minister than Rishi Sunak would be, no offense intended. He was quite a nice chap by all accounts (Shinzo, not Tojo, who was a scumbag), although Honest Abe he wasn’t, no offense intended.

Unusually it does not appear that the current Japanese PM, Fumio Kishida, or anyone in the Japanese Cabinet Office, signed off on the hit. Practice and procedure in Japan is to clear a political assassination in advance with the Cabinet Office. Like the Cabinet Office in Britain they don’t like people acting independently.

I was puzzled by the direction of shot, until I learned that the silly man turned around to face the shooter after the first shot, which appears to have missed. You should always duck!

Respectful congratulations by the way to my valued colleague Ben Fulford, who correctly predicted Shinzo Abe’s sad demise. Most commentators were taken by surprise.

This week’s movie review: Minions: The Rise of Gru (2022, dir. Kyle Balda)

I do hope that someone at Comer Children’s Hospital arranges a private screening of Minions: The Rise of Gru for Cooper Roberts. It might cheer the poor little chap up. Being paralyzed at eight is a lot to take in.

The movie is set in the 1970s and takes off that decade’s fashions superbly. The scene where the Minions fly a jumbo jet from New York to San Francisco will strike a chord with anyone who has ever flown with United Airlines.

The Minions of course are cute, and very funny. Gru is suitably evil – the sort of young man who wants to grow up to be a Cabinet Secretary.

There’s not much plot to speak off, but nobody, surely, goes to watch a Minions movie for the plot. If you want a sophisticated plot go watch Downton Abbey. Whilst it’s not entirely for kids, by all means take them along. Minions: The Rise of Gru is fun for all the family, and very cleverly done.




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    • Yes, and I will add that one does not need to be a political Conservative to like sane economic policies. The 2021 Investopedia article about the Laffer Curve notes that both sides of the aisle agree on its legitimacy, and Laffer himself notes that the curve is a very OLD idea, from the 14th century if not earlier. But to work well, the ideal tax rate has to be coupled with sensible spending. Sensible spending is anathema to Congress and to most administrations in the US… Also, Laffer himself still discusses the flat tax, to no avail in the US it seems. But when the Soviet Union fell apart, the Baltics and Russia got the benefit of some good economic advisors, and they all went to a flat tax (if I recall correctly, about 11% for the 3 Baltics, and 13% for Russia). The flat tax coupled with sensible spending, jumpstarted their moribund economies. If it weren’t for the DVD-compromised idiots running NATO and the EU, things would still be going well. Here in the US, both sides of the aisle want to re-start the Cold War too. For example, just a few days ago, Sen. Lindsey Graham (R) and Sen. Dick Blumenthal (D) went to the Ukraine to urge hand-to-hand combat in the Donbass. They’re nuts!

  1. ‘The hysterically pro-EU BBC’.
    Even the dogs in the streets know that the BBC is the propaganda wing of the British establishment.
    Check your own history. You’re practically huns yourself. Go ask the queen (not the one performing on stage at the gentleman’s club) about her German ancestory or is it incestory.
    We in the South sincerely apologise for any inconvienience caused due to the Northern Ireland Protocol. Now, can you please take your flags, go home and accept our fondest of farewells.
    And best of luck finding any politician in your country that isn’t a sexual deviant.

  2. In a Parliamentary System such as the UK has, the party members choose the leader, and they usually change leaders by vote at a leadership convention. Occasionally, they are forced out immediately and the Deputy PM takes over as caretaker… When the Conservatives choose a new leader at the convention, that person will also become the new PM until the next election. If Shrimpton is right, the next PM is likely to be a woman, and hopefully one who understands the Laffer Curve!

  3. Of course the Scruffy Oaf should have been told to clear his desk pronto and switch off the lights as he left. Allowing him to squat in No.10 as a caretaker till the party takes its own sweet time picking a successor is asking for trouble. By then he’ll have got us nuked.

    Those jockeying for position to replace him are his supporter so we can expect nothing better. And whoever emerges as the winner will have ‘Zionist’ stamped on his/her forehead – many of them already carry the brand.

    I don’t suppose he’ll bust a gut serving the good people of Uxbridge and South Ruislip as a humble backbench MP. I’m hoping he’ll follow up his warmongering rhetoric, pick up a rifle and go help his bosom-buddy Zelensky…. but that’s getting too close to reality, so fat chance.

  4. Western world, you are condemned to death. We are the defeatists of Europe. . . . let the Orient, your terror, finally answer your voice. We will awaken everywhere the germs of confusion and malaise. We are the agitators of the mind.
    All barricades are good, all obstacles to our happiness are bad.
    Je ws, come out of the ghettos. let the people go hungry so that it finally experiences the taste of bread and anger. Move, thousand-armed India, great legendary Brahma. it’s your turn, Egypt!
    And let drug dealers attack our terrified countries. . . .
    Arise, world! see how this Earth is dry and good for all kinds of
    bonfires. You’d think it was straw.
    Go ahead, laugh. We are those who will always hold out our hands to the enemy.

    Louis Aragon. October 1897 – 24 December 1982) French poet, surrealist.  Long-time member of the Communist Party and a member of the Académie Goncourt. After 1959, he was a frequent nominee for the Nobel Prize in Literature.

    • Rather he’s a little bit above your intellectual paygrade, sounds like, old chap. You should read Spyhunter; where things are broken down into easier little pieces for y’all.

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